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Czech celebrities wave of hatred of pregnant star SuperStar: threats of death and photos of children's coffins!<

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When Dominika Stará (28) shared a photo of herself getting vaccinated against the coronavirus in the second trimester on a social network, she probably had no idea what kind of uproar it would cause. Opponents of vaccinations bombarded her with hateful messages, and some even sent her pictures of baby coffins! And that's a very strong coffee...

Blonde-haired Dominika Stará, who became the most successful woman in the first series of the Czech Slovak SuperStar and jumped third after Martin Chodúr (31) and Miro Šmajd (32), has to deal with very unpleasant comments that her supporters bombarded her with. So if you can even call them supporters... It took quite a bit to turn the popular warbler into an object of hatred - a seemingly innocent photo of Dominika, who was vaccinated against the covid-19 virus while pregnant.

"I probably don't need to describe what I've been encountering in recent days. From death wishes to me and my child, to photos of baby caskets (yes, someone went to the trouble of sending me such a photo) to messages like 'irresponsible filth like you has no right to be a mother'..." she described on Instagram in shock.

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Dominika, who has been married since January of this year, admits that she could have expected something similar. “I realized the risk before I posted it and went into it with the understanding that things like this will happen, but... it just never ceases to amaze me. What gives us people the right to hatefully condemn another person and stab him in the most sensitive place?" wonders the singer, for whom the baby she carries under her heart is a truly prayed-for child. She was a virgin until the party and only managed to conceive a few long months after she said "yes" to her husband.

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Czech celebrities Wave of hatred towards pregnant SuperStar : Death threats and photos of children's coffins!

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“However, what surprised me the most? That women could write it for me. Many of them were certainly also mothers - at least according to the photos. What wrong have I done to them to write these disgusting things about me and wish only the worst for me and my child?" wonders Dominika.

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“God gave me free will to make decisions and no one will take this free will away from me. I always swam against the current. I have already heard hateful remarks for my faith, for my clean relationship with my husband and so on. However, my conscience is clear and I can look in the mirror with a smile every night. And I want to ask you only one thing - be kind to yourself and to the people around you. This time is hard, so let's not make it even harder," he appeals to his followers.

Photogallery 81 photos Dominika Stará heard a lot of hate because of vaccination. Author: Instagram

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