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Czech is a foreign language to us, even in written form, says the deaf teacher<

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Veronika Rafflerová, Jarmila Klímová and Vladimír Svoboda | photo: Anna Kovačič, Woman and Life

Adéla Skrivánková13. November 202119:00 Unlock the article She teaches in a kindergarten, works on breast cancer awareness, raises two daughters, composes poems. All this in Czech sign language. "It's different in every country, it's not universal, as many people mistakenly believe," explains Veronika Rafflerová about the world of the deaf.

Were you already born deaf? How did you communicate with your parents? I was born deaf into a deaf family, so communication with my parents during adolescence was not a problem for me. My childhood was the same as all other children. I don't think being deaf is limiting in any way.

Veronika Rafflerová

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Czech is a foreign language to us, and even in written form, says a deaf teacher

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