If her husband could, he would probably breastfeed, Patricia Pagáčová praises herself
  • 30/04/2022
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If her husband could, he would probably breastfeed, Patricia Pagáčová praises herself<

You manage shooting, maternity duties and walking dogs. Where do you get the strength to do all this? It's not too much of a shoot, I'm actually off now, so there's plenty of time for motherhood. I'm free all summer. My husband and I enjoy it very much now. Or respectively, he has to go to work, I am the one who can enjoy being at home.

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All mothers after childbirth will surely envy you a great figure. How did you get into that shape? I don't know if they will envy. It's not so much again. But honestly? I didn't gain much during my pregnancy, so I lost the pounds relatively quickly. During my pregnancy, I took care not to "eat" too much with the forgiveness. I was careful, so it went down fast.

What kind of support is your husband Tibor? Does he go home from work for his second father's shift? I have to say, it's amazing. It occurs to me that he handles it much better than I do. That he was more prepared than me, that he was born as a dad. He bathes, repacks, swings, sings, tells fairy tales, I think if he could, he might even breastfeed. The fact is amazing. Of course he has to go to work. He has a poor shift first at work and then has a second at home. It holds everything and it's great when we're two. He helps me a lot in everything.

If someone from the Czech show business doesn't know the stress or doesn't show it, you do. How is it possible? I'm not stressed. I think stress is completely useless because you can never really help it. When I'm going late, I'm a little nervous. But it's just useless. And most importantly, stress causes terrible things in your body. So it's better to mess with it.

Kdyby manžel mohl, tak by snad i kojil, pochvaluje si Patricie Pagáčová

At what times are you nervous? When I have something in front of me that I care about. That means when I had a state exam, a high school diploma, a driving school exam, a premiere, a theater premiere in front of me, then I'm nervous. And especially when I'm late, which is probably still the case. Now it's made worse because of the baby, it's impossible to plan at all. Then sometimes I'm so "nervous" and uncomfortable, because of course I blame everyone else except myself, even though I know I'm to blame.

The wedding was a party and by the way we got married, says Pagáčová

It is said that the followers on Instagram mistaken you for Simona Krainová, what was the fault? I think the styling was mainly to blame. I had long hair, gorgeous makeup and a long, expensive, beautiful dress. I actually took pictures as a model. I definitely don't want it to sound stupid towards Simona Krainová, quite the opposite. I don't even touch Simon's ankles with the figure. It was because the photo was taken a lot from a distance.

Why do you sometimes say that you have the term basilisk? We say that at home. He looks like a basilich, like that mischievous expression, or as I would say. I think I look like that sometimes.

How much has your baby changed your priorities? I would say that I have probably set my values ​​and priorities in my life before. For me, family has always come first in my life. So nothing fundamental has changed in that. It's just a matter of taking care of a baby today. I don't think it's about changing priorities, but rather about having to adapt to the baby from the beginning, because all his needs are a priority.

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