• 23/11/2022
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New Year U Celebrities: Romance at Hanychová and Drama U Bendová<

New Year celebrations are over and celebrities are flocking on social networks as their New Year's Eve looked like.For example, Agáta Hanychová experienced a romantic evening with a new friend, the widow of Mir Žbirka remembered the late husband and Alice Bend solved a drama with a lost female.

Agáta Hanychová was once a renowned party girl, but these times are long gone and double mother has been celebrating the coming of the New Year with her children in recent years.This year it was no different and with the help of her mother Veronika Žilková her husband Martin Stropnický prepared for her descendants a New Year's fighter in the forest.

The family celebration included a new discovery of Agata, surgeon Andrej Nikov, with whom he dates for about two months.Hanych has already introduced a lover to all relatives and it seems that friendships were created among children in love.(Nikov is also a father, he has two children from the previous relationship).

After a common afternoon, Hanych and her boyfriend and children moved home where they spent the rest of New Year's Eve."The snapshot of my happiness….I wish you all whether you keep it or find it.And if so, then make it work.Nothing is just that, "she wrote to the film in love.

Hanych is in love with her ears

Drama at Bendová

Nový rok u celebrit: Romantika u Hanychové a drama u Bendové

Alice Bendová, who is a big lovers of dogs, experienced great nerves this year, and because of the four -legged pet of her mother, the star could not enjoy the New Year celebration.

After a massive launch of the fickle female or disappeared from the garden in Dolní Břežany and the desperate actress then announced a reward of 20 thousand crowns for help with finding a dog.Fortunately, the story had a good end.

"Friends, she returned home now! She was barking and giving a know about herself.Our jerk!I would like to thank everyone for finding and willingness to share.You are golden, "Bend thanked in the morning on a social network.

Mum's dog Alice Bend eventually returned home alone

Žbirková remembered her husband

Kateřina Žbirková remembered her recently deceased husband."Friends and fans, today I will use Meky's sentence again: Happy New Year and Všetko good for the New Year Aj ro (c) KU," wrote the widow of Miroslav Žbirka and added a common film from the archive.

Kateřina Žbirková's beloved husband is very missing

Sexy Lucie Vondráčková: Without Petard!

Lucie Vondráčková did not miss the New Year greeting to the fans.The singer shared a collage of photos of three photos on which she is really sexy.Animal lover also added a message about pyrotechnics.

"Enjoy the spring New Year's Eve.And in 2022 I'm looking forward to you… And today without a petard, "the star said on Instagram wishes for people to forgive unnecessary girls' faces of fireworks.

Lucie Vondráčková would wish to celebrate without haunting animals

Mašlíková chased the renewed love with Reinders

Hana Mašlíková, who found her way to her husband André Reinders again after a dramatic breakup this year after a dramatic breakup.

"A year ago we wished you each time each separately.It looked pale with us, we actually have lived our lives, but one thing connected us through all of us, it was our beloved Andreasek.He bought us all the year we were apart and he was the reason we found ourselves again and awakened love as eight years ago.We would therefore like to wish you to never lose hope for love to show you the right direction to make everything bad in your life in good and happiness will not leave you.And even if your life prepares a test or disappoints, whether you find the power to move on and hope for better times.But the most important thing is to keep you on the way of life, never leave the most valuable, your health, "said the model on Instagram and added a family picture.

The couple woke up an old love