How do you live in Chabařovice?  Read the stories of your neighbors
  • 23/04/2022
  • By wizewebsite

How do you live in Chabařovice? Read the stories of your neighbors<

Source: Deník / Janni Vorlíček

Milan Jansa comes on board

I moved to Chabařovice more than a quarter of a century ago, because I promised it to my Ústí nad Labem friends Mašín, Kadeřábek and Gandalovič at the bus stop in Chabařovice during the Velvet Revolution. At the time when the town of Chabařovice was already demolished. The city was quite damaged, but had the last preserved historic square in the district. Since the air from the burning shafts didn't smell, I thought I'd try to change it. When houses that were to be demolished for coal mining were later sold here, I went to Chabařovice with a debt to the old house, against the will of my wife and the sadness, but the risk that we would defend the city or not. Thanks to several representatives such as Zbyněk Hrom, who died this year, and thanks to the help of the people of Ústí nad Labem, this town was saved, and for me this September 11 is the famous anniversary of the government resolution 331/91, which actually decided to save Chabařovice.

I live well here, even though I thought decades ago that I would repair the ruin I had once bought much faster and that in five years it would be around me like in Switzerland, the streets clean and the asphalt smooth. Neither is definitely here. However, the garden and the space for my wife's hobbies charge me today, in retirement, and I think my grandchildren love us here.

Jak se žije v Chabařovicích? Přečtěte si příběhy vašich sousedů

However, if I am proud of anything, it is that the apathetic surrenders who were still waiting for eviction in 1990 became meticulous landlords who would no longer give up their city. No matter what opinion we once had on demolition or non-demolition. I am also pleased that when we stopped at the spring stop, the four of us, in 1990, said that the mines needed to be flooded so that it would no longer be mined and dusted, that the present is right. Today, Lake Milada increases the attractiveness of the whole district, even the region, and is one of the ways to retain water in the country. Air quality is disproportionately better.

Is there anything really bothering me in Chabařovice? Certainly a few things do, as a person who lives right away, especially the condition of roads and paths not only on Hus Square, the unresolved passing of heavy traffic through the city despite the valid prohibitions on traffic signs, does not really do me any good. Also the constantly closed public municipal toilet right in front of the town hall, whose potential users harass the population with their needs, uneducated some fellow citizens, who with impunity confuse the city center with a place for drinking and disturbing the night quiet and a garbage dump. There are certainly constantly scattered stolen containers of Charity vtržnice, or containers for precious metals. But all this is the responsibility of specific people at City Hall and they need to be reminded. I am very glad that the revitalization of the steam mill is already underway, which has been a disgrace to our city for a long time and threatened the bystanders. I would love to see a faster return to real life in places around Milady where people used to live and work. I hope I live to see it.