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University dormitories are full, foreigners are back.Somewhere they already have bad luck<

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Due to government regulations, university students are moving out of their dormitories. In the picture from October 13, 2020, one of the students is in front of the dormitories in Bolevecká Street in Pilsen. | photo: Kubeš Slavomír, CTK

Marek Tomanka2. September 202110:16 Unlock the article Universities are betting on face-to-face teaching before the start of the new academic year, so students are returning to university cities in large numbers. The largest universities are once again reporting full occupancy of their dormitories. Although the overcrowding of those interested in accommodation is not as pronounced as in previous years, it still did not reach many.

In Prague, the dormitories of the University of Economics (VŠE) or the Czech University of Life Sciences are completely full. The largest Charles University records an occupancy rate of 98.8 percent for its accommodation capacity of almost 11,000 beds.

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University dormitories are full, foreigners are back . Somewhere, students are already out of luck

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