They differ mainly in smell.  You can book Christmas trees from domestic plantations in advance
  • 04/05/2022
  • By wizewebsite

They differ mainly in smell. You can book Christmas trees from domestic plantations in advance<

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Václav Beneš knows all the trees on his plantation. | photo: Anna Grosmanová

Anna Grosmanová December 16, 2021 Unlock articleKřivoklátsko is a beautiful region. However, when you head to Šlovice, a village just west of Roztoky, you will discover a plantation. Here you can cut the freshest Christmas tree yourself, which will then scent the whole apartment. Which is an incomparable experience with trees imported from a thousand kilometers away abroad, not to mention artificial.

We already have several options for buying a Christmas tree. Many choose an artificial tree, while others do not allow it to live, which is a dilemma today. To buy a tree that has grown for several years and throw it away after Christmas, or for example to borrow a smaller tree in a pot and return it after a few days?

Václav Beneš grower

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