• 05/02/2023
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Top 8 Christmas gifts you never step on with<

Fully automatic Philips Series 5400 coffee machine with LatteGo milk system

No complicated preparation or subsequent maintenance. This year's novelty prepares first-class coffee for the recipient with a single touch, adds whipped milk foam to it without feeling it, then rinses itself and you can then clean its LatteGo milk system under running water in 15 seconds. The fully automatic Philips 5400 Series coffee machine with the LatteGo milk system can prepare up to 12 coffee drinks, allows you to fine-tune the strength or volume of the drink and save the selected option in memory for later. Perfect water quality is ensured by the AquaClean water filter, thanks to which you do not need to descale the coffee machine up to 5,000 cups. More at www.philips.cz/lattego.

Sonic toothbrush Philips Sonicare DiamondClean new generation

Give a healthy smile! This sonic toothbrush removes up to 10 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush, but is also very gentle on teeth and gums. It can even check if it is being pushed too hard during cleaning and will also alert its owner when it is time to replace the brush head with a new one. The brush is compatible with all Philips Sonicare heads and the user has a choice of three intensities and four cleaning modes: classic, thorough, gum massage or mode for whiter teeth. And if he connects it to the Philips Sonicare app, he gets a detailed overview of his cleaning. More at www.philips.cz/sonicare.

Wireless stick vacuum cleaner Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua 3in1 8000 Series

This vacuum cleaner can clean the whole house in half the time. It allows you to vacuum and mop at the same time, and thanks to its high performance, it can also do it in turbo mode without needing to charge it during work. For tougher stains, more water can be released by pressing the pedal, and when a drop of detergent is added to the mop, up to 99% of bacteria will be removed from the floor. The universal 360° nozzle captures up to 99.7% of dirt with each shot, it can also clean under low furniture and, thanks to the LED lighting, illuminates even the smallest speck. This stick vacuum cleaner fully replaces the classic model and provides a number of additional functions, at the same time you can use the 45-day money-back guarantee. More at www.philips.cz/speedpromax-aqua.

Philips 7000 Series 14in1 Premium Multi-Function Trimmer

Top 8 Christmas Gifts You Never Miss With you won't go wrong

Give your partner, father or brother a device that will allow him to take care of his beard, hair and body hair comfortably. The metal trimmer with DualCut technology without a comb creates clean lines around the edges of the beard or hair, or trims body hair to a minimum length. The package also includes eight combs, and with the help of the body shaver, you can comfortably and safely shave even the most sensitive parts. The precision shaver then fine-tunes the edges of the face, chin or neck, and the metal trimmer shapes the lines of the beard or goatee. The trimmer can be used in the shower or dry. More at https://www.philips.cz/c-m-pe/stylery-na-oblicej-a-pece-o-vzhled/zastrihovac-14-v-1.

Home IPL treatment Philips Lumea

If you are looking for a truly personal gift for a woman, bet on a home IPL treatment that will rid her of hair for up to 6 months. Philips Lumea does not pull out or shave hairs, but uses light pulses (IPL) to put them into a natural state of rest, during which they fall out and their further growth slows down significantly. The treatment does not hurt, leaves no mess and is safe because it only affects the hair roots and not the skin. In addition, four specially shaped attachments enable convenient and precise treatment of larger and smaller or hard-to-reach areas, and the SmartSkin intelligent sensor helps with the intensity of the treatment. More at www.philips.cz/lumea.

Philips Steam&Go manual clothes steamer

This practical gift will be used by almost everyone: for example, in the morning, when you are rushing to work and need to remove creases from your jacket and dress. Or during the day during the rush of work when a shirt needs to be ironed before a meeting. And also on the go after taking the wrinkled clothes out of the suitcase. Working with this hand steamer is very convenient and easy. You don't need an ironing board, just hang the clothes on a hanger or put them on the bed. The steamer heats up in 45 seconds and then safely smoothes any ironable fabric without burning it. At the same time, you don't have to worry about wet spots either. In addition, it can also handle delicate materials, atypical cuts and remove unpleasant odors and bacteria. More at www.philips.cz/naparovace-odevu.

Philips Dual Scan air purifier

Clean air is important not only for the elderly, children, asthmatics or the chronically ill, but also for healthy people. If we inhale pollutants over a long period of time, we harm our immunity and create a number of other health problems. Thanks to two extremely accurate sensors, this purifier can scan the air in the room for both harmful particles and harmful gases 1000 times per second. Thanks to this, it cleans a 20 m2 room in 6 minutes, and thanks to multi-stage filtration led by a HEPA filter, it can deal with particles from 3 nanometers in size - that is, smaller than the smallest known virus, including the H1N1 flu virus. And it also offers an extra quiet night mode. More at www.philips.cz/dualscan.

Hot air fryer Philips Airfryer XXL Smart Sensing

Enable the gifted soul to cook faster, healthier and tastier. This hot air fryer allows her to prepare the chosen type of food at the push of a button, with minimal or no oil, as it uses hot air to fry. Just choose one of the Smart Chef programs for chicken drumsticks, whole chicken or fries, and the smart sensor will then automatically set the temperature and cooking time. Thanks to the instant heating and air flow technology, the food will be ready 1.5 times faster than in the oven, the package also includes a cookbook and all removable parts can be washed in the dishwasher. More at www.philips.cz/airfryer.

And watch out! On December 1st, an online advent calendar starts at https://www.philips.cz/c-e/vanoce, in which you will find an interesting discount on a different Philips product every day!