Women from the West have already shown everything.Cudoine fashion can also be worn in the Czech Republic, says designer dressing Muslim
  • 25/07/2022
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Women from the West have already shown everything.Cudoine fashion can also be worn in the Czech Republic, says designer dressing Muslim<

Already as a little she was captivated by fashion when her mother - designer in the Vamberk lace - took to work.She knew that she wanted to be a designer too at the age of four.While in the studio of Mirka Talavašková I am waiting for the correspondence with the new candidate for the sale of the collection, I notice the bulletin board with sketches of ideas and almost completed models on the tailor.No clumsy robes, but pieces that would be decorated in the wardrobe of the European.I can't take my eyes off from the long fit of the ivory color dress that have a pounded flowing flowing black cloth over the breasts to the ground.I would say a smart burner in Arab.Wedding - Unbalanced.

A year has passed since you succeeded with your models in Dubai. Jaké to je, rozjet během tak krátké doby novou značku?Nevěděla jsem, co mám čekat.Talabaya was no name brand but slowly starts to know about it.Buyers are now pushing that in addition to the autumn/winter collection, they also see the collection for next year - and I wasn't ready for it.So I am in the stage when I work on two collections at the same time, which must be ready as soon as possible, because I will present them in the autumn at Transoi Fashion in Paris and Brussels Fashion Days.But I enjoy it.When I have the most work, the best ideas come.It is a surge of energy, so I don't even realize that I do 14 to 15 hours a day.

Jak se vlastně stane, že módní návrhářka, která šije v Česku, najednou začne tvořit módu pro arabský svět?Měla jsem klientku, která jednou přišla s tím, že byla pracovně přesunuta do Saúdské Arábie, ale že by ráda chodila dál v evropském stylu oblečení, které by zároveň splňovalo pravidla tamního odívání.After three years I put on her this way, she told me how women were positively reacting.Western Europeans praised her beautiful dresses - and Arab women told her how she had a beautiful Abaya.It was the reaction of women in me stimulated the idea of setting up the Talabaya brand, where I somewhat compared my surname and the name of traditional Arab clothes.

Mirka Talavašková

The native of the village of Lično graduated from a secondary school in Brno textile artistic art.They took it for the third time at the UMPRUM, commenting on saying that it should have been to get to the class of Professor Tapťucha.During her studies she graduated from two internships in Paris and spent one summer brigade in America where she painted cartoons.After school she worked with her mother, then with luxury tailoring Delor.Since 2018 he has been almost exclusively his fashion brand Talabaya, with which she entered the Arab market.As a designer I have responsibility to the products I offer because it is my duty to consider ecologically.

Abája je ten svrchní splývavý kabát pro muslimské ženy?Ano.It's a dress jacket that used to be mostly black but now you can see it colorful or patterned.In addition, women are worn by a scarf, ie hijab.Burka is a complete cover from the head where there is only a visor on the eyes, it worn more older or strongly believers.

Your brand started last year's event in Dubai. O co přesně šlo?Přes zakladatelku Islamic Fashion and design council (Výbor pro islámskou módu a design), která zaregistrovala mou práci, jsem byla pozvána na Pret-A-cover Buyers Lane v dubaji.It was an event where they met buyers of important shops and smaller designers like me.I only had two and a half months to make and shoot the collection for presentation.

The fashion you create falls under the term "modest fashion", so you could say chaste mode. Co přesně ji charakterizuje?Je to móda zahalující tělo, ruce i nohy, která přitom respektuje ženskost a už není spojována jen s arabským světem.It becomes a big hit in America and Europe, where I get invitations to roses aimed in this direction.

Čím to, že tento druh módy oslovuje i západní svět?V západním módním světě už žena ukázala ze svého těla úplně všechno.Now the trend is turning.A woman does not necessarily be challenging and revealed to take.She should be interested in who she is.That's why I think the modest Fashion now has such a word.But it is also a reaction to the tendency in the world and to a greater space to self -realization of Arab women.I have always formed more veiled and moderate models, so I didn't have to force myself.It's my way!

Koho se Talabaya snaží oslovit?Mou filozofií je propojení kultury evropské s dalšími, nejen arabskou, a vzájemné obohacení.The motto is: Be Different, Be and Woman.Thus: Be different, be a woman.I want to get from the clothes of Talabaya.I would like Talabaya to wear a strong, educated and enterprising woman.A woman who wants to prove something.A woman who does not need to be decorated because he is the jewel herself.My mother had told me since I was a child that the garment is a personality cult and should tell something about a person.I would like Talabaya to be a cult of a certain opinion, culture and strong personalities.Like Harley-Davidson, which associates freedom and whose devotees wear their stylish clothes, but associate with other attributes such as music or tattoo.

Ženy ze Západu už ukázaly vše. Cudná móda se dá nosit i v Česku, říká návrhářka oblékající muslimky

Kde všude se vaše modely prodávají?Minimálně půl roku trvalo, než si to nějak sedlo a než se oblečení vyrobilo, takže se prodává teprve od začátku tohoto roku.We have been in a small boutique in the British Harvey Nichols department store in Saudi Arabia since February, in Dubai and three weeks ago started selling us in the New York boutique.The e-mail I handled when you arrived concerned the offer of the buyer's chain of department stores in Kuwait, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

These are all quite diverse countries. Setkala jste se i s rozdílnými požadavky v módě?Zatím jsem navštívila Dubaj, Rijád v Saúdské Arábii a město Kuvajt.Emirates seemed to me the most modern, but in fashion absolutely led Kuwait.I saw the most fashion trendy dressed women.They followed covered hands and legs, but they were colored and flowered dresses, trousers skirts, jeans sets...I was excited about Kuwaiti!One woman even addressed me with the intention to have a red dress sewed.

Ušila jste je?Bohužel ne.She wanted them to an event that we wouldn't be able to do in time.But it was a good stimulus.Colors in the collections I definitely want - in clothes charging.I believe color affects the feelings and emotions you need to wake up and wake up.

Prozradíte mi, proč nosí módní návrháři, což dnes dokazujete i vy, tak často černou?Je to z praktických důvodů.Most fashion designers are "blacksmith's mares".We just think about our products and clients, but we'll take ourselves.As a designer you are still under scrutiny, so when you need to be modified and at the same time work, black is ideal.Moreover, nothing is visible on it - so it depends on the material.Dresses I wear are from neoprene and no hair holds on it.

After all, Saudi Arabia deviates from the countries where your brand operates by the position and limited rights of the woman.There is also a moral police that strictly controls women's clothes. Máte s tím sama nějakou zkušenost?To znám jen z vyprávění.I was there two years ago, but since last March, when Saudi women could start driving a car, enough things changed.Now they even have two ambassadors.But my favorite is the Saudi princess Rímábint Bandar Ál-Saud, Ambassador to the US: Here you see (shows her photos on the Internet) that she has a scarf but set back, so her hair is a lot to see her.Or has pants here.

Než jste se vrhla do návrhů modelů, zmapovala jste si pravidla místního oblékání?Od organizátorů eventu v Dubaji jsem dostala manuál, co může a nemůže být vidět.So no vistas, cuts, large necklines, sleeve lengths up to your wrist and the length of the clothes of the ankles.Nothing was allowed to be fitted.I tried to keep the cushions, but when I finished there, so many women running in transparent abays that I released my work a little.At the same time, I have to respect the climate in different countries: in Saudi Arabia it is around zero in winter, but in Dubai is still hot.

Měla jste možnost zjistit, co tamní ženy nosí pod abájou?Dávají si záležet na tom, co je vidět.So beautiful hands, shoes, handbags and perfect makeup.All have long artificial eyelashes.When I measured a woman because of the red dress mentioned, she was in a dirty trick.When I visited the fashion school in Saudi Arabia, the students of the beauty were the biggest, but when they gave Abaya down they had a shirt and torn jeans.I think we have the ideas of how luxuriously they are dressed.I would say that when they go for dinner they put a beautiful dress under the Abaya, but when they go buy, they choose something practical.I think they work exactly the same as we do.There is another cultural custom in clothing - and they love him.No one is to solve that they don't want to wear it.

Jaké barvy jste použila ve své první kolekci?Černou a bílou, pudrově růžovou a zlatou.When I choose material, I have to look at the color in half a year.I didn't want to risk, and I was more moderate in the colors.Black and white are they always.Moreover, this color combination is typical, it is like yin and yang.Already when I was at school in Paris, Panda's classmates called me.(laughs) I had black pants, white shirt, black jacket, white sneakers and I walked with a laptop in a black and white bag.I adore when men in Arabia walk in a white shirt and women in black abáj.When you see this black and white combination in a golden desert with a blue sky, it's a wonderful minimalist detail.Did you meet in the Arab market with any differences you didn't count on and had to adapt to something?I was surprised by the popularity of artificial materials.I thought I would make models made of silk, cotton, flax, but I was told that Arabes love non -creaking materials.They don't mind that they are steaming in it.

Natural materials are often associated with fashion sustainability today. Zajímá tento trend tamní ženy?Pokud vím, udržitelnost tam není zatím hlavní požadavek.But I think that as a designer I still have responsibility to the products I offer because it is my duty to think environmentally.My approach to sustainable fashion is that I try to design things to be combinable.When customers buy several pieces over the course of several seasons, they should always match it together.She won't have to buy a million rags, but she needs a few pieces that if she creatively decorates, she can go to the concert and work.They go to combine with sneakers and pumps.They can wear them a young girl, but also a 60 -year -old lady.In my concept lies minimalism in good material, shape - and then just add a golden bead occasionally.

Jak se vám daří oslovovat módou ženy v oblasti, kterou jste navštívila jen párkrát?Až zpětně jsem zjistila, že pro tamní ženy je v mých modelech nový právě zmíněný minimalismus.They were used to Cincroda and needed to decorate.But I think they have minimalism in themselves, I am convinced of it - maybe when I look at the architecture there.Just yesterday I was passing pictures of Arabic architecture I fell in love with.The motifs are beautiful and I would like to incorporate some details into the fabrics.But I must not do two collections at once as now…

Modely, které tu vidím na krejčovských pannách, jsou do nové kolekce podzim/zima?Ano.Maybe I have a bomber jacket here, but such a social.You can play with it.This can be put here, but it can also be like this… (it starts to toss the skirt from one model to another, the same with the coat, while color and stylish combinations still work) it is just a combination of materials and in this collection I hold black and white.I still work on two coats, vest and dress you see here.

Nepřemýšlela jste o přesunu do arabského světa, abyste mu byla blíž?Nebráním se tomu, fungovat někde jinde.I have no obligations.I just have to keep an eye on the brand.It is a child I intend to bring to adulthood.So far it is ideal for me to be here and there.

Musela jste kvůli tvorbě pro značku Talabaya omezit práci pro klientky v Česku?Ano, měla jsem méně a méně času na české klientky a musela mnohé odmítat.Now that the Czech client is heard, I realize that my current work may suit her and that I do not need to refuse it because of that.Women inspire me to design - and at the same time I verify that my work enjoys them.Therefore, I do not want to give up Czech clients, and thanks to them I listen to the needs of women.She is not a tailor's virgin, but a real woman who has her complexes, and for me it is important to listen to them.

Soon you are leaving for Vietnam where you get married to a friend you designed wedding dress.You were sewn at the Czech-Saudi wedding. Jak vypadá cudná nevěsta ve vašem pojetí?Myslím si, že nevěsta v cudné variantě je mnohem krásnější než nevěsta, která vyvalí poprsí nebo přetéká z korzetu.The client's dress that takes Sauda in the Czech Republic will be in the style of European Arabský.On a simple white dress will have a transparent lace jacket passing into a short siding.I enjoy the brides.You can enjoy creativity, and because there is a larger budget for the dress, you can afford better material and handmade work.

Když jedete do Arábie, co si berete na sebe? Nosíte sama Talabayu?Nosím hlavně košile.They can be worn freely and tie at the waist.And to that long skirts.I used to put my product on sale rather than keep it and wear.But now I designed a red dress that I tested as a prototype at two Czech weddings.Czechs followed me that I had a wonderful dress - and where they can buy.I have confirmed that this relaxed style also likes Europeans.

V Česku ale svou tvorbu nikde nepropagujete, je to tak?Ano, protože mám spoustu práce a nestíhám.But Talabaya is also wearable in the Czech Republic.This is her magic - that he is multicultural.Enough people also ask me where the brand can be bought, so I'm looking for a sales place.