You will come to the dressing room after the shift ends and the clothes are gone - what about the employer's responsibility for the deferred employees' items?
  • 23/11/2022
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You will come to the dressing room after the shift ends and the clothes are gone - what about the employer's responsibility for the deferred employees' items?<

Office employees if they do not pay prescribed clothing according to Dress Code or the office simply sit on a computer in what they came to work.And in the warm summer period they don't even have to postpone a jacket or coat.Manual professions have to be changed into work clothes after arriving at work and keeping them with underwear.Other own clothes and shoes have to postpone and keep somewhere.Therefore, the employer is obliged to ensure secure superstructures and personal subjects that employees usually wear to work.

When does the employer pay full price

Therefore, the employer also corresponds to the employee, in full, for damage to things that are usually worn to work and which the employee has postponed in or in direct connection with him on the spot or usual.

Limited responsibility

For things that the employee usually does not carry to work and which the employer did not take into special custody, the employer is responsible for CZK 10,000.However, if the employer took them into the custody or the damage caused by another employee, the company must pay the damage in full.

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The terms of liability

The employer's liability for damage caused by employees on deferred things ensures increased protection of things that the employee postponed with or in direct connection with his employer.A pity may rest not only in theft of a thing but also in its destruction or damage.The employer cannot get rid of liability by issuing an internal regulation, a directive in which the Labor Code rules would change to alleviate its liability, nor by posting signs that they are not liable for deferred things.

The condition of liability is that the employee postponed things in performing work tasks or in direct connection with him.So, of course, the responsibility comes when the employee came to work, but even if he came to do something for the personnel department during the holiday.If, however, he only came to the company's birthday party, the employer does not have to replace anything in case of damage on things.And whether they were damaged or theft.

It is also necessary for things to be postponed at the place intended - for example, ideally in a lockable cabinet, work table, or at least the usual place, eg.jacket on the hanger in the meeting room.It is simply not possible to toss personal belongings and then in their loss or destruction to request damages from the employer.

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How to apply for damages

To prove damage to the employee must.So he must prove that stolen things really had atp atp.

The damage incurred must be reported to the employer no later than 15 days when the employee learned about the damage.Usually such a day is covered with the day when the damage occurred.This is particularly true of theft of things.However, employees' things may be damaged in ATP injury.- The employee finds himself in shock or even unconsciousness, and so he realizes damage later.

If the employee does not notify the damage within 15 days, his right is time -barred.So the employer may or may not compensate for the damage if he argues that the employee has reported the damage event late.It used to be stricter before.The right to compensation did not, after 15 days, did not.When the employee judged compensation for damages, the court did not admit it to him, even if the employer himself forgot the statute of statute -barred or did not come to court.

Skoda must be announced within 15 days, recovery can be recovered later, as we said, even by court, unless the employer provides it voluntarily or provided but incomplete, and so there will be a dispute over the amount of compensation.

When determining the amount of damage to things is based on the price at the time of damage or loss, ie.from the price usual at the place and time of the damage, reduced by the amount of any wear of the thing.

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