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Czech celebrities star of three tigers Kozub about one year's daughter: I will return home and is a new person!Speaks to Svojski<

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With the increasing offers for filming, Štěpán Kozub (25) spends much less time at home.And since most of the shooting takes place in Prague, the young actor often has to leave his wife Barbara with his daughter Anežka (1) himself in Ostrava, where the family lives.It is no wonder that the actor's wife can be attributed to the upbringing of little Agnes.

"My wife is a much larger pro.Is a professional parent.Knows where to reach, what to say, what to do.I can't do that yet, ”Štěpán Kozub compliment to his wife in front of the camera Blesk in front of the camera.Its parental role is yet clear.“When I have time, my daughter and I play and fool around.I observe what new she learned.The fact that I'm working so often gone is one positive thing.When I return home after a long time, she is a little new person again.I am such a dad of a tufy cuddly.My wife raises and I cuddle the baby, ”the actor revealed how they have a dividing daughter's upbringing at home Agnes.

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Also because the actor's wife spends the vast majority of the time with her daughter, the first word was the actor's wife Barbora.He himself cannot reveal the first word of the daughter of Agnes with the confidence.“The Register of words is already quite wide.Although some of them are in such a svojski, in a child's language that I do not yet fully understand.But he can say dad, grandmother and mom, ”says Štěpán Kozub from the development of his daughter Štěpán Kozub.But when the work allows and the actor is at home with his wife and daughter, he is involved without any problems even in less uplifting parental duties.

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Nor does the repackage make a member of the acting group three tigers a problem.Although he is definitely not one of his favorite activities.“Not that I would like it completely, but probably no woman I think.But here I admit one thing that my wife is much more talent for it.She's doing more from hand than me.However, I have already gone through it too, ”said the actor, who is currently finishing the film called Together on the hardships of a three -member family, one of which suffers from an autism spectrum disorder.

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