You have a brother or a sister!  Smiling reactions of young children
  • 27/03/2022
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You have a brother or a sister! Smiling reactions of young children<


You already have one child at home, maybe more, and now you are looking forward to another. It's a big thing for the whole family, but children's reactions to the arrival of another baby are sometimes quite funny. This is how the children of our readers reacted to the birth (or birth) of a sibling.

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Which way, which way out

It doesn't matter if you "dismissed" it with a scientific expedition into the realm of plants, bees and bumblebees, or if you gathered the courage and the real first lesson of sex education for the youngest took place. Surprisingly, the truth is that young children, rather than where the baby got into their mother's womb, decide where to get out. And here the truth can scare the little curious a little. "My older daughter was three years old when I was expecting her second child, so her curiosity was a little limited. But when she asked where she and her brother had climbed, I was absolutely not in the mood for bees and bumblebees, and I just said pipink. I probably haven't seen my more frightened daughter in my life, "laughs Katka, 40.

Forty-year-old Lucie has a similar experience. When she was expecting her second child , her son was six and had a clear idea of ​​how the baby got into its tummy. But logically, he was looking for a way to get out. "I thought that if he already knew which way to go, he would get out and which way out. So I said what do you think? Which way? But he tried all possible body openings, including the ears, nose and mouth, except for one, "Lucie recalls. So when she finally told her son where his brother would soon be born, she received a frightened reaction. "What? Pipinkou? What pipette are you peeing on? Fuuuj. And Mom, did I go there too? ”Describes the shock of the six-year-old boy Lucka.

A girl or a boy?

It is clear that older children have big plans with their unborn siblings. Sometimes girls want sisters, boys want brothers. And if it doesn't work out, it can be a big disappointment. "My five-year-old son was really sincerely afraid that we would have a baby girl. And even though we knew it was going to be a boy, he didn't rest until he checked it out. So when I got home from the hospital, he threw himself on the baby and tried to take his clothes off. I had to unpack Toník and let my older son check that he really has a penny, "describes 27-year-old Jana.

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Unfortunately, four-year-old Anežka was disappointed. She longed for her sister and had a fancy name for her. But a baby boy was born. "She was completely overwhelmed when she found out. She cried, then got angry and finally came defiantly and told us that she would never tell him Ondro, that it was just Anička and that if she didn't undress anywhere, no one would have to know, "describes 35-year-old Kristina, adding that her daughter endured it. about a week.

Name fight

One of the motivational methods for big brothers and sisters is to be involved in choosing a name for siblings. Although her 40-year-old Lenka and her husband really wanted their second son to be named Jáchym, in the end everything was different. "We also agreed on Jáchym with an older son, then five years old. Although he also proposed Tomáš, but in the end he agreed with Jáchym, it helped us a lot that he made a lot of friends with one in kindergarten, “Lenka recalls. But her son wasn't comfortable with Jáchym's kindergarten, the boys became so upset that it just couldn't be named Jáchym's new baby. "So we have Tomas at home," laughs Lenka.

It was easier, after all, compared to Forty-two-year-old Anna. "My older son simply insisted that his sibling have a name , either Hulk or Spiderman . And he wasn't going to change his mind even after I told him he would have a nurse. Hulkovka or Spidermanka also seemed great to him, "says Anna, adding that in the end she figured out that the name was not on the calendar, and the nurse would never be able to celebrate the holiday.

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Jealousy is powerful

We will not lie to each other, it is not easy for older children to compare with the arrival of a new child and the loss of "sovereignty". You just can't help but be jealous . "When our second child was born, our daughter was four years old. We were out with the pram, she was still peeking into it and suddenly grabbed it and pushed it away. When I asked where she was going, she said she was going to sell her brother, that we didn't need a second child, that we had her, "recalls Marie's three-time grandmother (71).

For several months, Sarah, a six-year-old, constantly warned her mother about her little sister's shortcomings. "It was still, look at her crying again. You must be tired, see Mom, when you didn't sleep again at night. Yeah, and you poop, that's bullshit, Mom. And I don't like the scales on his head, "laughs 39-year-old Magda. In the end, however, this period passed quickly, and jealousy was replaced by sibling love.

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