• 26/08/2022
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Youtuber Vláďa: Parents drank and argued.I had to go away, I lived in a squat moon<

Vláďavideos founded at a time when internet creators from filming videos collected the first, not yet astronomical income, and youtubers began to be insidiously interested in advertising agencies."I remember looking at school on the board and I thought I couldn't do a normal job.It seemed to me that I had something I could give people, "the 25 -year -old Vlada Kadlec returns to 2013.

At that time he studied accounting at a private high school in combination with graphics and in the first year he was still popular in the team.But with the tide of fans on the Internet, the classmates turned their backs."When it was on my YouTube channel, I came to school and no one talked to me there.At that time, youtubers were something new, so I was for the rest of the exot, "admits Vlada.

He made him famous videos in which people tried to burn over the phone by Canadian jokes.Today comments on the Internet scene or let the audience look into your life.But it took four years to make a living by filming.In the next episode of the podcast what will you be?!.

Youtuber Vláďa si s redaktorem Tomášem Macou povídal i o tom, jestli by některá svá videa dnes už radši nenatočil a jestli je před kamerou vždycky autentický. | Foto: Matej Slávik

Youtuber Vláďa: Rodiče pili a hádali se. Musel jsem pryč, měsíc jsem bydlel ve squatu

It wasn't easy for him at all.At home he often heard that he was an unwanted child, his mother suffered from depression, his father fell into alcohol and Vlada because of their constant quarrels at the age of eighteen, he preferred to leave home."I lived with a former girlfriend for a few weeks, then about a month in squat among junkies.That was really shock.Fortunately, one gentleman let me live with me.I was supposed to pay him four thousand a month, and I couldn't handle it many times, "recalls.

The dream of a career of a successful youtuber eventually came true and moved from his native Ostrava to Prague.There, however, the unprocessed emotions of everything he experienced caught up."I looked like everything was cool.I was a lot with my friends, I thought to be coughing everything, I would enjoy.But then I was sad about the fact that I hadn't done anything for two years.If I didn't jump out of that round, it could devastate me, "he admits.

An unprecedented personal conversation with YouTuber Vláďa, who says that he will not allow someone to the body, you can listen to the SoundCloud, Spreaker, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts platforms.