• 21/02/2022
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Plus size model Veronika Kořínková: Getting a model in my size is not easy<

Plus size model Veronika Kořínková: Getting a model in my size is not easy

In mid-June, she had another of her photo shoots. But for the first time, she left for him with her little son Tobík, who was born in the spring.

When he is one year old, customers will buy clothes that his mother has just photographed. It usually takes so long for fashion goods to reach them.

People perceive me as a familiar face from the moment they really know me. For the others, I'm the girl from the shop window, the girl from the poster. Anonymous image offering quality lingerie

At the moment, your year-old photos are in shop windows, in advertisements. According to them, do they recognize you on the street?

I haven't gone after her for a long time, so I don't know how it will be this year. (laughs) There was a lockdown during which I had a home office, and I was also pregnant, so twice as careful ...

But I'm almost certain that people perceive me as a familiar face from the moment they really know me. For the others, I'm the girl from the shop window, the girl from the poster. Anonymous image offering quality lingerie. The only exceptions to this rule were the children from primary school where I taught for a year. You were really more attentive.

Did they bring you photos to sign?

They were more interested in one part of the TV show Sama doma, where I explained to Žaneta, our stylist, how a swimsuit fits properly. Which obviously amused the Karlín schoolchildren. And although they were such teenagers, their reactions were generally positive.

During the time my husband is with me, he used to constantly deal with bras, swimwear, underwear. He takes it as my part

Isn't your husband jealous when everyone looks at you in the same way?

I don't know you. During the time he has been with me, he has become accustomed to constantly dealing with bras, swimwear, underwear. He takes it as my part.

But other things make him nervous. As I also arrange photography for our company, we often have boxes full everywhere at home. Sometimes he feels that he is literally burying his underwear. He wants me to take them to work as soon as possible. I understand him in that.

Where did you meet?

Somewhere on the sand. We come from a North Bohemian village, we also went to kindergarten together. But he would be a year lower, because he is a year younger ...

We started noticing each other until around puberty. I have already studied graphics and printing in Hellichovka in Prague. Then I only went home on weekends. We went somewhere in the group during them. It took a while before we got together. Friendship has become a relationship that has lasted for ten years. We got married almost two years ago.

Let's get to your job. Do you mind the plus size model, XXL model?

No, and why should it? Today, any numbering is actually special. With my character, I will buy XXL clothes at one brand and S at another. It depends on the specific company, chain, what symbols, measures it will use.

And, of course, it's found that every woman feels better when she suddenly buys S instead of M. It's such a nice deception of customers, thanks to which you definitely don't have to think that you're buying a XXL size in a certain outfit.

Speaking of measures. How are you?

I haven't measured myself in a long time now. But it will definitely be over a hundred centimeters across the chest, around 105. I have about 80 waist and across the hips I am about 105-106 centimeters. Which is an ideal ratio in terms of proportions. The ideal ideal 90-60-90 stated in modeling counted on smaller, more fragile figures of our ancestors ...

And women have been "growing" in recent years. My measurements are not as unusual as they were when I was in elementary school. I no longer stand out with my cleavage.

In a few days you are leaving for Uherské Hradiště to take pictures of the swimsuit collection for Triola for the summer of 2022. Didn't you consider postponing the order because of Tobík?

If you ask me cautiously if I don't have a lot of stretch marks on my body after a pregnancy, a delivery on my body, a pulled belly, sagging breasts, then I will answer: Surprisingly, no. I'll be even more honest. I was really afraid of everything described, like almost every woman.

But soon after the sixth week, I paradoxically found out that I had a better figure than two years ago. Everything on my body somehow settled after giving birth. It's not 100%, but I feel good and I'm really looking forward to the photo shoot. That's why I have the clothes they sewed for me.

Aren't you afraid that your son will take a similar job?

I have babysitting for him. In addition, I photograph years for Triola. I know that the process can be done even with a small child. After all, he was on the last one with me too. Although in his stomach, he was. The pictures were taken in the fourth month of my pregnancy. I don't think you would even know ...

You probably don't have to lose weight before a similar job. Is it possible to go straight to the photo shoot?

Probably yes, but I'm thinking about this. I don't want anyone to have to spend hours on retouches because of my peaks and imperfections. I don't want to add work to anyone unnecessarily. I also know a long time ago that I have to get a good night's sleep for the best shots. I try to have a nice, unified skin, I take care of my hair.

And of course I also think about my body, I'm still half-naked in the photos. I try not to get bruises, I don't use low-quality self-tanning creams, they make stains. I train regularly for everything listed. I have been sitting in the office for a long time, I work full time mainly in marketing and I have to do some sports because of my back.

Are you really not on any diets? Aren't you in a hurry before shooting a pound?

My diets passed me exactly until I started breastfeeding. Because of Tobík, I have to think more about food so that his tummy doesn't hurt. I also make no secret of the fact that I do not want to rise unnecessarily in the future. I'll indulge in what I like, but I'm not overwhelmed.

How did you actually get into a field famous for your desire for super slenderness?

One day, I sent, at the last minute, my photos to Triola, where they were looking for models with more plump shapes. My friends persuaded me, who knew how hard I was looking for underwear due to the rate ... The invitation to a later casting surprised me. Well, they took me.

Which changed your life.

It didn't look like that at first. In 2012, I studied bachelors at the Faculty of Education in Ústí nad Labem, specifically art education and art. I then went to Prague to study for a master's degree, but I did not complete this level of education. After the mentioned one-year internship, I found out that I would not be a happy teacher.

Was the modeling revenue so high that it took you elsewhere?

(laughs) I rather lack the talent and cells to learn. After all, passing on the love of fine arts to pupils in the second grade requires the ability to motivate children to do something at all. Which I couldn't. As part of maintaining my well-being - mine and theirs - I went elsewhere creatively.

Specifically to the marketing of the company for which you also take photos. How often?

About once a quarter, which reflects the seasonal rhythm of marketing news. However, the main task of my job has been a serious job for over three years: I cover photography, I do company catalogs, I arrange for models who take photos for us to have time ...

To sum it up: I'm in charge of the nice pictures that customers view, the company's communication outwards.

I understand well that as a marketer you work as a model?

Currently yes. And I have to say that I was discussing for a while if it was appropriate. But finding a woman of my character is not entirely easy. Yes, there are quite a few girls around who have some extra pounds. But you need a symmetrical figure for the catalog. They must have feminine curves that "hold the shape" and look good. And especially larger breasts, this is our advantage that we sew on large breasts and narrow chest. Plus size models are plus size but do not have breasts. Your breasts.

And aren't you ashamed to show off the finished catalogs where you're in your underwear, to the clients you deal with?

Not anymore. They often don't even realize I'm in those pictures. Mostly it doesn't even occur to them. I haven't dealt with these situations in a long time either. It occurs to me that I'm only working in a bra, in underwear for so long that I don't care. I am not ashamed. I like my character. It looks the way it should look. The fact that the presented photos are not challenging also helps me to do this. Similarly, anyone can meet me in a few days at the swimming pool.

Who did you inherit your strengths from?

After mom. It is such a beautiful Czech full of curves. A typical Slovanka who is constantly looking for suitable underwear. To fit her, she didn't cut where she didn't. She has a bra size of 95 I.

I knew from childhood that it might be waiting for me one day. I've never been very thin. I was then looking for big bras in elementary school. My mom and I were constantly discussing whether it suited me. That's why she's so proud of me that I take pictures of similar pieces. She even hung a few posters at home.

Have you tried any Miss competitions?

I had no reason to. I have always taken modeling as a pleasant experience, a hobby, a diversification of life. I didn't want to devote myself to him. So when a photo order, a fashion show, comes, I'm happy for it, but I don't have an agent who would actively look for my job.

That's not typical for this field, is it?

But I'm not a typical model. Moreover, as I said, getting a model in my size is not easy. If I want to get a replacement, we'll be looking for a long time. XXL models have been in demand in recent years. And Czechs have ideal figures for this category. They usually have breasts, waist, hips. Which, of course, is not a matter of course for Spaniards. Fats store fats in a different way than we do. They have two or three bellies, they often lack breasts ...

Which is bothered by the photos of the underwear.

Of course. We need breasts for photos! We are a company selling underwear, swimwear, which just can't be put anywhere. The customers want to see them on the figure. Which foreign companies also know. Therefore, if the Czech plus size model is good, she works mainly abroad. It is expensive for Czech companies.

In addition to the cost, such photography is also relatively lengthy. Aren't you bored with it?

I'm quite a calm, patient being, I'm used to downtime. There are usually more of us on the job. I know we all have to put on, dress up, comb our hair. During my breaks, I'll go for a meal, for example. I'm talking to people I wouldn't normally meet.

And when the models are ready after hours and hours of breeding, the five most important minutes of the order follow: photos are taken and we can all go home again. (laughter)

If I organize the photo shoot, I won't stop all day. There is always something to watch over and push the team so that everything is done and it is as it should be. But the result is always worth it. There's simply a difference between being in front of or behind the camera.

You take photos with top models, Miss winners. Don't you feel "huge" next to them?

If you stand next to the real leaders of the field, such as Ester Berdychová, Nikol Švantnerová, Renata Langmannová, of course you perceive a difference in rates. That is natural.

But I don't have any complexes from that. Girls are usually pleasantly surprised by how normal they are. In addition, diversity is desirable in the modeling industry. That you have more pounds than he / she does? No one will laugh at you for that. It's a little different for me at shows. There I will say: You belong here too, they pay you to go along the pier too, they want to show lingerie to real women. And it takes over!

How do viewers react to you afterwards?

Their reactions are usually very nice. Each of us has a different taste.

You mentioned that you have been dealing with big breasts since adolescence. Have you considered reducing them?

Even several times. I don't want a bigger size anymore. The idea that they will grow even bigger with age, gaining weight, really scares me. I have scoliosis, big breasts ruin my back. We'll see what they look like after children. The most important thing in my decision-making will be the health aspect.

We're going back to the rate. What is the size of the cups at the bra?

It depends on the cut. It could be sixty-five to seventy J and K. Now I'm talking about numbering in Triola. Even with underwear, swimsuits vary in size from brand to brand. If you are buying a Czech brand as a Czech, it will suit you better than the Spanish one, where they count on "their", ie smaller, slimmer women.

What is the best-selling size in the company you work for?

F 75 and E 85. Which is the one that corresponds to the most common wishes of our customers in stores. They want the 75 B they had decades ago. On the saleswoman's advice that the size of the cups is more like F or G, they resolutely respond: Me? Not at all! Negotiation follows, explaining that it no longer works like this.

Ah, size 75 B is not produced?

It produces, only it has other markings. The problem is that most Czech women wear mismatched underwear. They get used to a certain size and they stubbornly ask for it ... If they get advice, they will find that the world of underwear has moved elsewhere. That special cuts have been developed for small and large breasts, new shapes of cups, material, flexion bones ...

That's why I advise everyone not to take everything they find on the shelves. Take advantage of the advice of professional laundry stylists or professionally trained staff. The right bra will not only underline your silhouette, you will be sexy and healthier thanks to it.


Yes, healthier. Big breasts will not put so much strain on your back, strain your neck muscles and start a headache. And a bra that pushes you somewhere reduces emotional comfort.

When you explain all this to them, they listen to you, do they insist on a color?

A lot of women want white.

Wait, I don't! It washes badly.

(laughs) You're an exception. But there is great interest in another basic color - black. They continue to consider her body, but her customers object that she doesn't look so nice. They usually convince them that it is very practical. Fits everything. The choice of color is also decided by the season. In the summer, red, among other things, sells well.

So what colors should I not miss in my wardrobe?

Black, beige and some colored piece. Something practical and comfortable for all-day wear and lace luxury for special moments. It is also important to know that if you buy a certain bra cut from us, you can choose a swimsuit with the same tailor according to its cut.

I'm a little confused by those measures, volumes. Is there an ideal place for my breasts to be worn when wearing a bra within the body?

A quality, well-chosen bra should keep them at six-eighths of your figure's height. If you have them higher or lower, you can be the biggest beauty and you will look ugly. The 6/8 will ensure you a symmetrical figure.