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Tereza Ramba about the sex and the name of the second baby: It's not Teodora, she knew right after the birth<


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Anna Kopečková, Released: 24.01.2022 Tereza Ramba is very guarding her privacy. She did not announce the birth of her second child until a month after she was born. Now the actress has revealed not only his gender and name, but also how the birth took place.


Tereza announced her second pregnancy at the beginning of August last year in a funny video. Neither she nor her husband, dancer and acrobat Matyáš Ramba, knew the gender in advance. But as Tereza stated in her post on the social network, she felt from the first moment that it would be a girl - just like her first child, she knew it would be a boy. And she wasn't mistaken. The little girl, who was born just before Christmas, was nicknamed Hviezdka. Although they originally planned to have her name Teodora, in the end it turned out differently and the baby was given a very unusual name, which currently has only one woman in the Czech Republic.

"I was waiting for Theodora, but Mirenka came. Rate. Rate. In such peace and love. Like when love falls into your soul. In the waves, in the pressure, when every second you are closer to a miracle and you can't talk about pain. Matthias squeezed my hand. He wouldn't let me in. He is my Man. My star from the plastic handle was born. Tiny, calm and so quiet that my heart sank. This is not Teodora. Probably not, says Matthias. It's Mira. And so we are complete, "Tereza recalled the secret birth.

Before the birth in December, Tereza did not enjoy much peace and quiet. Despite all the measures, she became infected with a covid and, in addition, she had to deal with moving and the Love je business project she has with her husband. "I couldn't even open my eyes the day before the birth. The body is preparing. It'll be hell sooner. So I picked up a glass of water. "

A Star has been added to the Sun.

Tereza and her husband, who is three years younger, still have a son, Mikoláš, who was born in 2019 shortly after their wedding. His parents also hid his birth for a long time. For a long time, his name was not known, because he was spoken of everywhere as the Sun. In her contribution, Tereza also recalled how Mikoláš was born. The first birth was completely different.

"Nicholas came into the world for blood and roar, terribly, sucked in air and joined the world. I remember you, the nurse said. The little one was taken out of the hall and roared like a tiger. He didn't stop here in the maternity ward. Not at home either, I smile to myself. But we smeared him. In the end, milk-love-milk, as our doctor Barbora says, always saves everything, "confided Tereza, who takes a break from playing for a while so that she can enjoy motherhood to the maximum.

Tereza Ramba became a double mom. She showed the stroller and revealed details

Farna, Marešová and Ramba: Which Czech celebrities are looking forward to the offspring in the new year?

Tereza Ramba o pohlaví i jménu druhého miminka: Teodora to není, věděla hned po porodu


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