• 24/08/2022
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The unfortunate marriage has a fatal consequences for men<

Nešťastné manželství mívá pro muže až fatální následky

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine found that unfortunate marriages mostly in men are related to higher mortality.

Scientists from the University of Tel Aviv Israel have analyzed health data from about 9,000 men for more than thirty years.They concluded that those who were not satisfied with the quality of their marriage showed a higher risk factor for the emergence of stroke and other serious conditions that can lead to death.

The team, following the worrying results of the study, called for healthcare professionals to start extensive promotion of marital therapy as a means of alleviating possible risks.

Co je dobré vědět, než začnete po padesátce uvažovat o rozvoduVztahy a sex

Scientists also reviewed the results of 8945 Israeli men who were participants in one of the previous studies on mortality.It started specifically in 1965.Men who mostly worked in state administration or similar positions were asked to evaluate their marriages on a scale of one to four.

Nešťastné manželství mívá pro muže až fatální následky

In men who "showed" the lowest number of marriages, 69 percent were more likely to death on the stroke (measure 40.6 per 10,000 people) than those who have gone through several marriages.

Younger men are worse

Scientists also found that the mortality rate was greater in persons under 50 years of age (39.4 %) who were not satisfied with their marriage.For older participants the value was 6.5 percent lower.

Nereálná vztahová očekávání, která ničí mnohá manželstvíVztahy a sex

"We have found, which is surprising that the dissatisfaction of men with their marriage is a similar risk factor of death as smoking, or at the same level as men who do not exercise at all," said Dr. Shahar Lev-Ari.Telegraph also quoted his statement.

He also explained why he decided to review the data from the 1965 study.It is simple - experts generally understand the context between psychological well -being and physical health than before.

Nedokonalá manželka aneb Chyby, které zapříčinily můj rozvodVztahy a sex

”We found that the marital satisfaction of these men at the beginning of the study was actually a predictive factor for death in general, as well as caused by stroke.”

„Posuzování manželské spokojenosti a hodnocení zdravotních přínosů programů v rámci manželského vzdělávání pro mladé páry by proto mělo být podle nás součástí podpory zdraví v běžné populaci,” uvádí se ve výsledcích studie.