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Fresh Coffee: Take 5 Židenice café with two bars as a recipe for a happy marriage<

In the second episode of the fresh coffee series we had a stain in the Židenice café Take 5.It is operated by Vendula and Honza Zábojník, the playful interior was designed by the Bonbon studio.

Brno - Is there a recipe for how partners can run a café while not drinking blood?It turned out that everyone has their own bar and it can work well.Like Vžidenice near the transport junction, where the café Take 5 operates for the second year.From large windows to the distance shines yellow lights.The company runs the spouses to the Zábojník who are currently the only employees of the café.Vendula is devoted to baking desserts, Honza provides coffee and service.The inclusion of a café in a guide to Lukáš Hejlík shows that they obviously do it well.

Mr and Mrs Vendula and Honza Zábojník successfully operated a well -known café in melon sugar in the city center.A few years ago, however, they decided that it was time to change: “We wanted to move to a quieter place where we will be more set in the community.We live here a short distance in Židenice, ”they say.

Both had an idea of a place with a friendly neighborhood atmosphere: “The acquaintances betrayed us that from Židenice will never be a café district.But look, there is Industra, near Rebelbean opened Bzzukot.It is changing slowly.Each neighborhood needs a system of small public spaces for missing and real living.I never thought it wouldn't work here ”, Developing Vendula.

In terms of their profession they had a clear vision: Espresso bar with two working bars and twenty places to sit."We are married, makes us make sense to have bars separate.It is invented as two equivalent halves - a bar with a coffee machine and a bar with an open kitchen.I have to say that it works great, at work and at home because there are no friction places.Everyone has their ego at work and wants to realize their ideas.Moreover.

Vendula was not very sure of the open kitchen at first, she was worried that the kitchen was not too distracting.Usually has an oven in operation, two robots and work in the kitchen is often noisy.Finally, the kitchen bar in the café has fallen great.Guests like the kitchen, watching Vendula while working and talking about recipes.

Svěží káva: Židenická kavárna Take 5 se dvěma bary jako recept na spokojené manželství

The couple approached architect Leu Mačudová from the Atelier Bonbon, who designed 4 rooms in Brno;A bar that does not exist;Superanda Circus or Café Kafe and Kobliha.They add to the choice: “The form of melon sugar we operated in the center was designed by RAW studio.The interior was black -gray, austere.We thought that something else, another manuscript and especially colors would be useful for the edge of the neighborhood where they live.”

The architect of the local neighborhood café excited: “I like community businesses when I go to a local café, I always sit at the bar.Here are two.”A L -shaped ground plan encouraged to place bars each in one corner.The corner entry naturally led to the division of the open kitchen with Commune Table and part of the bar seating.

The open kitchen with the bar is a trend rather in restaurants, but as Lea Mačudová adds, Vendula is a perfectionist, she likes cleanliness, and she can afford that the guests watch her under her hands.Vendula had a clear idea of a pure stainless steel bar, but Honza, on the contrary, a bar of darker and playful.

Light brings generous window openings into the space and allow seating at the window of the sill in contact with the outside world."From an urban point of view, you look into the greenery, through the road is a park, so there is something to look at, the solution has been offered by itself," explains the architect.In addition to sitting at the windows there are also a larger table for 6 people.Commune table in the middle of the café can also be used for cupping, action or tastings.

“The café architecture should not be such that at first glance you notice and absorb you, says the architect.At the same time, he adds: “The exceptions are perhaps the lights, meant as lighthouses that are far from the café.”

The space had to be supplemented with another plan, make the interior more attractive when viewed from outside and at the same time solve the lighting.The author of large yellow lights made of atypical material is sculptor Andrea Kaňkovská."I took part in one of Andre's sculptural laboratories and I was excited about what materials she works with, for example, he uses shapes carved from foam", describes Mačudová.

The lights were supposed to be undemanding for maintenance, so the author eventually chose the packaging mesh.Plastic nets brought color and organic morphology into the interior and the use of PVC hoses supported the soft impression and the grace of the resulting shapes.What's more, the lights can be easily removed and washed in the dishwasher.

Operators also agreed with an architectural studio on the vision of a café, in which the resulting impression creates a well -solved space, hospitality and quality products.The Take 5 café makes both architecture and staff to take care of guests."People like to come back here.We even regularly walk one Mr. Garbonist when he rides around.She takes Flat White with him ", laughs Vendula.And Honza adds: “Ninety percent of the local guests are local.And always come across us two.With us you can complete the conversation from the past because you know who is behind the bar."

Take 5 café

Address: Bubeníčkova 112/44, BrnoFB: Take 5 |Facebookarchitekt: Studio Bonbon Light Installation: Andrea Kaňkovská flowers: garden flower photography: Tereza Oprchalová, Instagram