• 03/10/2022
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Marriage is a prison that doesn't work for me, says Will Smith<

“Jada had relatives in her family who had such an unconventional relationship. So she grew up in it. But that's quite different from what I grew up with. We have had endless discussions about what a perfect marriage is. What is the perfect way to get along with a partner in a couple," Will Smith began to explain the evolution of his relationship with his wife in an interview with GQ magazine.

> ,” admitted the actor, who married his second wife in 1997 and they have two children together.

Marriage is a prison that doesn't work for me , claims Will Smith

"We trusted each other and gave each other freedom, we believed that everyone had to go their own way. Marriage cannot be a prison for us. I am not saying that our journey is for everyone. I do not recommend this trip to anyone. But the experience of us giving each other freedom and supporting each other unconditionally is the ultimate expression of love to me," Smith added, noting that they gave each other sexual freedom above all.

Will Smith also writes about his marriage in the biographical book he recently published. In it, he describes a crisis when he almost broke up with his wife in her forties. But he is grateful that they found a way to stay married. Last year, in an interview for Red Talk, they revealed to fans together that Jada had an affair with twenty-five-year-old musician August Alsina.

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