• 19/03/2023
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Save your marriage!This trick will ignite even a protracted crisis<


The general idea is that if someone is already contacting a divorce lawyer, they just want to end the marriage.Considers him destroyed and irreparable.However, British divorce lawyer Jane Keir with more than 28 years of experience has other experiences, so he first offers reconciliation and divorce only in extreme cases.

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How does it work?

Jane Keir claims that divorce should be really the last instance and should come after all other options fail."That's why I always ask my clients if they are really but really 100 % sure this is what they want," says Jane Keir.And you would be surprised how many people will hesitate, or even admit that they still love their partner.

And Jim Jane Keir will offer one last way to save the marriage - instead of a classic divorce contract with them, the reconciliation contract will be written: ”It is actually a normal divorce agreement that contains the convention on divorce settlement and so on, but it has something extra.It also includes certain promises of both partners about changes in their behavior and functioning that could lead to an improvement of the relationship and subsequently to save marriages.”

These are purely practical obligations regarding, for example, the division of duties about households and children, together spent time and at all things that bothers and disrupt the well -being of the relationship.It can really be anything!

If it doesn't help?

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And when one (or even both) does not comply with what he promised?Then the divorce proceeds according to the settlement that has been approved by both of the reconciliation contract. „Zní to samozřejmě velmi neromanticky, ale podle mě to dává lidem prostor se zastavit, zhodnotit situaci, nadechnout se a třeba zkusit ještě vztah opravit,” popisuje Jane Keir.At the moment, a lawyer works as an intermediary that can tame wild emotions and prevent quarrels, so people really have the opportunity to look at things with at least a little cold head.

“Of course I'm not saying it is right for people to stay in marriage where they are both unhappy.This is not good for them or for their children. Usmiřovací smlouva je ale minimálně způsob, jak si mohou být jistí, že udělali vše, aby manželství zachránili,” tvrdí Jane Keir.And if it doesn't work, they can't even blame each other that they haven't tried to.

Can it really help?

According to Czech experts, it is certainly not completely stupid. „Je to v podstatě jen trochu jiná forma párové rehabilitace, která se s klienty běžně provádí, když mezi nimi dojde k rozkolu,” vysvětluje vztahová koučka ze Školy pro ženy Hana Wolf.

Of course, they have to want both - the effort of one is always useless.According to Hana Wolf, it also depends on how it all started.“For every relationship is extremely important to its beginning as they got together. Pokud u jednoho z nich šlo od samého začátku o jakýsi vztahový kompromis, troufám si tvrdit, že ani taková terapie nepomůže,” říká Hana Wolf.

But if there was a bilateral love at the beginning and the feeling that it was the (that) true (right), the chance could be here.In fact, a lawyer is just another form of a therapist, a relationship advisor who will help people to arrange."But they must also be willing to make each other happy. Když toho schopni nejsou, je namístě se s úctou rozejít a poděkovat si za vše, co spolu prožili,” zakončuje Hana Wolf.

What do you think can help the reconciliation contract?