• 16/10/2022
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Don't know what to do with old clothes?We will advise youIndustrial ecology<

From an older shirt or T -shirts you can sew a bag for a purchase or pillow or create with children.However, if you are not as skillful, the best way to deal with ecologically clothing is to hand it to the collection container on used garments.However, you have to put clothes in this container in a certain condition, otherwise you will do more damage than good.

How to adjust clothes before handing it to the container?

First of all, it is important to evaluate the state of the discarded garment.If we want the clothes to serve to someone else, it is necessary to throw things that are not destroyed or dirty.It does not matter so much when a certain degree of wear is reflected in the clothes, but it should not be a complete ”rag”.You'd rather wipe the sills, wash your shoes and then throw it in the black garbage bin on a mixed waste.

Clothing must be cleaned, or to wash.Even companies that collect textiles or even non -profit organizations that accept it do not have the capacity to wash it.It must also be dry.The damp clothing begins to mold and degrade other things.

It is important not to forget the bag or bag and insert the textiles into it.Otherwise, the clothing in the container or transporting could re -degrade.Do not forget to pair the shoes and socks.If you do not do so, it is likely to be lost and will never serve anyone again.

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How do I find the nearest container?

Úplně nejjednodušším způsobem je podívat se na stránky www.recycletextil.cz, kde je přehledná mapa s vyhledávačem kontejnerů.Alternatively, you can find a container station on the website of some city districts.

I can somehow influence where the clothing of the clothing will go (for charity, industrial processing etc.)??

No, to influence it cannot be influenced.There are several reasons why this is the case.The first is that we all have a subjective perception of the condition of our clothes and to whom it could serve.For some, a shirt can only be slightly on and someone else would not take such a "rag" anymore.

At the same time you do not know the needs and requirements of non -profit organizations at the time you throw the thing in the container.

"We have met several times with the" ungrateful charity "," says Kateřina Kučerová from the ecological-charitable project of Potex and continues: "People should realize that charity is not a trash can and does not have to take things for which it is not used.”

The seasonality of the clothing can also be problematic.In the spring, winter things are usually discarded, in the autumn of summer.However, clients of non -profit organizations need clothes for a given season.

“We are able to store charities for some time.Winter jackets, pants, sweaters (they are always in seasonally shortage).Non -profit organizations do not have enough space to store and, for example.” vysvětluje Kateřina Kučerová.

Due to the shopping behavior in our country, it is not surprising that the containers usually get ladies' clothes.But non -profit organizations need more men's clothing, and that is a complete shortage.

You can count on the fact that if you throw usable clothing into the container, it will still find use for someone who needs it.However, if you throw clothes into the container very much, it will probably go to industrial processing.

Thus you cannot influence where your clothing will go, it is possible to find out eg.the one that non -profit organizations are supported from the project and make it clear to whom you help.