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Elizabeth II.Remembering Prince Philip: For years he was a support for me<

They have been worn on the left ring finger for 74 years.Are unmistakable.In addition, they often touch the fingers of their right hand and turn them lightly.Two rings - golden from Welsh gold and shimmering diamond - reminding events that once attracted attention not only to theBritish public.

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A ring like a memento…

It happened 20.November 1947 shortly before noon.At the Westminster Abbey in London, the twenty -one -year -old heir to theBritish crown, Princess Elizabeth, and five -year -old Lieutenant of the Royal Navy, Philip Mountbatten, were married more than 2000 more than 2000.The traditional ceremony corresponded to the royal customs and was the beginning of a firm marriage based not only on mutual affection and shared values, but also on both sides of respect and respect.Queen and Prince Philip managed to inspire couples around the world for decades.

The three -carat diamond engagement ring is for Elizabeth II.To this day, a symbol of the qualities that she was most perhaps the most on her husband: a sense of family, respect for tradition and personal creativity.The ring that forms the main stone in the middle of the circle of ten smaller diamonds was made by the well -known London jeweler according to his design.

Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten and Princess Elizabeth (September 1947)

The gems were originally part of the tiara belonging to Philip's mother, Princess Alice ofBattenberg.She got him as a wedding gift since the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II.who was married to her aunt Alexandra.She gave her son a rare jewel shortly before his own engagement in 1946, when the story of romantic love came - after years full of hope and waiting - to a happy ending.


For the first time they met at the wedding of common relatives: her uncle Prince George, the Duke of Kent and his aunt, the princess of the Marina Greek.It was 1934, she was eight and thirteen years old.But they were definitely not unknown or foreign.Thanks to the progressive dynastic policy of European royal families in 19.and at the beginning of 20.century had a number of common relatives.In addition, both belonged to a large crowd of pravatychy legendary Queen Victoria (1819-1901).

What divided them was different home background.While Princess Elizabeth, along with her younger sister Margaret, experienced a happy childhood (disturbed to the abdication of her uncle, King Edvard VIII., in 1936) in the middle of a loving family, the Greek and Danish Prince Philip (from the family of Šlesvicko-Holštýn-Sonderburg-Glücksburg) became a political exile at the age of several months.When his parents' marriage and his mother fell ill with a mental disorder, he spent several years in his older sister's family in Germany before he was taken by relatives in England.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II.(still as a princess) on a walk during the honeymoon (November 1947)

Uncle Louis Mountbatten was the greatest influence on a teenage boy.And it was he was who shortly before the outbreak of 2.World War II organized second and fateful meetings of young people in 1939.It occurred during a royal visit to the naval academy in Darmouth.The pHilip Greek cadet was "completely randomly" for accompanied by both daughters of King George VI.: Thirteen -year -old Princess Elizabeth and nine -year -old princess Margaret.A teenage girl in a handsome young man who was nicknamed Viking or aBlossed Greek Apollo, fallen in love with.His framed photograph soon appeared on the Princess of the Nightlong Table.

During the war years, when Philip participated in the fighting in the Mediterranean and in the Far East, they often wrote and occasionally saw briefly.The fundamental divide in their relationship occurred in 1946 when Lieutenant Mountbatten, who in the meantime renounced his title, accepted his uncle's surname and became aBritish citizen, asked the princess to marry and she enthusiastically agreed.

Alžběta II. vzpomíná na prince Philipa: Po celé roky mi byl oporou

What the couple did not count on, there were objections that appeared at Philip's address.He was blamed for being arrogant and impolite that he had no property or background… and also that his German sister -in -law compromised contacts with the Nazis.

Princess Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth II.) and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, during a tour of the Villa Guardamangia on the island of Malta.(1950)

Princess Elizabeth, however, showed - perhaps surprisingly for many - strong will, determination and patience, she was firmly determined to marry her heart and not give up her resolution.In July 1947, the engagement was announced.

Attractive young couple enjoyed considerable popularity and gained the public to their side.The fairy tale in the royal garb thus once again became a reality.


The long -term marriage of the royal couple faced many trials and passed the times good and demanding.Outwardly, however, Queen Elizabeth II.and the Duke of Edinburgh always kept politely and thoughtfully.This is finally evidenced by the following quotations:

”During all those long years I served as a queen, the support of my family across generations was indispensable.Prince Philip is, I think, known by rejecting compliments of any kind.But I must mention that he has been supporting me all the time and a reliable partner.”(z královnina projevu při oslavách diamantového jubilea vlády v roce 2012)

The Queen Elizabeth II.and her husband Prince Philip (10.June.2016)

"I'm afraid that all too often has to prince Philip to listen to my speeches.We often discuss them in advance and - as you can imagine - expresses its views very straightforward.He has been and is my support for years. Jeho rodina, Spojené království i mnohé další země mu dluží mnohem víc, než by on sám kdy nárokoval…”(z královnina projevu při slavnosti konané na počest královské zlaté svatby v roce 1997)

”If you ask me what I think about family life after 25 years of marriage, then I can simply, simply and with belief that I am in favor.”(z královnina projevu při oslavách stříbrné svatby v roce 1972)

”I will take advantage of this opportunity and mention the strength I draw on my own family.The Duke of Edinburgh has not enriched my life in the past fifty years, as well as his engagement has benefited from many charity organizations, associations and associations.”(z projevu Alžběty II.At the beginning of the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the Government in 2002)

”I think the main lesson we have known is that tolerance is the basis of every happy marriage...And you can believe me that the queen has a great sense of tolerance.”(z princova přípitku na počest královny při oslavě zlaté svatby v roce 1997)

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Fairytale weddings

The monarchy is undoubtedly one of the oldest and most respectable preserved -end storage.In the course of history, some of its features may have changed due to the development of national ideals and external circumstances, but the basic essence of the external presentation has been retained.Her captivating charm lies in the color, pomp and inhale of something fairy tale.

The most powerful of royal events are weddings.The narrative ceremonies include elements of the public ceremony and exceptional family celebrations.I in 21.In the 18th century, it remains primarily by fulfilling the romantic ideas of winning love, promise of hope and welcome encouragement.

This was also perceived by the wedding of the older daughter of King George VI.and a handsome officer of the royal origin two years after the end of 2.World War I..However, the traumatized nation was able to unite and experienced intensively the personal happiness of its future rulers.

Interesting facts of an extraordinary event

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Seen from the center of Europe

The wedding of the futureBritish ruler aroused response in the then Czechoslovakia.Almost all diaries brought a description of the ceremony on the first pages, some of them attached a photo of the newlyweds.

Red Law of 22.November 1947 under the headline Royal wedding quoted a extensive press and said, among other things:.Yesterday at 12:44 am.She: 55 kg Libra, love horse riding, history and pointed shoes and he: 183 cm tall, loves good food and drink and fast driving, but does not know Greek;in Westminster both said sacred yes.Among us - we would like to know what they could say another.But this epilogue 'love novel', which is also the historical day of old England, caused a true flood of lemonade literature and very fine excitement.”

Princess Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh Philip got married 20.November 1947 in the Westminster Abbey in London.

The national liberation reported to its readers on the event a day earlier in an article entitled TheBritish Crown Princess: a show of monarchs - thousands of curious people - police in alert:with about a millionBritish and foreign citizens - some of them expected even 24 hours for the chilly November weather on the street - and above them thousands of richer in the windows where they paid up to £ 50 (10 000 CZK) for a short view of luxury limousins, courtyards andRoyal Elves in Ceremonial Uniforms. Svatba se konala za nejpřísnějších bezpečnostních opatření, které kdy Scotland Yard provedl, k sedmi tisícům příslušníků policie se přidružila celá řada detektivů, kteří střežili jak okolí opatství aBuckinghamského paláce, tak přístav a letiště…”

A reminder of the wedding in Prague

The Czechoslovak Film Society in Prague's cinema Sevastopol organized a ceremonial performance of the English film Great Hope to celebrate the royal marriage.The President of the Czech Republic EdvardBeneš and theBritish Ambassador P was held under the auspices.B.Nichols. Mezi hosty večera byli například paní HanaBenešová, předseda vlády Petr Zenkl nebo členové diplomatického sboru.A documentary film The heir to the throne was screened before the film.


Prezident EdvardBeneš a jeho manželka Hana byli během svého válečného pobytu ve VelkéBritánii několikrát hosty královské rodiny vBuckinghamském paláci.Princess Elizabeth knew so well.As a personal wedding gift, they sent a large set of SPENDID of the Moser brand to London to London.

For the diamond wedding in 2007, the royal couple received its symbolic supplement from the then President Václav Klaus and his wife Livia.


Royal family

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