• 22/10/2022
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Baby vest fashion again on top!Include these in your spring wardrobe<

It is fascinating to see how some trends that were celebrated in 90.years, they harvest the general favor even now, after several decades.Is there any cyclic time when fashion blockbusters appear when they fall almost to forget?Or is the cause of something else?Either way, for individual pieces we can learn from the past.If your clothes look like new, you still find pleasure in it, but at the moment it is a bit of an outsider, especially don't get rid of it!Put it down for a later time because you never know when you pull it out again.A wardrobe based on quality clothing that is not subject to age is an alpha and omega.

One such is a knit vest.Not only is not an age, but a girl will look cute, elegant to the lady and neatly will look in men.Because many of us recall the picture of grandfather in knitted vest, but also handsome elegance.A piece that is grateful to everyone.So if you don't have it yet, add it to your upcoming Must-Have List with which you are going to literally spring drafts in your closet.A timeless piece that will be your great ally.It is easy to combine and you will welcome it with open arms in this April weather.He's a great layer with him.

But how to achieve playful spring combinations?The knit vest will understand each other with a shirt underneath whose collar will be gracefully on the shoulders of the knit time.In bad weather, add it with social pants or jeans and throw over the immortal trench coat.The perfect dot will be any elegant shoes or youthful sneakers.If you want to be more unlucked, throw the vest over the shirt oversized dress with long sleeves in the murder mini length.Casually elegant but sophisticated sexy.And if you particularly like this knitness and want to wear it on steamer days, you can wear it on a bare body!

Móda Pletené vesty znovu na vrcholu! Tyhle zařaďte do svého jarního šatníku

Check out our photo gallery and choose your favorite!Returning you strip edging around the clamshell neckline, braid pattern, sweet pink and optimistic yellow or distinctive square motifs.

Another fashion inspiration can be found in Štýlovka!

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