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Domácí pomocníci k přípravě lahodné kávy

There is a large number of coffee makers on the market and navigate in them is not easy.Before buying it is important to say how many people in the household the coffee machine will use, what spatial opportunities we have, how much we are willing to invest.


Are very popular.Coffee is immediately Hermetically closed after roasting and grinding, so it retains its freshness and aroma.

Using capsules is practical, you can choose from up to 13 types of coffee according to personal taste and preferences.

Who cannot decide will certainly use a practical tasting cassette that contains more types of coffee (8 pieces) in one package (price 75 CZK).

In the total investment in the “capsule” coffee machine we will not forget to count how much the individual capsules will come out.

In the daily budget of the family, where coffee is drunk several times a day, we will certainly notice the cost of experience.Let us also count on the fact that we will have to buy their capsules from the coffee machine manufacturer.

If we like the finer latte macchiato or cappuccino, we get a device that has a nozzle for making milk foam or an integrated milk container.

Automatic coffee machine

Domácí pomocníci k přípravě lahodné kávy - Novinky.cz

This is a more cost -effective variant of Espresso preparation.However, with one button, we dominate everything: the coffee beans will grind itself, bake, brew and automatic is the self -cleaning process.

This coffee machine pays off in households with greater operation or to offices.The coffee machine is equipped with a steam nozzle for preparing milk foam and a heated board for preheating.

Important is one detail: whether the coffee machine can set differently the height.Then we have no problem with different mug sizes, all of them can fit under the automatic drain.

Drip coffee versus espresso

The difference is in the way of preparing.Drip or filtered coffee is produced by passing hot water over a layer of coffee under standard pressure.Is not so strong and can be drunk in larger quantities.

The espresso basis is the process of over -ground coffee with water with a given volume at 90 ° C at a pressure of 9–15 bar for about 30 seconds.We get high quality coffee excellent tastes and typical scents.

Coffee specialties

Espresso: Classic Coffee, Drinking Correctly Without Milk, only sweetened with sugar.

Ristretto: is a classic espresso with a smaller volume of water.The result is coffee with more concentrated taste.

Cappuccino: consisting of 1/3 espresso, steamed milk and milk foam.

Latte: A tall glass with a whipped milk with espress.

Macchiato: Classic espresso with a drop or two hot milk.

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