• 27/02/2023
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Production in Skoda can stand until the end of the year - Novinky.cz<

Výroba ve škodovce může stát až do konce roku

The company will focus on the completion of a large number of wagons in progress, said Tomáš Kotera, head of the company Tomáš Kotera.

According to the damage, the lack of semiconductors is due to the reduction of manufacturers' production in Asia due to the coronavir pandemia.This is not the first stall of production in Škoda due to missing chips.Last time stood production lines of the week from 27.September.Production also stopped due to Koronaviru pandemic last year, employees were at home from 18.March to 27.April.

Kvůli nedostatku čipů budou ve Škodě Auto zřejmě znovu snižovat platyDomácí

“The consequences have hit the entire automotive industry, some competing brands have already completely closed their plants by the end of 2021.Skoda Auto cannot avoid this global crisis.We will also have to make production from 42.calendar week by the end of the year to significantly reduce or stop completely, ”said Kotera.

Skoda will complete cars that lack some components due to lack of chips.The number of stored cars progressed has been between 30 and 50,000 for a long time.

Výroba ve škodovce může stát až do konce roku - Novinky.cz

"Therefore, we first focus on the completion of these cars so that we can deliver them to our customers as quickly as possible," Kotera said.

Opel přerušuje výrobu v Eisenachu až do konce rokuEkonomika

According to Kotery, the company's priority is also the corresponding amount of employee wage compensation.They now stay at home for 85 percent of the average wage, but according to trade unions there is a risk of 80 percent.

“We assume that the production of semiconductors will start to start again in the second half of 2022.The whole situation associated with supply should subsequently calm down, ”added.

Skoda Auto delivered over one million cars worldwide last year.It operates three production plants in the Czech Republic, produces in China, Russia, Slovakia and India, mostly through the concern partnership, in Ukraine and Kazakhstan in cooperation with local partners.Is active in more than 100 markets.

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