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Unwanted children did not start from Dyk and Landy eyes, the guys are not used to<

You are just coming to feed, welcomes Anna Zubíková, doctor from the Children's Center in Krč.We are entering an Art Nouveau building that originally served as a sanatorium.But before World War II, it became a place for unwanted children and it is still to this day.

Pay the photos

Do you want to help the Children's Center?MF DNES and iDNES.cz pořádají dražbu pěti fotografií, na nichž jsou zachyceny známé tváře s dětmi z krčského kojeneckého ústavu.Money will go to the account of the Children's Smile Endowment Fund that works at the Children's Center. Aukce startuje ve čtvrtek 3. února od 9:00 na iDNES.cz.See photos you can auction here.

First, the doctor leads us where the little ones lie in the cribs, including a six -week -old premature boy or a three -month -old girl."The little girl is starting to communicate and it's such a laugh.The premature boy is growing up and eating everything so far, "says sister Marie Čermáková during feeding and repackaging.

There are currently about a hundred children in the children's center, from newborn to three years, sometimes there are older."Previously children were divided by age, but now it's different.We have so -called families, each of them is about five six children of different ages.It's like at home, you don't have five children of the same old children too, "explains Zubíková.

Every year he heads for adoption or foster care for eighty of them.It is no exception that some are returning to the original family.The time he spends here is differently long, someone here is two months, another year.For some, adoptive parents will not find.

Nechtěné děti nespustily z Dyka a Landy oči, na chlapy nejsou zvyklé

Auctioned pictures of photographer MF DNES Nguyen Phuong Thao.

Vojtěch Dyk and Klaudie (6 months)

But only children do not live in the house.In the corridor you can find their mothers or women who are still waiting for the offspring.The home also serves as a refuge for those who have come into a difficult life situation, maybe they left them a partner and they had nowhere to go.There are also women who do not want someone from their loved ones to learn that they are pregnant.

"You don't know it at first glance at first glance, but there are also those that have been given to drug addicts.Children are often ill, have jaundice, syphilis, weakened immunity.There are cases where a woman did not go to any doctor throughout her pregnancy.We also have disabled or abused children, "Zubíková describes the saddest fates.

"You know it's not easy.What baby, one fate.But we do it with love, you can't do it for money, "says Zubikova when it leads us to one of the" families ".

Infant Institute and Children's Center in Prague's Krč.

Infant Institute and Children's Center in Prague's Krč.

In addition to doctors and nurses, you can often find volunteers on the area that they spend their free time with children.Among them are both students and grandmothers, but mostly women."We have a lot of volunteers, there are only three volunteers," says Zubikova.

When a guy arrives here, but they can't run his eyes out of him."There are the same doctors and nurses, guys do not see children so often," explains the doctor when we observe together how six months Klaudia is enthusiastic about the photographer who came with me.

The actor and singer Vojta Dyk also attracted similarly.He and singer Daniel Landa or actress Martha Issová joined the charity event MF DNES.With children from an infant institute, they took a series of films that will be auctioned on iDNES on Thursday.cz.The proceeds get a children's center.

Children's Center

Kojenecký ústav a dětský domov pro děti do tří let funguje při Fakultní Thomayerově nemocnici v Krči.In January, the second department was closed here because of lack of funding.

Up to 130 children receive here annually.There are children who have given up their parents, but also children of drug addicts or those who cannot take care of the child, whether for financial or health reasons.

Kojenecký ústav přijímá hygienické potřeby a finanční prostředky na provoz zařízení. Číslo účtu Nadačního fondu Dětský úsměv je 572187093/0300, variabilní symbol 777.

Children's Center zároveň dlouhodobě spolupracuje s občanským sdružením Malíček, jehož cílem je umožnit každému dítěti pravidelný kontakt s jedním dobrovolníkem.The child thus experiences at least for some time the feeling that there is one person only for him.