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Child Insurance: Do not solve a week in the hospital but serious things<

To address mum's maternity hospital with an insurance offer is probably not happy practice. Přesto i miminka může potkat úraz nebo vážná nemoc. Jeden takový příklad loni řešil poradce společnosti Partners Lukáš Urbánek.The ten -month -old girl from the family for whom he negotiated insurance last winter was diagnosed with acute leukemia in the spring."After a year it looks hopeful, the little girl completes the intense part of the treatment, which fortunately did without bone marrow transplant, continues to maintain treatment and the prognosis is good," Urbanek starts from the good end.

But the year that the family has passed was challenging in all respects.“My wife and daughter spent several months after hospitals.Hospitalization alternated with everyday commuting.The life of all of us turned upside down.Nothing was more important and everything else went aside, ”says the father of the girl. Ten na minimum omezil i práci, takže zásadně klesly i příjmy z jeho podnikání.

In addition, the family had to deal with the care of an older daughter who could not go to kindergarten even because of Covid.It was necessary to hire a lady to babysit.In addition, the costs associated with the treatment of the girl, the purchase of auxiliary medicines and supplements and travel to hospitals.

Common sense instead of law

The difficult period helped to overcome one million crowns from the insurance company.For most insurance companies, however.The diagnosis was confirmed before the so -called waiting period after the start of insurance.“The waiting time is protected by insurance companies primarily from insurance fraud. Bohužel se ale standardně uplatňuje i u klientů, u kterých se jedná o nahodilou skutečnost, která se bohužel stala příliš brzy po sjednání smlouvy,“ upozorňuje Martin Švec, generální ředitel pojišťovny Simplea, u které byla rodina pojištěna.This has a specific approach to similar cases.It guarantees that the insurance indemnity pays in 99 percent of the cases and counts the insured events that could be excluded from the performance.

'Our loss commission has the task of assessing the case in terms of common sense instead of purely legal interpretation of the conditions of insurance.If it recognizes that it makes no sense to apply the lockout, we will admit the insurance indemnity in full, ”explains Švec.It happened in the above -mentioned case.

Pojištění dítěte: neřešte týden v nemocnici, ale vážné věci

'If the damage commission decides not to be fulfilled due to the circumstances of the case, they go all the claimed money for charity purposes.As a result, clients are sure that Simplea has no financial motivation due to these closures, ”adds Švec.

What to insure

Well hit the insurance company is one thing, but it is equally important to compare what and why insure.A fundamental reason is the protection against the income of the parent's income."If a child is seriously ill or injured, one parent often stays with him in a hospital, undergoes treatment or rehabilitation and cannot work," explains Švec.

The child's insurance should cover any costs associated with treatment or permanent health consequences.These may be expensive medicines that are not paid by the health insurance company, medical and prosthetic aids, special diet, necessary housing modifications, travel costs or the need to acquire a new car.According to the financial advisor Lukáš Urbánek, properly set insurance can not do without the risk of permanent consequences of injury, serious illness and permanent disability.

'In the risk of permanent consequences of the injury, a basic sum insured in the insurance contract, which is then increased.This is called progression.In practice, this means that the more serious injury and permanent consequences are, the higher the basis of which the performance is calculated.The maximum performance can then be ten times the basic sum insured, ”explains the advisor.In order for the basic sum insured to fulfill its purpose even in case of life consequences, it should be at least one million crowns.

“For the risk of serious illness of the child, insurance companies usually report a list of diagnoses to which insurance covers the insurance.We should always choose the range as wide as possible, ”advises Urbánek.The sum insured should be at least a one -year income of this risk, but ideally should be significantly higher.

As far as permanent disability is concerned, although children cannot get disability pension by the end of compulsory education, but they become addicted to other persons because of handicap.Again there is a risk that a parent will have to leave employment to give the child the necessary care.

When you do not have a financial reserve and babysitting

The above -mentioned insurance covers the greatest risks of serious financial complications in the offspring or illness.They can be arranged as a supplementary insurance.Then the daily benefit is paid from the insurance, usually in the amount of CZK 100 to 500.

“Insurance of this risk is important where there are no financial reserves or the possibility to provide babysitting for children.Will also cover cases that do not include the above insurance.However, it is necessary to count with the participation in the form of waiting time.In practice, this means that insurance will start working from 29.day, ”warns Urbánek.The insurance company will not pay anything in the normal colds of the child.Insurance applies to more serious health complications.

For not pay for

Monthly payments for child insurance unnecessarily increase, for example, a insurance policy for hospitalization.The extra costs associated with it will cover nursing or serious risks insurance.“Even more nonsensical is insurance for hospitalization as a result of injury.This is a subset of the risk of hospitalization.Unfortunately, we find that both risks are agreed in an insurance contract simultaneously.This means that in this case someone pays for the risk of hospitalization of the injury twice, ”explains Urbánek.

According to him, insurance companies also very often unfair accentuate the risks associated with car accidents.The client should also pay attention if the insurance company offers him insurance for one particular illness and the like.“Bet on one card” has nothing to do with reasonable insurance.