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The director of Mazda CR and SR Alexej Kiriakovský answered your questions<

For today, we have planned another of the series of online interviews with important personalities of the Czech automotive scene. Our invitation was accepted by the CEO of Mazda for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Alexej Kiriakovský (45). He has been in charge of the domestic representation of Japanese cars since June 1, 2008, while he moved to the highest position in Czech and Slovak Mazda from the position of sales director for the Czech Republic, which he held since October 2006. Before that, he worked for Peugeot for eight years.

Kiriakovský started his career as a salesman, which now suits him when working with a dealer network and, according to him, is a huge advantage. He is said to be able to better understand and solve dealers' problems. In his free time, he enjoys shooting sports and owns a Mazda MX-5 for fun.

The online interview started at 9:00, ended before three o'clock. The questions were mainly about the new Model 3, anti-corrosion protection, Mazda 6, service matters and the Mazda company as such.

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Dear readers of Auto.cz,

our time is up today, so I would like to conclude by thanking everyone for their interest in the Mazda brand - and a little bit in me as well.

It is very nice to find out how many of you like Mazda, how many of you own it and how many of you are thinking about it with the new, 6th generation. Thanks to everyone for this and I will try with my entire team in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to ensure that both current and future customers are satisfied with our cars and services. But I would also like to thank you for the criticism, thanks to which we will try to improve our services and product. I'm not the one who promises what he can't fulfill, but I'll get back to all the comments.

I wish you all many happy kilometers and if it will be in Mazda cars, we will all be truly happy with Mazda.

Good luck and enjoy your commute.

Yours, Alexei Kiriakovsky

Online interview - Alexej Kiriakovský, CEO of Mazda CR and SR

Jaroslav Have a nice day. Congratulations on the successful new design of the new Mazda models. A big step forward.. It's a shame that the interior still lags behind! I don't like, for example, u beautiful CX5, when the white lighting of the alarm clocks is supplemented with orange at the center console. Is there a change coming? Or is it possible to switch the lighting from orange to white? Good day Jaroslav, thank you for the praise of the design. The KODO design language has really done well. We will deal with the interior in a facelift and you will definitely like it. As for the colors in the new Mazda 6, we have already unified everything. Has anyone tried cars in European salt slush? Does Mazda have zinc at all? Hello, Mazda tests cars on all continents, including Europe, as well as evaluates previous experience with anti-corrosion protection of older cars. Since the second generation of the Mazda6, we have not noticed the earlier problems that the manufacturer actively solved. Yes, Mazda uses galvanized sheet metal for exposed body parts. Jirka Hello, I have a question about whether the Mazda 6 will be launched with 4x4 drive next year. Thank you Hello Jirka and thanks for the question, I guess it will be repeated today as often as the answer. Everything points to what you write, you more than likely have something to look forward to .Marek HavelGood day! I once read information that the Wankel engine could appear again in the new MX-5, or that it would be ideal as an electricity generator for a hybrid of a similar concept, such as the Chevrolet Volt. Can you please give me more information about Mazda's plans with the Wankel? Hello, I don't know anything about these plans. I think that we will use one of the SKY engines in the new MX-5. Adam Novák Is it true that you are planning a Mazda 1? Will it be launched on the Czech market? And are you planning a sports version of the Mazda 2? Thank you in advance for your answers. Good day Mr. Novák, unfortunately I do not have any information on this question yet. Radek Good day Mr. Director, I am a fan of the Mazda brand and I really like the models recently, the M6 ​​and CX-5 are an absolute gem. However, I am very saddened by the fact that I can have a Mazda 6 with a 2.0i 165k petrol engine in the unattainable Revolution trim, while for example in Germany this stronger engine is available in all trims, 145 hp is really not enough. An even bigger engine choke is planned for the new Mazda 3. Why? Mazda is supposed to be a sports brand, but a two-liter with an output of only 88kw is really not enough, personally I would buy a Challenge 2.0i but with an output of 165k (albeit for an extra charge) than only 120k. At a time when naturally aspirated engines have a volume of 1.6 and a power of 99kw, this is something to think about, don't you think? I don't think I'm alone in this opinion. Thank you Radek K. Good day Radek, thank you for the compliment. The breadth of the offer for a given country largely depends on the capacity of the given market. As for the Mazda6, even the base 2.0 145k engine gives great handling - thanks to the combination of power / high torque / low weight of the car and linear power onset. The new Mazda6 weighs only 1,300 kg, which corresponds to cars a class or two smaller. As for the 2.0 120 hp engine, it is our answer to the concern's 1.4 TSI engines in particular - we offer the same power, better torque and significantly better real consumption. The new Mazda3 - just like the Mazda6, is one of the lightest in the segment, i.e. the power of 120k, together with the high torque, give the car very decent dynamics. MichalDear Mr. Kirijakovský, I would like to ask if your car manufacturer has any benefits for people with disabilities . Or is this up to the specific dealer I visit? Thank youMichal Good day Michal, yes, we also think about disabled citizens and Mazda has a special support program for them, which every dealer in our dealer network will inform you about.Jiří MachátGood day. Since this July, I have owned a CX 5. The navigation does not speak Czech, the update will be in Czech. Good day, Mr. Machát, so specifically I will have to disappoint you and not promise something that I would not be able to fulfill later. We do not have an update to Czech for the current version and do not expect it. The Czech mutation will only be in the facelift version of the CX-5, which will be the same as the new Mazda 3. Marek Havel Good day! In the Mazda 6, supercapacitors appeared to store electrical energy. When will this technology be extended to other Mazda vehicles, including, for example, hybrids? In my opinion, this technology has tremendous potential. Otherwise, I keep my fingers crossed for Mazda! Hello, the i-eloop technology, which also includes a capacitor, is used on the new Madza3 model, where it is part of the standard equipment for the most powerful version of the 2.0 G165. You're right, it works great, you can see in real time how much fuel you're saving thanks to this technology. smurf nesikaHello, I have two quick questions: How excited are you about the cooperation between Mazda and Alfa Romeo and their joint philosophy for the coming years? And if the next Spider and MX-5 differed only in engines and design, let's say similar to the last models, which car would you choose? Thank you. Good day.It should be said that the only cooperation between Alfa Romeo and Mazda concerns the production of new roadsters of both brands. I take it as a fact. We do not yet know to what extent and what the cars will share. And your question is nice and thanks for it :-). I already have my choice and you probably didn't expect anything else - certainly the MX-5. In the end, I have it at home, and I drove over 10,000 kilometers with it just for last year's step. This car is fun for everyone I drive or let drive. Despite my respect for Alfa, I would certainly not change. Jaroslav Good day, my question concerns the parking camera for the new Mazda3. This item is available in the US price list, but is missing in the European version. So I want to ask if it will be possible to order a parking camera as an accessory and, if not, whether it is technically possible to install a parking camera in an authorized service, including a connection to the touch screen on the instrument panel. Thank you. Good day, Jaroslav, although the Mazda3 model is produced for the whole world, it does not have the same equipment in all markets and often it cannot even be installed. I have to admit that now I don't know if the parking camera can be installed and connected to the display. I recommend contacting the dealer about a month or two after launch. Alda Hello, is it true that Mazda will facelift its models after two years of production? Does this mean that the Mazda CX5 would expect a facelift next year? Thank you. Good day, yes, the two-year cycle corresponds. The F/L of the CX-5 model is planned in this way. Maty, Frenštát p.R. I would like to know what Mazda's strategy is in the area of ​​the dealer network, or of its (early?) development - outside the regional cities (in Moravia). I am very much thinking about buying one of the great new models of the 3 series, but I am discouraged by the "density" of the dealer/service network. Good afternoon, Mr. Mata, as far as the development of the network is concerned, we are quite understandably concentrating on the regional cities. If you are from Frenštát, then the closest to you is Ostrava, Zlín or Olomouc. Considering the quality of our cars, I don't expect major problems in the availability of service. Tape recorder 1. Why does Mazda not produce a single model in the European Union, but takes profits from the EU? 2. Do you think it is okay that hundreds of thousands of cars are imported from Japan to Europe and the USA, but on the contrary, the sales of EU/USA brands are minimal in Japan? 3. What would you say if the EU introduced high tariffs on car imports like China, India, Brazil, etc.? Why Mazda doesn't produce cars in Europe is not entirely my question. That's a matter for car company management in Japan. Stating that we would take profits from the EU does not seem entirely fair to me. Today, all our cars are subject to customs duties, VAT is collected on all of them, and all organizations that sell and service our cars pay income taxes. The entire European Mazda distribution network therefore properly submits taxes in EU countries. If you wanted to put Japanese cars at an even greater disadvantage, probably a lot of people would lose their jobs in Europe as well. And why can't other manufacturers succeed in Japan? Again, a question for someone else. Either they are not interested in Japan, or they probably can't do it. Lubos Good day, I own a new Mazda 6 and the only problem I have with it is strong aerodynamic noise at speeds of 120 and higher. I have owned all 6 models and the latest model is the nicest in the range. I tested several pieces of the new Mazda 6 and they all have the same problem. To be honest, I have never had a noisier car. There are many complaints about this problem in all tests and internet forums around the world. I wonder if and when Mazda plans to do something about it. Services can't do anything about it until Mazda issues a concrete Service bulletin. Thank you for your reply. LubosGood day Lubos, Mazda continuously evaluates feedback from dealers and customers, and uses this for further development of cars, possibly even modifications as part of a facelift, etc. It is so also on the issue of possible aerodynamic noise, however, from my own experience with the Mazda6, I consider it comparable to other cars. I think this is also due to the fact that the engines themselves are quieter and the perception of aerodynamic movements can be accentuated. iggy11 Good day, I would like to ask when we will see a smaller diesel in the Mazda 3 and what parameters can we expect? Thank you Good day, yes o we are considering this option very realistically and I think you will see it. Karol Good day. Mazda's new models also look quite like premium models. I also read somewhere that Mazda could be a premium brand. What do you think? Is it real? Good day Karol and thank you very much that our brand has such an effect on you. I think Mazda appears as a confident brand, but at the same time it is sober in its attitudes and does not boast about something it does not represent. Our strategy is to operate and present ourselves at the "close to premium" level, i.e. to have technologies and equipment in cars that are very often used only in premium brands, but at the same time offer them at prices that are also available to "non-premium" customers . Certainly the best example is the new connectivity system that will be introduced for the first time in the new Mazda 3.You won't find it to such an extent in the competition in the segment and it makes the car a bit premium :-)AlešGood afternoon Mr. Director, how satisfied are you with the current state of the Mazda dealership in Zlín? Good day Aleš, we currently have two dealerships in Zlín. In the future, we expect only one, which should cover the region well. PeS Good day, Mr. Director, why won't the Mazda company offer the 3 also in the station wagon version? the station wagon version is very popular on the European market, and in the fierce competition with vehicles such as the VW Golf Variant, Toyota Auris Sport Tourer, etc., Mazda will lose market share. Personally, I was thinking about the new Mazda 3, but because it is not available in the estate version, I will buy another brand, thank you for your reply, Petr S. Good day, Petr, yes, it is definitely a handicap for the Czech and Slovak markets. We produce the Mazda3 for the global market, and our automaker does not see such potential there. It is certainly connected with the size of our brand, which in terms of the number of cars produced cannot be compared to the brands you name. An option for you could be the Mazda5, which can partially replace the combi version and today it is also at an excellent price.GhostyxDear Mr. Director, my question is not even a question, more like a reminder... Please notify (if you have the option in your power) the management of Mazda in Japan to consider fitting the top trims of all Mazdas with black interior headliner, as is common for e.g. Premium. I would also like it if the top-of-the-line Mazda 3 had an electrically adjustable front passenger seat. I haven't seen it in the price list yet and it's a shame... It's a ridiculous item and it unnecessarily reduces the possibility of individualization in an otherwise great car. I think the customer would appreciate it if it were symmetrical, since the driver already has it in the Revolution TOP equipment standard. Consider it! Thank you. Otherwise, greetings and I wish many satisfied customers. Good day, our possibilities to intervene in the definition of the car, i.e. in the choice of upholstery of the sky and electrical equipment, are very limited. The equipment strategy is determined by how much production capacity the automaker has, whether it is a global model, etc. I admit that the possibility to individualize our cars is sometimes limited for these reasons. Nevertheless, we define the models so that they are on the market in the appropriate specifications.Martin I would be interested in Mazda's sales goals in the Czech Republic in the coming years. Also, how satisfied are you with sales of the new Mazda 6 so far and how much do you think these sales are negatively affected by the long wait times and allegedly insufficient production capacity in Japan? Are you planning anything new or interesting for existing owners of SkyActiv models? The primary target market for Mazda is reaching a market share above 1%. As part of the launch of the new 6th generation, we are doing well and I believe that the arrival of the new Mazda3 can move us to somewhere between 1.4-1.5%. There is certainly satisfaction with the sales results of the new Mazda6, and we are reaching a stable trend of around 50 orders per month. At the moment, there is sufficient stock at dealers and in production, so sales themselves are more or less not affected by late deliveries. As part of the launch of the new Mazda 3, you will meet another element of our technology for the first time, namely connectivity – connecting the driver to the Internet. The driver will be able to be on e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, will have access to internet radio, etc. You certainly have something to look forward to :-)Rasto NovakP Some time ago, I read somewhere that there are plans for a Mazda dealership and service center in Ružomberok (SR) as well . Can you tell me something more about it? Will be? Won't it? And when? Hello, yes, it was part of the long-term plan and it still is today, unfortunately, a quality partner for cooperation was not found in this region. So not yet. Dan Zezulka What about the 4x4 drive and the new MPS? Hello Mr. Zezulka, I already wrote about 4x4 and MPS? So it is not planned in the Mazda 6, and in the Mazda3? I'm curious myself. Our Japanese colleagues smiled very conspiratorially at the same question asked by almost all journalists at the presentation of the new Mazda 3 during the first drives in Frankfurt. So let's be surprised :-)FrogmanLeon, Civic, Auris... and when will the Mazda 3 combi come on the market? Unfortunately, the combi version of the Mazda3 model is not in the brand's product plan. Marek Vančo Good day Mr. General Director, I would like to meet you asked about the engine of the new Mazda 3. I wonder if Mazda plans to launch a smaller diesel for this model, something like the 1.6-liter volume offered by most of the competition. I have read various statements on the Internet. One opinion is that it is not worth it for Mazda to develop such a type of engine, because there would be interest in it only in Europe, which is not the main market for Mazda. Other opinions are that Mazda is already developing such an engine and should later expand the motorization for the Mazda 3. Even one of the dealers at the exhibition in Nitra told me that a smaller engine will arrive next year, but he did not know exactly when and what parameters it would have. Can you tell us more about this, whether such an engine will really be available. If so, when is it estimated to arrive and what parameters will it have.I still have a short question, will 17-inch wheels be available for the Mazda 3? Thank you. Regards, Marek Vančo. Thank you for the very long question, Mr. Vančo, and I will try to answer it briefly. Yes, we are planning a smaller diesel unit. However, we both have to wait a little longer for the date and parameters. As for the discs on the Mazda3, we offer 16 and 18 inch wheels with the car itself. Unfortunately, you hit the mark between and we don't have 17-inch wheels even in the Mazda3 homologations. In Japanese cars, good audio should be at least in the second equipment, if not in the basic one. Moreover, it cannot be paid extra or replaced with a standard DIN audio system. I have a Mazda 6 and this is practically the only thing that bothers me about Mazda's pricing policy. In the Revolution equipment, practically everything is unnecessary or impractical for me (19 wheels, leather) with the exception of Bose. And buying a lot of expensive junk for a better audio system seems quite unreasonable to me. I understand Mazda's policy of extra equipment due to production in Japan. But the Bose audio could be the famous exception that proves the rule, and it could be possible to order even lower versions. Otherwise, I understand it a bit like blackmailing customers. I think it shouldn't be too much of a problem to replace the audio system including speakers directly in Europe at a central warehouse, in the case of dealers. Hello, thank you for the topic, the Revolution version is the best-selling version on the Mazda6 model, customers appreciate the rich equipment on this version ( leather upholstery, 19'' wheels, high-end audio system, a complete set of safety equipment...) at a relatively small price jump from the previous version. To answer your question, our ability to modify individual equipment is very limited, we are based on a practically uniform European specification. However, I will try to take your idea into account when preparing the new phase. Many happy kilometers with your new car, I believe you will be completely satisfied with it.Milan I have a Mazda CX-5 and I would like to know if the Czech language is included for the navigation and other functions displayed on the display, or if it is possible to install the Czech language now .Thank you for the answer. Good day, you have the same question as Mr. Machát, so I dare to attach the same answer - so specifically I will have to disappoint you and not promise something that I would not be able to fulfill later. We do not have an update to Czech for the current version and we do not have information that there should be one. The Czech mutation will only be in the facelift version of the CX-5. Jaros Hello, will the CX5 have the option of buying an electric sunroof without having to have leather seats - i.e. the TOP version?? So, for example, a sunroof even in the basic or medium equipment? This is a big problem against the European competition ..Hello Mr. Jaroš, certainly not at the current stage. It is possible that this change will be part of the next facelift. Sumi Good day. The new style of KODO looks very good.. Especially the CX5 did well. How does Mazda solve the problems that appeared with it? So the knocking mirrors and hood? Good day, thank you for the praise . The flies you mention are already resolved by a change in production. Authorized dealers and service centers of the brand also know the procedure for cars that were produced before this change. Kony Nice day, Mazda's design now looks good. How are sales going in the Czech Republic? We also have to wait half a year for the 3 and 6?? Is it still true with the CX5 that the factory can't keep up? Thanks, I like it a lot too :-). With the arrival of the 6th generation (CX-5, Mazda6 and now Mazda3) our sales are very good and thanks to them we are among the brands with the biggest increase in sales compared to last year. And that, please, without re-exports, which for some jumpers of the year represent more than half of the sales. If I have to comment on the deliveries, after the experience with the CX-5, which sells very well all over the world and in Japan, surprisingly by the standards there, even with a diesel, we took our first orders for the Mazda6 and now the Mazda3 really generously, and the cars would should have been enough. On the other hand, there are quite a lot of versions and colors and if the car is not in stock at the port, at the dealer or somewhere on a ship bound for Europe, then we have to put it into production and that simply takes some time. I wouldn't call it that the factory can't keep up, but it can happen in some versions, see. those diesels for Japan that met their strict emission limits and suddenly we in Europe were a little behind with deliveries. Mark Are you considering, following the example of Hyundai-KIA, to increase the warranty to 5 years? Just like SUBARU now?And prices will go down..?Then sales could be much higher!Good question Mark! We reacted to this and offered an extended warranty as part of the events, to the highest possible extent (almost identical to the factory warranty) that can be offered with an extended warranty. Currently, it is possible to purchase it very cheaply, e.g. for a Mazda6 for 24 months (and 5 years) and a maximum of 150,000 km, it costs CZK 9,708. The companies you mentioned argue that the length of the warranty corresponds to the quality of the product. Direct proportion applies to everything, but I would never use it here. As a manufacturer, you cannot buy quality either through advertising or unilateral announcements,you have to work here. By the way, some brands are still only two years old and still sell. But I don't mean to say that we are not working on it. And I agree, we certainly see the potential.Stanley008 Good day, I have a question. How is it possible that when I called the Mazda service center in the Czech Republic and asked for the history of the vehicle, I was refused to provide it for 1. information about the car accessible?... When I called my colleagues in Austria, no problem occurred and after dictating the VIN number, the necessary information was given to me immediately and free of charge. I would like to hear Mazda's statement on this incident and especially the different approach since it is the same brand and two authorized service centers, just in different countries. Thank you. Good day, you probably mean the data from the so-called electronic service book. Its customer copy should always be printed by the dealer free of charge and provided to the car owner when the inspection is carried out, questions beyond this are not regulated by us, it is up to the dealer to decide under what conditions the information will be provided, however we assume that they should be reasonable. For your information, dealers pay a flat fee for access to these and similar information systems. Kankunen Hello, will it be possible to order the MZD6 with the 2.5G engine in other than the highest equipment in the future? The same applies to the 121 kW manual, in this case it seems to me that this option is simply missing. Thank you Due to the high additional tax burden of such powerful engines in the EU, a large gasoline engine is rather an exception in the mid-range segment, and customers who are willing to pay for it in large majority require the highest equipment. The possibility of change specifically for our markets is therefore greatly reduced. At the same time, I have to say that there is not much interest in such combinations. Michal Good day, I have been a big admirer of Mazda lately and I am starting to have a higher opinion of Mazda in terms of quality than German cars, could you tell me if this is justified? I have a feeling that the new Mazda 3 and 6 will be very good and competitive cars :) Thank you! Good day, Michal - thank you for the words of praise. I believe that our quality is one of the highest and in this respect we are not really afraid of the competition. But you know what they say about self-praise :-) and so only for the mentioned models. The Mazda 6 is truly an incredible car, and if you have to ask for my absolute favorite of our models, it's the Mazda6 sedan with the 2.5 liter petrol engine. The Mazda 3 is just coming and with your opinion that it is a successful and competitive car again, I just agree and thank you again for it. Jakub "skejpa" VeselýGood day, As a Mazda fan, I am very interested in how Mazda envisions better involvement in the fleet program with new models (mainly M6)? The seller told me that they cannot influence it in any way, so isn't it time to make the situation easier for them and start doing something about it? I'm not the only one who doesn't enjoy driving in Octavies and Passats, but it's not even considered in the company. I'd rather have a Mazda 6 :-)I also wondered if it wouldn't be a good idea to do some kind of marketing event where people would be shown how expensive/cheap the parts are compared to the regular competition. A lot of people still live in the fact that there are spare parts for Mazda (and Japanese cars in general) at astronomical prices and they will fix it only 50 km from home. Have you ever thought about this kind of media awareness? Otherwise, I really like you, you make wonderful cars that are a joy to drive. Sincerely, J. Veselý Good day Mr. Veselý, with the entry of the sixth generation we want to reach out to fleet customers more. If you are a fleet customer, let yourself be surprised... And the Mazda6 is definitely a good choice :-) In the interest of competitiveness, we continuously monitor and evaluate the prices of spare parts - even in cooperation with specialized companies cooperating with, for example, insurance companies. At the same time, we try to take into account the costs for owners of older cars, for example with the Mazda Fair Service program (discounts for cars from 4 years old). in Prague. It seems to me that Mazda is a bit out of sight in Prague. Auto Zeman already looks like a Hyundai, even though Mazda is still making them and I still service the car there. Dozens of negative reactions to AutoPalace that are circulating on the Internet and forums will not contribute to their visit, and then there is only AutoDuba as a newcomer. It's not a little bit. Thank you for answer. AjinHello, you are certainly a bit right. We could be seen more and better in Prague. AutoZeman was forced by the brand you mentioned to undergo a major rebuild, and we are now in the phase where we are dealing with the same thing. It will take a while, but the plans don't look bad at all. If you're talking about negative reactions to Autopalace, I don't know if they only concern the Mazda brand or the dealer, which is itself one of the biggest multi-brands. If you have something specific,please send it to me via our info link on the web.aleschladek Hello, I am a trained marketer with experience in sales and people management. Companies like Mazda CR do not open new positions very often. What do you think is the recipe for success in management positions in the automotive industry and, above all, how do you get to them? Thank you Good day Mr. Chladek, that's a very interesting question :-). I don't know if I can give advice or recipes to someone. I only know how I got my job. I am somewhat the same product as those who had to work their way up from the bottom up in that well-known "sausage" company. I started by selling cars in my brother's company in 1992-1996. Then I joined as a zone manager for another brand and was gradually appointed to the position of sales manager, sales director and later to my current position. I really don't know if this is a guide for you, but I think there are a few qualities that I value, I try to follow them and I demand them from my colleagues. Orientation towards goals and results, loyalty, foresight, creativity, but also humility, empathy and teamwork. If you want, send your CV to our infoline (you can find it at www.mazda.cz), I will be very happy to go through it - although of course I don't promise anything :-)HonzaGood day. Do you think that a Mazda 2, a year and a half old, should be rusting on the threshold on the passenger side, and in the event of a complaint, all the blame is thrown on the owner of the vehicle? I already knew in advance what excuses would be used. Is this normal procedure? Honza, Hello Honza, it is difficult to comment on this without knowing the whole case. If you send me something about it via our infoline, we will look into it together with the repairman you visited. I believe that everything will be explained. Karel Good day, I would like to ask you if the production of the Mazda 6 MPS car is planned and, if so, what engine will be used and with what power. Thank you very much for your reply, I wish you a nice day. It's not planned. Good day to you too.Daniel, nowhere in the technical descriptions for the hatch 3 is the turning diameter indicated, so I will ask you to indicate kerb to kerb and wall to wall. Also the front approach angle. Thank you. Good day Daniel, so you don't spare me :-). The numbers are as follows: Track turning diameter (curb – curb turning cycle): 10.6 m Contour turning diameter (wall to wall turning cycle): 11.4 m The manufacturer does not specify the angle of approach due to the fact that it is neither an SUV nor a off-road. Pavol Kianicka Hello Mr. Kiriakovský, is Mazda considering an AWD version of the M5 for markets other than Japan, where it is a regular car? Will the M5 be adapted to the Kodo design to match the new M3 and M6?.Thanks. Good day. Good day Mr. Kianick, I have not heard about the Mazda5 AWD variant for the European market, and I confess that we do not see such a demand either. The KODO design language is the pillar of success for the 6th generation of our cars, and no other design is even considered now. Good day to you too.maxir@azet.skDear Sir, I have been waiting for my CX-five for 5 months and I would like to know if the manufacturer has solved and secured the importer, the ridiculous problems with the vibrating rearview mirrors and the front hood. and when is the first facelift waiting for us. Dear Sir, Thank you for buying our car, the situation with the mirrors and hood has already been resolved in production, and dealers also have a procedure available for cars that are already in operation. The facelift interval is around two years, this also applies to the Mazda CX-5. Martin Good day, I would like to ask if there is a chance that the new Mazda 6 would get all-wheel drive as an option, like for example the CX-5. Not everyone likes the SUV format, but he would not like to lose this safety feature. Thank you Good day Martin, yes, as I already wrote, the chances are great :-). With the fact that not everyone prefers an SUV, I agree with you. And there are at least two of us... You and me :-) KameníkMazda 3 - where is the station wagon?? Thank you for the answer. I already wrote, it is not in the product plan of the brand. thomasero When will the Mazda CX-5 with a 2.5 gasoline engine be available on our market? The European headquarters of the brand recently analyzed the potential of such a powerful engine in the SUV segment. Given that in most European countries such powerful cars are burdened with additional taxation, the profitability of such a project is very problematic. So, we do not expect this engine to be included in our offer in the foreseeable future. IgorGood day, I wonder when Mazda will come with a station wagon, automatic and 4x4 drive. Good day, we have a station wagon version of the Mazda6, there are no plans for the Mazda3, we have automatics as part of SKYACTIV and 4x4 is planned for the Mazda6 model. richard, when will the first Mazda 3s arrive in Slovakia at the dealership? Hello Richard, you can expect them from around October 23. pylot Hello, I want to ask why it is not possible to order a new Mazda with the highest engine without top equipment. For example, if I wanted to buy a Mazda6 because my existing MX-5 is not enough for the family, and I wanted a 2.0L engine with 165 hp, I must have electric front seats, leather interior and a rear parking camera.But I don't want any of that. I can get by without it and it just adds to the cost and weight. I want a car that I will enjoy driving and not luxury equipment. It seems to me that it somewhat kills what Mazda is good at. Sincerely, Petr KrálíkGood day, Mr. Králík, the model range follows customer preferences, most customers who choose the highest equipment also require the most powerful engine. The model series is built uniformly for our entire region, so our options for modifications are relatively limited. However, if you really enjoy driving and don't suffer for luxury equipment, I'm sure that the driving characteristics of the car even with the basic 2.0 G145 engine will excite you. The new Mazda6 with this engine weighs - thanks to the use of high-strength steel - only 1300 kg, which is less than the average lower middle class car. The torque of the basic engine is exactly the same as that of the more powerful version, thanks to SKYACTIV technology it has a linear increase in power and torque. It is therefore an ideal option for a customer like you, i.e. one who wants to enjoy the ride. I cordially invite you to test drive this car at any of our dealerships. Tomáš Culík I would like to say first that I am a big fan of Mazda and it is my favorite brand and I am very happy that it is launching great new models. I want to ask if you are going to put a manual transmission in the Mazda 6 2.5G or if there is a sharp version of the Mazda 6 or 3. Thank you in advance for your answer. Regards, Tomáš CulíkGood day Mr. Culík and thank you very much for being our fan. As for sharp versions, I already wrote about it here. Mazda6 very probably not, but Mazda3 definitely has a chance :-). And not to forget the engine. I also like to "push" but I tried the automatic with the Mazda6... it's amazing... and I probably won't vote for the manual in the future either. Try it at a dealer and maybe you'll change your mind... just by the way, I drove it for 7.4-7.5 l per 100 km :-)Eman When is the Mazda CX-5 facelift expected? Have the problems with the rear-view mirrors and hood vibrating at high speeds already been solved? DAkujemYes F/L will be and quite soon. There is no exact date yet. Regarding the shaking of the rearview mirrors and the hood, I already answered that. Already solved in production. For cars in operation, every one of our dealers knows the solution.Michael911 Can we also look forward to the new Mazda 3 in station wagon version? The new Mazda3 will be offered in Hatchback and Sedan versions - both at the same price. For those interested in a larger car in this price category, we offer the Mazda5 model with an extraordinary price discount of 100,000 T. Vychytal Good day, I watched the MX-5 Cup on auto.cz, great stuff! Are you not considering a series for non-journalists as well? PS: congratulations to the guys from auta.cz!!! Good day Mr. Vychytal and thanks for the compliment. I have to hand it over to our PR manager Markéta Kuklová, who came up with the project :-). And a question – the three competing non-journalists (winners of the competitions) were at every event. In addition, we are considering a similar event for next year. Oh, and the guys from auto.cz have a crush on me - when I also tried it with them in Sosnová, they gave me a few seconds without any respect :-). And I drove my MX-5 and felt like I was going to show them. In any case, he deserves congratulations and of course mine too. Jano Good day, I would like to ask you, what will be the waiting time for the new Mazda 3? Thank you. We ordered more than enough cars in the first productions, it will only matter if we hit your color and equipment. But I believe so. I recommend visiting a dealer after 23/10, when they should already have the first cars in showrooms. Jakub Will the Mazda6 be produced in a 4x4 version? Good day, Jakub, the Mazda6 4x4 project is being prepared, so we can look forward to it. Martin Pustaj Good day. First of all, I would like to thank Mazda for the amazingly beautiful models and the quality of the cars they produce. Our family has owned a Mazda car since 1993. History 626, 323 F, Mazda 3 (2005) and now we are grinding our teeth on the new Mazda 3. I would like to ask when the new Mazda 2 will arrive? Will there be a Mazda 3 station wagon? I also have a request. Remain a true Mazda into the future. Do not succumb to quantity, but stick to quality. It's not an art to churn out cars like on a treadmill, but to maintain QUALITY! Honestly, I wouldn't even buy a car brand other than Mazda these days. Hello Mr. Pustaj, I just have to thank you for such loyalty to the brand and it makes me really happy. I will definitely recommend the Mazda3 to you, it is an exceptional car that will become the benchmark of its class. Mazda3 has grown on us, and in terms of the technologies used, it belongs to the top in the segment. We can look forward to the first photos of the Mazda2 at the end of the first quarter of 2014. We will certainly change as a brand, but I hope that we will continue to maintain or raise the high quality standard for the better. I wish you many more kilometers with our cars.DušanGood day.Is it planned to produce the Mazda3 in a station wagon version and from when? Is Mazda planning to produce cars with an alternative CNG drive? Thank you for the answers and have a nice day. Good day Dušan, unfortunately the brand does not plan to produce the Mazda3 station wagon version,just as I have no information about the option with CNG. Have a nice day too. Milan Good day, I want to ask if there will be a Mazda 6 4x4? Thank you for your reply. Good day Milan, I must have already written it here. It's a matter of time. M.B. GOOD DAY. Beautiful design of the MAZDA CX5 and MAZDA 6, a safe car according to EURONCAP. Even more beautiful design of the MAZDA 3, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the crest tests to be 5 stars. At the NITRA car show, the nova 3 was a really nice car, but personally I was surprised why the screen (multimedia + nav.sys.) can't be inserted like in the AUDI 3. (It wouldn't attract vandals) IS THE QUESTION? CAN STYM DO SOMETHING FOR THIS MARKET? THANKS FOR THE ANSWER. M.B. Good day. Thank you for the positive evaluation and the visit to the stand in Nitra. The location of the connectivity module, as Mazda calls this element, corresponds to today's trend, I believe that there will be no problem with it in our market either. The module cannot be used independently without the other components, which is also a message for potential non-leavers... For all cases, we also offer a basic design with a regular radio display without a large screen. cudzinec11 Hello, who should be the target group/typical customer of the new Mazda 3? It's probably not a premium customer, he wants prestige and stays with the premium. Certainly not the low-cost one, it has dacia, chervolet et al. Well, the average customer has all the other mainstream car manufacturers here, while the Korean ones are noticeably cheaper among the Asian brands. Why do you offer safety as a luxury? For example, I would very much like to buy a Mazda 3 with adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assistant, but these are only available in the most expensive equipment for approx. 23000 EUR. Hello, our customer should move as we call it "close to premium" in terms of equipment, but at the same time our car should be affordable for him. On another note, we have 34 versions of the Mazda3. I am sure that in every equipment level, including the basic one, we offer the best equipped car in the given price category in terms of safety. For example, already in the second level of equipment we offer the SCBS Safety System - i.e. a system that constantly monitors the traffic in front of you and is able to stop the car itself if the driver does not react to a sudden obstacle. The adaptive cruise control, which I really like from the Mazda6, by the way, is a real above-standard for me, as is the RVM, which even the competition does not normally offer in basic equipment, not even in models from higher segments. IvanHow is it with the allegedly weak anti-corrosion of Mazda cars? do you also spray the cavities with anti-corrosion preparations? Hello Ivan, anti-corrosion protection is at an adequate level for cars of the current and previous generations, which allows the manufacturer to provide a 12-year warranty... and that includes protection of the cavities. PatrikDD, I had several Mazdas and I did not know of better cars . Unfortunately, now I need an off-road car and Mazda doesn't have that in the CR. Can a change be assumed? Patrik Good day, I'm very sorry, but I don't know about such plans within Mazda. Anyway, thank you for the compliment. Jirka Š. Good day, how does the new Mazda 5 look? Or what new will it come with? Thank you for the answer. We have no specific information about the successor to the Mazda5Me_Myself_and_IMajitelia Mazda in Slovakia has been following the importer's "activity" for a long time - shared showrooms with Hyundai or Mitsubishi, Mazdas are generally relegated to less visible corners, almost no media presence, the public is interested in e.g. results he doesn't know reliability tests in Germany at all, because advertising campaigns and billboards are boring and static. And not to mention the below-average behavior of the Bratislava dealer, as if they don't want to sell cars. Isn't the management considering a change? A company that really cares about the brand would help. Good day, I'm sure you're right about something. The fact that today dealers can have several brands under one roof can lead to the fact that the boundaries between brands in the presentation shift, for example depending on which brand has a new or successful model. Right now we are at the stage where we are rather winning with the new 6th generation at the dealer :). As for advertising, it will always be a very subjective opinion. The volume of advertising is measurable, and we can compare ourselves with other Japanese brands, but not with Hyundai's endless advertising series. IF you were not or are not satisfied with the activities of the Bratislava dealers, please specify them and I will certainly deal with it. Please send it through our infoline. Cani Hello, the new Mazdas have a great design and interesting prices. But I miss one thing, it is more related to the Mazda 6, although it wouldn't be lost in the Mazda 3 either. Will these models have all-wheel drive? The competition (VW group) offers all-wheel drive for comparable models. Thank you for your reply. Good day, it looks like this and thanks for the praise of the design and the prices. You are right, the price of the new Mazda6 is excellent and we like it too :-). 4x4 drive is being prepared at Mazda6.Petr Good day,I would like to ask if we will see a combination of 4x4 drive and automatic transmission in the Mazda 6 wagon? Will the 6ce also be replaced by a multimedia system similar to what is in the new 3? When? And the last thing will be a bigger suv than the cx-5? I had the opportunity to drive a CX-9 and I would take it here in Europe... Thank you for the answers.PetrGood day Petr, you have more questions, so yes, yes, soon, yes, although not so soon but this time in Europe. And you're right, the CX-9 is an impressive thing :-)JarosAnother question about sports..Where is Mazda actually involved? Such a WTCC World Touring Car Championship would be a good presentation..For example, the Chevrolet CRUZE only gained from it. Are you planning something? Good day sir Jaroš, as far as motorsport is concerned - there is no organized activity in Europe. Some countries have their own projects (Mazda MX-5 GT in Great Britain, once tested by an Auto Tip editor), we organized the Mazda MX-5 Amateur Cup this year, but as the name suggests, these are not professional races. Nothing similar is planned in the near future. If you are also asking about other sports, then Mazda is a sponsor of Fiorentina in the top Italian league.ajchiGood day. When do you plan to upload photos and information about the upcoming Mazda 2? Hello, the first information about the new Mazda 2 can be expected towards the end of the first quarter of 2014. Branislav Vilmon Good day, I would like to buy a Mazda, but in the city where I live, the dealer is known for his unprofessional behavior approach. I want to ask how the quality of the dealer network will be increased and controlled? Hello Mr. Vilmon, I am really sorry. In terms of quality, we train dealers in both product and business skills, we visit them regularly and we are always helpful in resolving any client complaints to the benefit of the customer. At the same time, a quality bonus system is introduced, which the vast majority of dealers fulfill almost 100 percent. As you can see, we use certain tools to rule, the most extreme is even breaking up with such a dealer, but without concrete knowledge of who it is, I can't tell you anything now. If you are interested, contact our infoline, we will get back to you. I really don't want any Mazda dealer to be talked about like that. Honza, I wonder when Mazda will finally start offering a 4x4 drive to hundreds. how is it that, for example, in America the Mazda 3 is also offered with a 2.5 petrol Skyactiv and not here? Hello, the answer is very simple. The US and European markets are different and the potential of a Mazda3 with this engine in Europe is very small and will not cover the cost of launching such a version. Thanks to some tax disadvantages for powerful engines, I don't think there will be a reconsideration either.jazzmanHello, why did Mazda back away from the, in my opinion, practical fifth-door variant for the new "6"? Has anti-corrosion protection improved undercarriage protection? It was quite problematic for the previous Mazda 6 I and II models. Thank you. Hello Jazzman (I praise the excellent nickname). Liftback is a big domain of the Czech market and that in connection with the domestic manufacturer... I mean domestic :-). Indeed, today we offer a sedan and estate version, but as a kind of compensation, we offer an estate version for the same price as the sedan... and that's certainly very nice, don't you think? You are a bit right about the corrosion in the previous generations, but at the same time it is true that Mazda really faced it and treated the cars at their own expense, even in the case of cars older than 6 years. From this you can certainly see how much we value quality. juraj Good day, I would like to ask if there is any quality control mechanism for authorized Mazda service centers in the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic. I am a long-time fan and user of Mazda cars, and I can say from my own experience that there are big differences between authorized service centers both in the quality of the work performed and in the approach to customers. Some services are very good and some I prefer to avoid after bad experiences. Good day Juraj, first of all I have to thank you for being our fan. As for quality, unfortunately we will probably never reach a state where all dealers will be perfect. Although I would very much like it in the case of Mazda. After all, no one is perfect, not even us :) Of course, we have introduced a quality bonus, which mainly covers the merchant's approach to your customers. We regularly visit and train dealers. Again, if you have something specific, here it is:)Jiří Good day, is Mazda finally going to do something about prices? Against European car companies incl. of the Ford concern is quite expensive! I think the new design was successful, so only the competitive prices... Good day Jiří. So I can't agree with you. Unfortunately, it's something I still struggle with... Mazda good, great quality but the price... I really don't think this is the case with the 6th generation cars (CX-5, Mazda6 and Mazda3) today. They are more than well placed on the market in terms of price. Just a small note, the cars of the 6th generation have nothing to do with Ford anymore. I recommend taking a look at our price lists and you will find outthat sometimes we don't have the lowest first entry price, but in comparable equipment we are often better than very traditional and well-known models. For the Mazda6, which starts at 539,900, both the super first price and great prices for higher versions apply. Try to look at it and you will find out that sometimes the differences are incredible in our favor. Martinek Hello Mr. Director, I have a problem with the Japanese with the impossibility of configuration. Cars either have too little or something that is unnecessary. And e.g. electric sliding the window cannot be ordered!! And if so, maybe only with leather seats for the highest version. I really don't need leather without ventilation. Can this be solved? I don't understand it.. Hello Mr. Martínek, I already wrote about it. Yes, you are right, it is generally true that Japanese cars have limited options for individualization compared to cars of European provenance.petrpan Will Mazda change the equipment of the 2014 model year Mazda6? Therefore, for example, the Mazda3 has the option of having a head-up display, while the higher model Mazda6 does not have this option. Also, is it realistic to expect Mazda to adjust the SW in the Mazda6 audio so that, for example, after turning off the engine, it does not forget which MP3 song from the USB and where it was played and after restarting, didn't it start playing from the beginning of the USB key? I already answered this question.dorcas Hello, when will the new mazda 5 be and will it be built on skyactive? The current one is appalling in terms of design, which is proven by the sales. We have no information about the successor of the Mazda5 model. Karel Hello, if the Mazda 6 was also with 4 x 4 drive, there would certainly be even more interest in it. Not considering a quad bike? Why does Mazda resist adapting its cars to the unimproved and broken Czech roads and D1. Thank you Karel Prague Thank you Good day Karl, yes it is thinking and very realistically and quickly. However, I think that we will not completely solve the problem with Czech roads in the case of the Mazda6, because somewhere it is not even for SUVs anymore, but rather for off-roads. Gentlemen who are in charge of a different budget than Mazda will have to help here :-)MartinGood day Mr. Kiriakovský, I would like to ask for what reason the possibly more expensive but definitely effective solution of protective plastic thresholds was abandoned in the new Mazda 3 and 6 models and the plastic front fender bend, which were used in the Mazda 6 GH model. In other words, places that traditionally suffer from flying stones and subsequently from the orange plague? I'd like to buy a new Mazda, but I'm afraid that instead of enjoying the beautiful curves, I'll have to deal with eternally battered and rusted door sills and the bottoms of the fenders. such ugly trunk lid hinges as the new Mazda 6 Sedan has? Previous Mazda sedans had compact suspensions based on the parallelogram principle, which did not interfere anywhere in the trunk. Other brands wrap those unsightly hooks at least with plastic covers. Why does it fail with products from Hiroshima? Hello Martin, the manufacturer must have evaluated both the experience with previous generations and the long-term driving tests of the current model, and chose a technical solution accordingly. I believe that you don't need to be afraid of buying.... I myself completed part of last winter with the new six and drove over 30,000. km and did not notice the mentioned problem... The new Mazda3 sedan has the same trunk lid suspension as the Mazda6. marecus Hello, Mr. Kiriakovský. The latest Mazdas are said to be in great demand in the world and they are not being produced in time. How will this affect the availability of cars in Slovakia? Will the prospective buyer wait half a year or more for the new "troika"? Hello, we have done everything to ensure that there are enough cars both in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic. I am convinced that we will succeed like we did with the Mazda6. The first productions were generous to us! Visit the dealer and see for yourself. pantauleo Hello, I have only two questions: 1) why does Mazda have the worst website of all car brands in the Czech Republic? The Mazda 3 will already go on sale and there is no detailed information, photos (only 4), videos, etc. on the site. This is actually true for the other models as well. Searching for something on the website is punishable, and you won't find most of the news there anyway. Aren't you going to redo the entire website and thereby increase your advertising? 2) why do they always do work I don't want at the Mazda service center during warranty inspections? During the warranty check every year, for example, they disinfect my air conditioner without asking me and then cheerfully teach me how to do it. This year, I had my air conditioner checked, refilled, disinfected, and in a month, during the warranty inspection, they disinfected it again for un-Christian money. Service stations should do annual maintenance and inspection according to the maintenance plan (e.g. HEKA test, which they did not do for me this year) and not add water to the washers and other nonsense. Thank you for the answers and I wish more satisfied customers. Good day, so although I do not agree with you I don't consider our site to be the worst in the industry, so the new site is being worked on right now. If you are interested, you can take a look at the format that our colleagues in the British Isles are using today. A similar website format will be pan-European,i.e. also here and in Slovakia. I myself am satisfied with the new pages, they are clear, there are a lot of up-to-date photos and video files, as well as a new configurator. The second question is far more serious for me. Evidently, there is a contradiction here in what you agree upon when taking it to the service center. You are right that for each inspection there is a manufacturer's prescription for what should be done on the car. Just a small note, the HEKA test is not there. You can see the breakdown in the instructions. It usually happens that it is necessary to do other work on the car outside of this regulation. In such a case, however, you should agree with the service that they must contact you immediately and agree to the change of order. So I see it more as a mistake in communication, but I admit that the dealer should be more active. Petr Good day, I want to ask Mazda in general, does the central control somehow check the authorized dealer? I am dealing with a seller in Olomouc, whose services and approach are at a very sad level. Good day, Peter, unfortunately it is not clear from your question what leads you to such a judgement. Dealers and repairers must meet basic standards issued by Mazda and follow agreed rules and processes, as well as undergo prescribed training. This is regularly evaluated, including visits by our staff. If I understand correctly, your point is about sales, not service. If you are interested, send me more information about it via our infoline. I would very much like the situation and your opinion to change. Lukáš Zrotal Good day Mr. Director, I would like to ask if the new Mazda 3 MPS is coming? Thank you for your answer. Good day, I already answered this question... we don't know yet, but we believe :-) Vít Kratochvíl Good day, I would like to ask you if it is possible to apply a bigger discount for loyal customers at Mazda. I mean that I would now like to buy a new Mazda 3, and it would be the fourth Mazda car that would be purchased for our family. Thank you for your reply. Kratochvíl Good day Mr. Kratochvíl, I must start by thanking you for your loyalty to the brand. And now for the discounts. We have developed discount programs for specific groups, bulk customers, but fortunately they do not include "loyal customers". These are usually handled by the dealers themselves. But I feel it is a debt and we will deal with the loyalty program. Certmike_SVKGood day, I am currently selling my Mazda 6 and I want to buy a new Mazda 6. I want to ask if there is going to be a change of equipment or engine in the near future. Personally, I would like a Mazda 6 in the Attraction version with a BOSE audio system and a 2.5 SKYACTIVE G engine with a manual transmission on 18" wheels:) I think that if the Mazda6 were sold in the Attraction version with a 2.5 gasoline engine and a manual, it would be very pleasing many drivers. I currently have a 2.5i GTA version and real drivers like strong gasoline with a manual :) Why is it not possible to buy a new Mazda 6 with 18" wheels. Available in either 17" or 19". 18" can't be bought even as an accessory. I would also like to know if Mazda already has a solution to the increased noise in the cabin at highway speeds. Is Mazda going to solve the unfortunate USB port, which always plays songs from the beginning after starting up? These shortcomings are known from the owners and also from the tests. Yours sincerely, Michal F. Good day, Roman, thank you for your interest in the Mazda6 model. Due to the huge interest in the given model both here and in most countries where it is sold, we are not planning any major changes in the coming months in the composition of the model range. The only change is the addition of the top-of-the-line Revolution version with an integrated navigation system. We will try to take your ideas into account when designing the new model range of the nearest Mazda6 facelift, however, due to the fact that we have a uniform model range within the entire region, our options they are not unlimited in that regard.As for the increased cabin noise at highway speeds, I myself drive a new model Mazda6 on my business trips and have not really noticed any increased noise. Reservations on this topic are given by the excellent noise reduction of the engine, which you practically do not notice even at higher speeds, that is, the only thing that can be heard at higher speeds is the noise of rolling tires and air flow. As for the USB port, we don't have complete information there yet, but I hope that the matter will be resolved during the next facelift. I wish you many happy kilometers with your current model and I sincerely hope that when the time comes to replace it, we will have something to offer you.AndrewHello, I am a big fan of Mazda cars because of the introduction of reliable naturally aspirated SkyActiv engines, instead of downsizing. As a 1st generation M6 owner myself, I am very satisfied with the car and the new CX5, M6, M3 cars look very sexy. However, don't you think that, for example, the introduction of a 4x4 drive would help the new M6? I don't see a single reason for the absence of this drive, moreover, if the rear axle comes from the CX5 and incorporating a 4x4 drive would be very simple. It would help the M6, as the competition - Passat, Superb, Mondeo have 4x4 drives. Good luck and don't leave the path of atmospheric SkyActiv,I believe that time will show that it was a better way than downsizing. Good day, thank you for your favor and I wish you much satisfaction with your current model. All the models of the new generation (CX-5, M6 and M3) also make us very happy and sell very well. As for the new Mazda6 with 4x4 drive, the project is being worked on and we can look forward to it together.MilanGood day,Will the Mazda3 be delivered with all-wheel drive for the European market? all wheels are not considered yet. road movie Good day, I like Japanese cars (I own one) and I am considering a Mazda 2 in the future. I am interested in how long you guarantee the availability of all spare parts? meant from vehicle damage. Can parts be provided even for a 15-year-old car? thank you for your reply. Hello, Mazda2 is a good choice... the manufacturer has to guarantee the availability of spare parts for 5 years after the end of production, but in practice this is significantly longer. We still have n.d. even for cars that are 15 years old... All Thieves Good day, how is Mazda/Mazda Czech in terms of financial results? And what are you planning to do in Tokyo? Hello, thank you for your question. Both MMCZ and MMSK show a significant increase in turnover and profit after the summer. You will have to ask me how we will do for the whole year after the end of March, when our financial year ends. The view is thanks to the cars of the 6th generation (CX-5, Mazda6 and the upcoming Mazda3). Mazda should focus more on the further improvement of SKYACTIV technology at the Tokyo Motor Show. Bohemka Good day. I am a satisfied Mazda 2 user and I am also very satisfied with the services of the dealer and service center in Prague 9. When will the new generation of the car be launched and will it be equipped with Sky active? Thank you Good day Bohemák :-), thanks for the award, Mazda2 is a great car and I am happy that you are satisfied with it, as well as with our dealer. The successor to the Mazda2 model is being worked on and you can look forward to the first photos in the spring of next year. Like all new generation models, the successful SKYACTIV technology will also be used here.Verny_2013 Good day, Mr. Director, first of all, I congratulate Mazda on the wonderful recent innovations of the CX5, 6, and now also the 3. But a question. The approach to car equipment, where you have 4 equipment with practically no possibility of individualization, will change in the foreseeable future. E.g. I specifically wanted a CX5 in Emotion, but with a leather steering wheel and automatic air conditioning, for which I would pay extra, but it was not possible. The higher version of the challenge already includes it, but it is more expensive by CZK 100,000, which is 20% of the price of the car, and I simply did not try it and bought it from a competitor. Good day, thank you for the compliment. We are in a worse position with individualization, however, we try to specify the cars in such a way that they meet the market's requirements as much as possible. I'm sorry that you didn't choose us, maybe next time :-)Milan Good day. Will the new Mazda 3 be produced in a station wagon version? Thank you. Hello Milan, the station wagon is not in the product plan, we are staying with the hatchback and sedan versions, and that is still at the same price. marcel Hello, when buying a new car, Mazda offers some price concessions for selected groups of customers (doctors) such as a pity, vw etc.? Thank you Good day, I have already answered this question. robertoKE I would like to know what you think about the new Mazda 3 with a hybrid drive or with 4x4 drive. Will these versions reach the CZ/SK markets at all? Because the initial information is that they are intended only for the domestic market. Thank you. Good day, they are certainly interesting versions, however, their import to Europe is not currently being considered. Tomáš Good day Mr. Kiriakovský, I would like to ask for what reason Mazda CX-9 was never officially launched on the Czech market? At the same time, sales of these large SUVs on the Czech market are certainly not decreasing, as evidenced by the number of these vehicles on the roads. After the Mazda CX-7 has been discontinued, you do not have a corresponding representative in this category. Thank you for your reply. Hello, the reason is quite simple. The car did not meet the EURO5 emission limits and thus could not be imported into the EU. European Mazda, however, partially solved the situation by homologating a small series (I suspect that it is 1000 units for the EU). The new CX-9 is already in the plans for Europe, and SKYACTIV ecological technology helps us significantly in this. We consider the CX-5 to be a suitable successor to the CX-7, which is even more generous in terms of interior space.Scoobz Good day, I have respected Auto.cz for many years, do you respect it too? how do you like it? And about cars: I'm thinking about a seven-seater car with a powerful diesel engine. What would you recommend? Thanks! S. Good day, I read auto.cz every day and like it - and I like it :-). We, unfortunately, do not have a similar car in our offer - and I would hate to give you a bad recommendation, I don't drive with competitors' cars that often. Viktor. Good day, is it possible to sell the CX-5 in combination with the 2.5l SKY petrol engine here at all (Slovakia - Czech Republic)? When will the CX-5 facelift? Thank you. Good day, I have already answered this question. Filip Šmaus Good day, I am the owner of an M6 (2009) and after less than 4 years (in August and then now in October) the xenon control units "left". I have purchased an extended warranty,but unfortunately, the insurance company stated that the warranty does not cover this malfunction, so I am facing a considerable financial cost for the replacement. Allegedly ŘJ were "leaving", is this problem solved in the new M6? In the future, I would like to upgrade my current love for a new one:-)) Greetings, Mr. Šmaus, we have not noticed an increased failure rate of the mentioned part, however, the manufacturer continuously evaluates all feedback from the operation and takes measures for the upcoming production... I believe that the "upgrade" you will appreciate the new six.pemahy Hello, I have two questions for you: 1/ Is the facelift date of the current generation Mazda CX-5 known? 2/ When will the CX-9 model or another model that would expand the SUV range arrive? Thank you for answersHello, the facelift is planned for next year. The current CX-9 will not be imported due to emissions, but the new one is already planned for Europe, here and for our markets. Martin S. Greetings, Mr. Director :-) What is your idea of ​​selling the new Mazda 3 in SR, I mean the number of units ? When is the Mazda CX-3 planned? At the moment, only the "big diesel engine" is available, will there be some new unit around 1.6 l? Hello Martin, the Mazda3 has a good reputation in Slovakia and I believe we will sell around 70 -80 cars by December 2013 and approx. 350 for the whole year 2014. We do not yet have detailed information about the exact date of the CX-3 launch, a smaller engine is being considered very realistically. Mako When will the new Mazda 3 be available for purchase in Slovakia? and in what price range. Thank you for your reply. Good day, we officially launched the new Mazda3 at the Nitra motor show, where it attracted a lot of attention. It is already possible to order the car at all Mazda dealers, the price list is available on our website www.mazda.sk, as well as at all Mazda dealers. The first cars will arrive in the country next week, that is, from 23/10 they will be available at all stores, including the possibility of a test drive. We present the new Mazda3 at an attractive price of NOK 13,990 for the Emotion version, with a completely new 1.5 G100 engine, six-speed gearbox, air conditioning and complete safety and electrical equipment. I wonder if it will be possible to buy extras, e.g. a parking camera or parking sensors, etc. I didn't see it in the price list, why are there different configurations-equipment in Poland than here? When is there a real chance to have a new Mazda if I order it now. Thank you, Good day , the model range is not the same in all countries, but the parking sensors you mention are in the accessories menu. So they can be installed. The cars themselves will be at the dealers from around October 23rd, and since our first orders for production were really large, you can have them at home very quickly :-) Hello Alex, Mr. Director, I want to ask if there will also be a Mazda 3 station wagon? Toyota also has an Auris station wagon as well as a Honda Civic station wagon, I think it would be a step forward for Mazda and also to success. Have a nice day :) Good day, I have already answered this question. Thank youKokaDon Good day, do you have any current news about the M3 MPS version? Hello, I have already answered this question - we ourselves hope it will be :-)Roman Good day Mr. Director, I would like to ask about the new Mazda 5. When will it come? Can you share some details? Are you not counting on importing a larger MPV? Thank you. Hello, I have already answered this question, we do not have any information about the new Mazda5. We are not planning to import a larger MPV. Kondor Good day, have you already dealt with the problem of the CX5's bonnet and rear-view mirrors vibrating at high speeds? Even here on auto.cz, this is probably the most criticized part of the car! Good day, as I mentioned earlier today - in a change was made in production, the service centers have a solution available for cars in operation. Certmike_SVK Good day, a while ago an article appeared on the auto.cz website about the Mazda 3 MPS. Can you reveal more than is in the article? :) Thank you Good day, the article is very nice - but I already answered the question about MPS and 4x4. The 4x4 version of the Mazda3 is only available for Japan, and we all really want the MPS, but we really don't know if we'll get it. MPS or RS Why offer a "6-MAX" body variant like this? With the arrival of the Mazda 6 with SKYACTIV technologies, I hoped that it would come in time a variant with a body and a size similar to the Ford S-MAX, which would be able to compete more than equal competition with its lightness, sportiness and agility. And especially with full-sized 5 and 7 seats, with a large luggage space for young families, for whom the Mazda 6 Combi is already a bit small. At the same time, the Mazda 5 is too small/narrow for a family of 5 and is currently offered with relatively weak engines. Do you think that there would be enough fathers of families globally who would be willing to pay extra for the "6-MAX" at the price of the Mazda 6 for 3 real seats in the second row and behind the sliding side doors ala Mazda 5? At the moment, such a family can only choose from the "sterile" Alhambra/Sharan or S-MAX (which, to my unpleasant surprise, does not come with side sliding doors even in the new generation)... Good day,such a version would certainly look interesting, however, its inclusion in the model range is currently not being considered. Štefan, Good day, I want to ask why the more powerful two-liter in the new Mazda 3 is offered only in the highest equipment? For example, I would rather have a more powerful engine, but why pay for xenon lights and other goodies in the Revolution.. A similar example is the Mazda 6 where, for example, the 2.5l engine is only in the automatic. facelift? Or is there a problem with the rigidity of the body, or do you keep this option for the more luxurious "six"? Thank you. Good day, I have already answered this question. František. I wonder why the MAZDA CX 9 is not imported to the Czech Republic. Good day, I have already answered this question. Feri Hello, the question is when will sales of the Mazda 3 Sedan start in Slovakia and, if applicable, what are the waiting times for new Mazda 3s. Mazda can already order it, the price list can be downloaded from www.mazda.sk and is available at all dealers. The first Mazda3 cars will arrive in the country next week (from 23/10) - in the Hatchback version. The first sedans will be in the country at the end of this year. Since we managed to secure enough cars for the launch, we will satisfy most of the demand from the warehouse - that is, practically immediately. When ordering a car for production, we expect a delivery time of about 4 months. Tonda123 Hello, I am the owner of the first generation Mazda 6 2003 and now I am considering exchanging it for a different one due to the enormous corrosion of the car. The defects have been fixed several times, but in vain... Even so, I am thinking about the new Mazda 6, do you have any information that this problem has been solved in the new model? Hello Tondo, we do not notice the mentioned problems in both the current and the previous - second - generation. Anti-corrosion protection is at the appropriate level, and the warranty provided corresponds to this.MajkGood day, Mr. Kiriakovský. Can you refute my concerns about the quality of the Mazda 3 morning parts? Hello, I think I can refute your concerns. The very first Mazda3 cars that rolled off the production line in Japan were able to make it to the Frankfurt Motor Show via Russia, Belarus and Poland. Apart from (I suspect) 8 punctured tires and one destroyed suspension - which were caused by the "quality" of the roads, we did not experience any technical problems. All cars (except for two that were seized in Belarus) arrived at their destination. I think that such a test for a brand new car already means something. By the way, you can read the report from the trip at www.auto.cz.TurboWhen will Mazda start offering gasoline turbo engines? Thank you. Good day, we do not include turbos in our SKYACTIV engines. Pavel Good day, the design of the current generation M-6 and M-3 is amazing! At the same time, I really appreciate Mazda for renouncing the path towards "lawn mower with hair dryer - small displacement turbocharged engines" type power units and allowing their customers to buy at least 2L naturally aspirated engines. I have the following questions: 1) what is the automaker's plan regarding alternative fuels (especially the factory variant for CNG)? 2) Is the Mazda 3 also planned in a station wagon variant? 3) When will it replace the current Mazda 5 (not a very good design) with at least a facelift according to the automaker's current trend ?thank you in advance for the answers. Sincerely, PavelGood day Pavel, first of all I have to thank you for the praise and secondly for understanding our "right-sizing" strategy within the framework of SKYACTIV technology. Unfortunately, I have to answer no to the first two questions, and unfortunately we do not have specific information about the successor to the Mazda5. Corozphobik Good day, are you considering the introduction of galvanized bodies? Or at least an education about the anti-corrosion protection of your cars... it's not about doubting the quality at all, but on our roads during the winter I don't really trust the classic painted sheet metal (if I'm choosing a car for a longer period of time). It's really a shame to see vehicles with such a durable engine and high-quality processing to end prematurely on stupid rust. And I can only judge by what I see around me in parking lots - and these older models are not very encouraging for Mazda buyers. Good day, very interesting nickname :-). I already answered a similar question here. The current production (even one generation older) has sufficient anti-corrosion protection, which makes it possible to offer a 12-year guarantee against corrosion. You are right that more education would be useful to support the quality of our cars, we will have to focus on that a bit.Dorpak Hello, will there be cooperation with Alfa Romeo? Hello, we will cooperate with Alfa Romeo - on the new roadster. But we don't have details about this project yet.Peter IchGood day Mr. Director. I have two questions: is there a plan for a Mazda 3 sedan with the most powerful engine? Women like it, but I want performance... And secondly: how realistic is the deployment of supercharged units, even with regard to the apparently prepared MPS? have a nice day! Hello Peter, the most powerful Mazda3 Sedan in the range is with the engine 2,2 SKYACTIV D with a power of 150 hp and a torque of 380 Nm, so if you want to repair a powerful car, I can only recommend this option. As for the turbocharged engines, we do not have any further information on this topic yet.PeterGood day, I would like to ask what is the delivery time for the new Mazda3.Good day Peter, we have managed to get enough cars for the launch, so, we will be able to deliver the car very quickly to most customers at launch. If you choose a car that is not in stock, the delivery time will be approx. 4 months. Dzurusova Júlia, Good morning, Mr. Director, I want to ask you a question, I have a Mazda 3 and I was supposed to do a service after 35,000 km, because I have traveled and I have already driven over 35,000. It is not problem to do the inspection later? so I want to do it here in Slovakia and I'm currently with Mazda in Italy, but I think that a ton of service will be very expensive, what would you advise me? I don't want to risk a distance of 700 km to my home since I already have about 38,000 km. thank you very much. Good day Mrs. Dzurusova, I recommend that you perform the inspection as close as possible to the prescribed service interval, especially in terms of mileage. The interval is 20,000 km between inspections and this should not be exceeded.J@WGood day, what is your opinion on the path Mazda has taken in the development of gasoline engines. Even though I'm a big fan of it, isn't the "atmospheric" route a bit of a struggle with "windmills" these days? The advantages of these engines (considerable) can be appreciated more by a car fan, the rest of the world is more likely to focus on paper values ​​and "downsizing" advertising that is present everywhere. Have a nice day. Honza, Hello Hon, our engines are part of SKYACTIV technology, their performance is supported by reducing the weight of the entire car. As part of the technology, we also have new chassis and SKY gearboxes for the new generation. I think having a different strategy than everyone else doesn't have to be a battle of the proverbial mills. We believe that SKYACTIV technology is the right way to go, as confirmed by our many years of experience with these engines. According to Mazda, combustion engines have not yet said the last word, and their further development in order to increase efficiency will pay off. As they say - you can't replace volume with anything... It depends on the result, and it's just there. We do everything to make the car feel safe, comfortable and enjoyable to drive. But the joy of driving in our cars is not at the expense of the environment either. Our cars are like a mosaic where everything fits together. Perhaps the aforementioned reduced weight of the car will help the engine to improve dynamics, even though on paper our competitor may have more horses. Imagine that you drive in our car that has 150K and then in a competitor's car that has, for example, 10 more horses, but you still carry three colleagues from work in it. Guess what will be more fun to drive :-) Wed Good day, I owned a first generation Mazda 6, great car. I would like to ask about the front axle solution, which is getting simpler from generation to generation. Is it just about cost? Otherwise, I'm looking forward to the Mazda 3 MPS, will it also be available in the Czech Republic? Isn't there a sharper version of the Mazda 6 planned? Can naturally aspirated engines be further improved - will they remain in Mazda for their further development? Hello, SKYACTIV technology has also brought innovations in wheel suspension - Mazda now uses the McPherson system, which is lighter than the previous trapezoidal suspension. According to the response of customers and experts, without a negative effect on the driving characteristics of the car. The efficiency of today's naturally aspirated engines is somewhere around 30%, so Mazda focused on improving the combustion process while maintaining the fun feeling of driving with such an engine. There is definitely more room for improvement :-) Jan Macku Good day, I am missing a station wagon/hatchback in 4x4 in your portfolio, is there a 6 in the plan? Is Mazda considering the return of the 6-cylinder Skyactive and possibly make a bigger car than the 6? Will the new Mazda MX-5 have a more powerful engine than now? Thanks for the answer, Jan Mack. Good day Mr. Mack, I already answered about 4x4. A six-cylinder engine is not expected yet. Unfortunately, I am not yet familiar with the engine of the new MX-5. Arese, Good afternoon, Mr. Director, would it not be possible to expand the choice of Mazda 3 and 6, so that even more powerful engines would be available with lower levels of equipment. As it stands, I can't choose because I'd like the most powerful engine, but for example without leather upholstery or a sunroof, etc. I think this problem puts you at a huge disadvantage against European automakers. I understand that with Mazda I can't exactly configure the car and put it into production like with European brands, but at least you could arrange the offer of lower levels of equipment in combination with the most powerful engine... Hello, the current model range corresponds to the preferences of most customers, when, if someone chooses the most powerful engine, they usually also demand a fully equipped car. As for the variant of the most powerful engine on the lower versions of the equipment, here our options are limited, we have a uniform model range for the entire region. As for the Mazda3 and Mazda6 models,both of these models are - thanks to the use of high-strength steel - among the lightest on the market, and even the middle power variants of our engines give them very decent dynamic characteristics. LakilakiNabadate in case of specific problems with Mazda cars, service centers, dealers, write to infolink Mazda. I have my own experience that e-mails and phone calls are handled by a brigadier, who is not even an employee of Mazda Import, the entire communication is unaddressed, and every time I felt an attempt by the import to play the problem into the car, or an attempt to throw the responsibility on the client. the case was in several cases of applying for a warranty claim. Because yes, even Mazda cars break down! Even now, import in cooperation with Mazda service has been "solving" my problem of false RVM signals in my M3 for 8 months. To the west of us-from you, RVM problems were easily solved by replacing them (see foreign Mazda clubs). Why do we have a different approach than there? Hello, you are right about the collection of information on the helpline by the partner agency. However, it does not have the competence to assess the cases, but to pass them on to us. Subsequently, they are distributed to those who are responsible for the solution. I must strongly object to the accusation that we should sweep something under the table. I think it is known about me that I am a supporter of a very strict customer approach and I value every customer who decided on a car of our brand and was willing to buy it. We deal with warranty cases in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, just like our colleagues in Germany. I don't know what foreign Mazda clubs write, but we have to follow the technical instructions. In addition, we have in our hands the Institute of Kulanci, which, if I am convinced of our "mistake", we use it. Before I answered this question, I had the case checked, but we don't have anything there under Lakilaki, so I will ask you to contact me again so that I can look at the case. Jan ŠevcůGood day, I don't know if I missed the answer or the question, if so, sorry. When will the Mazda 6 with all-wheel drive be included on the Czech market and what will the price increase be compared to the standard 1-axle drive? Thank you and I wish you much success. J. Ševců Good day, Mr. Ševců, I have already answered this question, there will be a 4x4 for the new Mazda6 - but I am not able to confirm the price for you at the moment. Thank you. Honza Good day, we were planning to buy a CX-5 just these days, but according to your statement to another reader, we understood that the CX-5 is due for a new facelift. Are we talking about when the electric control of the passenger seat and similar little things will come in the coming months, or did you write about a different, more fundamental facelift? Will the facelift also affect the appearance of the new CX-5? What else could the new CX-5 possibly be different from? Do you have at least a very rough idea of ​​when this could happen? So we are now on the verge, we would prefer a newer version when it is, ... Thank you for the answer. Good day, Hon, the first product changes - specifically el. controlled passenger seat, driver's seat with memory, integrated navigation system in the Revolution version... - are available for ordering now, we will communicate the new price list by the end of this week. The larger Mazda CX-5 facelift is expected at the end of next year, we do not have detailed information yet, however, due to the success of the current model, the changes will not be fundamental. masterHello, I am interested in the new MX-5, but I know that there is not much information about it. But still - can you say any time period when any relevant information about the new MX-5 will appear? Alternatively, what is its planned launch? Thank you and have a nice day :) Good day, unfortunately I have to disappoint you - at the moment I cannot confirm either when the first information will be or its planned launch. I would expect that we could get the first photos of at least the concept within the next year. Good day to you too.Kamil Good day. I am currently choosing a new car and the Mazda3 is one of my favorites, I want to ask how in America there is a keyless start in lower equipment (according to the video with manual air conditioning) and here it is only in the two highest specifications. I also want to ask if it will be possible to pay extra for the head-up display even for lower equipment (the central tachometer looks better than the speedometer. Thank you. Good day, Kamil, the model series for the USA and for Europe are completely different, it is not possible to order a head-up display for lower versions. What as for keyless starting - all versions have it. Keyless locking is available in the two highest variants - i.e. Revolution and Revolution TOP. Jan , Jindřichův Hradec Good day Mr. Director, I have a fairly simple question, will the version of the new Mazda 3 sedan with the most powerful petrol engine be available here? thank you for your reply. Hello, no, this option is not being considered. Lubos, Hello, you did not answer my question. I quote you: "The Mazda 6 is a truly incredible car..." - yes, it is incredibly noisy. It blows through the windows incredibly . When will this problem be solved? Is it a problem at all? In this condition, the Mazda 6 is unusable on highways. Good day, as I already stated,the manufacturer continuously evaluates the feedback, I assume that you visited our service with your car, which assessed the condition of your particular car and processed this information for the manufacturer. Marek Good day, I have two questions for you: 1. Can we expect a Mazda 3 Wagon in the future?2. Is a facelift planned for the Mazda CX-5?3. Are you planning to solve the so often criticized problems with Tom-Tom NAVI in Mazda CX-5 and Mazda 6? Is a newer version of the navigation system planned, let's say taken from the Mazda 3? If yes, when could that happen? Thank you for your answers. Good day, I have already answered similar questions. Karol Will the new Mazda 3 have the option to purchase a sunroof as well, and if so, in what equipment? Good day, Karol, unfortunately we do not have a sunroof on the Mazda3 model. Certmike_SVKGood day, do you remember that the Mazda 6 4x4 is coming, can you give a date when we can look forward to it? I want to buy a new Mazda 6 in the next few months, I hope it will be soon :) Good day, we don't know the exact date of the launch of this model on the market yet, but I believe that we will be driving it by the end of next year. JirkaDear Mr. Director, I always like Mazdas liked them, even now I'm thinking about buying a Mazda6 or Mazda3. I liked the Liftback body type the most, but it is no longer offered for the new Mazda6. Why? Because of the Americans, that it doesn't sell much there? Will it stay that way? And isn't a station wagon body like the Toyota Auris being considered for the Mazda3? What fundamentally bothers you about downsizing engines, like the VW concern. Thanks for the answers. Good day, Jirka, we are glad that you like our cars. We will not really offer a liftback for the new Mazda6. It is a very popular variant on the Czech market, but the Mazda6 is simply a global model. We are not considering a station wagon body for the new Mazda3. I never said I mind downsizing - I just still think that our way, the - as we call it - "rightsizing" is better. Thank you, Honza. Good day, before asking, I would like to praise your new Mazda 3 model, especially in the sedan, it is a wonderful car. At home, we have one "three" sedan from 2009, and it is a perfect car. Personally, I prefer smaller cars, that's why I was surprised that Mazda makes a "double" in a sedan. Is it not considered that this small sedan would also reach us? This model would definitely find its customers. I personally would go to the "double" in a sedan. Thank you in advance for your answer, and I wish Mazda a lot of success :-) Good day, Honzo, unfortunately I will disappoint you, the Mazda2 model in the sedan version will not be imported to Europe in the foreseeable future. I am glad that you like the new Mazda3 and from next week you will have the opportunity to try it out at all Mazda dealers. Vladimír Kšenzuliak Good day. I drive a new Mazda 6, 2.2D. It's a beautiful car that drives even more beautifully. However, the too frequent regeneration of the DPF bothers me. The interval is 150 to 400 km depending on driving style (I only use premium diesel - MaxxMotion or Verva). In this mode, the car eats incredibly, and the oil is slowly diluted with diesel during regeneration. Why does the engine regenerate so often when the interval for other cars is 900 to 1500 km? It is interesting that it also regenerated a brand new car with 6 km. Thank you for your reply. Hello Mr. Kshenzuliak, this phenomenon is more or less common and similar for all engines with DPF. Regeneration is determined by the fulfillment of operating conditions and controlled by an algorithm that evaluates the pressure before and after the DPF, i.e. its "clogging", and accordingly judges the necessity of regeneration. If the car does not show a fault with the warning light coming on, this should be a standard process. The oil is diluted to the expected extent and the service interval corresponds to this. Mr. Bilkovina Have a nice day, how is your MX-5 driving? According to the photos, you are quite a cutie, can you fit in? I'm 194/110 kilograms, a lot of mass, but I like the MX5. Good day to you too, it's true, I'm a little shorter, but the mass roughly fits. :) A lot of people ask me how I fit in there. The best answer is if I sit them there. I like to call it a "car bag". Somehow, I get along with the car and enjoy driving it all the more. With your height, you will probably have to wait for the next generation MX-5, which will probably grow taller.Snooob Good day, what do you say about the unification of the design? CX-5, M6 and M3 are indistinguishable from the front. Thanks Good day, you are definitely right about something. All three models belong to the KODO design family. However, they are definitely recognizable on the road. The hood of the CX-5 looks more vertical, the Mazda6 is oriented more horizontally and the new Mazda3 has a sporty touch highlighted by the placement of the number plate inside the hood.HonzaGood day, I want to ask if there is a new Mazda 5 on the horizon and if so, when will we know more? ! It sounds very biased and down-to-earth, but I still have the first generation and that car has no competition for me on the market so far. At least according to my personal criteria and priorities. I would like to continue in the same spirit again with Mazda...;-) Thank you Honza Good day, thanks for the compliment but we do not yet have any information about the successor to the Mazda5 model. giblo Will we see a more powerful diesel version of the Mazda 3 and if so when??? Thank you Good day, the new Mazda3 is offered with a high-performance engine 2,2 D Skyactiv, with a power of 150 hp and a torque of 380 Nm. No one currently offers a more powerful engine in the lower mid-range segment. We are not considering a more powerful diesel for the Mazda3, the demand is exactly the opposite.Josef Koutný Good day Mr. Kiriakovský, the new Mazda6 is amazing and has a soul! , at least the one I have in the garage. Nevertheless, I have a question about the multimedia system, especially playing music from USB is quite inconvenient. Are you planning to modernize the system, for example a new sw or the installation of another unit? Thank you. Regards, Pepa K. Good day, Mr. Koutný, I agree with you, the Mazda6 is also my favorite in our model range. A new audio system with a completely redesigned SW will be offered for the Mazda6 next year. Unfortunately, I don't have any information about the update of the current one. Tempe Good day Mr. Kiroakovský, I would like to ask you one thing related to the marketing and advertising of Mazda cars. I am a big fan of Mazda cars and have owned several of them, but I feel that this car company is not well advertised, which I can see on minimal TV ads, highway banners, etc. Is it on purpose, not to be so visible, so that Mazda gets a mark of exceptionality in the eyes of drivers? I feel as if it is enough for Mazda to sell as many cars as it sells, but that does not correspond to today's times, when every businessman and manufacturer of anything wants to sell as many of "his" goods as possible and therefore make the highest possible profit . For me personally, however, this strategy of yours is sympathetic, because Mazda cars on the road are always something unsightly and unpopular :-) Thanks for the answer and good luck. Good day, thank you for your patronage, our advertising activities are with the launch of new models (Mazda CX -5, Mazda6) have strengthened a lot and we try to be where our customers are most often. We had a strong internet campaign in the spring, which had a very positive effect on interest in the Mazda6 model, we had TV spots during the World Hockey Championship, then a strong billboard campaign in the summer, and now we are preparing an unconventional campaign for the launch of the new Mazda3 model. We definitely don't want to hide our models, you don't have to worry about that…. And there is certainly an exceptional Mazda now :-)Tom.cz Hello, why are NDs so expensive for Mazda? I have an older Mazda that I would buy again, but due to the price of the ND I will probably go to another car. It's really a tragedy. Are any changes planned for the future? I like the new 6 and 3 very much, but the policy of ND prices and service strongly discourages me. Hello, I have already answered a similar question, so I will just add that our analysis of operating costs shows long-term costs similar to other brands, however, we also try to price policy for spare parts to respond to the market situation and offer, for example, discounted prices for spare parts to owners of older cars. as part of the Mazda Fair Service program. For the prices of ND and work, please ask the dealers involved in this program. Ondřej Klauser Hello, does Mazda plan to offer models 3 and 6 with all-wheel drive on the European market? If so, with which engines? Thank you. Good day, Mr. Klauser, I have already answered this question - yes for the Mazda6 model, I am not yet informed about the exact engines. Not for the Mazda3 model for the European market. M3 owner I want to buy a Japanese middle-class station wagon, should I go for the Auris or wait for the Civic? :-) I don't understand Mazda's policy of not making the M3 in a station wagon version.... We need to increase the pressure from the EU, because I know station wagons are not popular in Asia. I have already answered this question. Vabis Good day, there is no question. I just want to sincerely congratulate the new 6 and 3, they are very nice cars aspiring to the standards of their classes. Good day, sweet words, thank you :-) Maroš Good day, first of all, congratulations on the successful generation of the new CX-5, 6 and 3 models .I have experience with the CX-7 2.3, also an excellent car except for consumption :) I would like to ask when and in which models the new generation of Wankel engines can be expected. I also wonder if Mazda is planning to get more involved in motorsport in Europe? It would be appropriate to build on the successful history in Le Mans (victory in 1991) or the current successes of the Mazda 6 Diesel in the Grand Am series in the USA. It would certainly benefit Mazda's image and work as excellent advertising. Thanks for the answer and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Mazda! Good day and thanks for the congratulations. We don't use the Wankel engine commercially now, but it certainly remained under the scrutiny of our developers. I already answered about motorsport. As far as I know, there is no talk of a return to LeMans, but as you write, the Mazda6's achievements are very inspiring :). And you're right, every success counts :), good luck. Art Vandelay Good day, I have 2 questions. 1. Is there going to be an SUV on the Mazda 6 platform that will also be sold in the EU? If so, when will it be on the market? 2. A 4x4 drive is planned for the Mazda 6, when? Thank you and all the best, Mazda, I'm keeping my fingers crossed, even if it looks like the main markets are America, China, Russia, and (mainly larger) models will be tailored to these markets in the future :( Hello, the plan is to launch them in Europe as well Mazda CX-9. However, we do not have detailed information yet. I already wrote about the 4x4 drive,we can look forward to such a car in the foreseeable future.MíraGood day, I must say that the new Mazdas are wonderful. Will you have any special offers where the price of the new Mazda 4 could be at least below CZK 330,000? Thank you. Good day and thank you. It is probably best to visit one of our dealers. I assume you meant the Mazda3.Bobin Dear Mr. Director, do you have any idea if there are any plans to add all-wheel drive to the M6, or if there is a crossover version in the vein of the Audi Allroad or Subaru Outback? Thank you and I wish Mazda all the best. Good day, we are planning a 4x4 for the Mazda6, the cross version is not planned yet. Thank you Stogl1. I would like to know what is going on with the Mazda 5, which was successful in the past, but the last model was not very successful visually?? I have already answered this question. 3 combi) - and whether it will be available in combination with a petrol engine and automatic transmission. Thank you and have a nice day. Good day, I have already answered these questions - we are not planning a station wagon, we have a gasoline engine with an automatic transmission available. Nice day What is the current relationship between Mazda and Ford? Are the car companies financially connected and do they still cooperate in the production of models? Ford currently owns only 3% of Mazda's shares. He is still the largest shareholder of the company, however, development and distribution are independent. TomášGood day, just today an article was published that the Mazda 3 will be sold in Japan as a four-wheeler. Will the Mazda 6 be like a four-wheeler here, too? And another question, can you somehow influence the configurations you sell? I was seriously thinking about the six, but if I want xenons and I don't want leather seats, that is unfortunately not possible with you. Thank you. Good day Tomas, Mazda3 4x4, this version is only for the Japanese market. For the time being, this model is not considered for Europe. The Mazda6 4x4 is in the works. Mazda6 with xenons – Bi-xenon headlights are available from the Attraction version, along with LED daytime running lights. The Attraction version is offered with fabric upholstery. CommonUser Good day, as already mentioned by another "Mazda representative", the Mazda 6 of the second generation cannot be described as qualitatively refined. I'll go straight to the point - do you prefer a fully galvanized Mazda, at least in the middle class? I'm glad that Mazda didn't switch to downsizing (gasoline), but would you recommend the new Skyactiv-D (diesel) for the city? Thank you. Hello, Mazda uses galvanized sheets on exposed body parts. If you drive mostly in the city, I would rather recommend the SKY-G gasoline engine, the consumption of which is not far from the diesel engine.PetrHello, why is the cx5 so expensive.Hello,Peter, Mazda CX-5 is selling great at current prices as here , so in most other markets, there is no reason to degrade such a successful car with sales events. As for the comparison with the competition, such a high-quality and modern car will probably never be the cheapest on the market, however, compared to equally attractive and technologically advanced cars, our CX-5 comes out more than well. Shr3k Good day, will the new Mazda 3 have the option of attaching crossbars? I noticed on the new 6 series sedan that some engineer in Japan forgot to put holes in the roof rails for the mounts. Won't the same thing happen in the pale blue Mazda 3? Hello, yes you are a little right about the Mazda6, but we have found a solution there as well. For the new Mazda3, the range of original accessories includes cross bars for both body versions – i.e. both Hatchback and Sedan.Josef Hello, will the new Mazda 3 also be produced in a station wagon version? Hello, I have already answered this question, we are not planning a station wagon. lakilakiRVM M3 order number MB008516 from 19/04/2013 Good day once again, you probably sent the order number to the dealer, which we don't have on file... if you want, send me at least the last 8 numbers from the VIN, thanksLeošGood day, can you somehow influence which engines and equipment levels will they be delivered to the Czech Republic? Hello, to a certain extent yes, with regard to the market and, frankly, the requirements of the European market. exhaust due to the rapid rise in temperature and combustion of soot in the particulate filter. These engines are also installed in the new Mazda 6 and will probably be in the Mazda 3 as well. Last year, the Japanese announced a software modification and moved the maximum oil gauge as a "solution". It is speculated, however, that this problem has not actually been solved and could be the reason for the postponement of diesel exports to the USA until the year 2014. QUESTION: Is this problem really solved and how? Good day Ladislav, as you yourself state, the oil level should rise relatively quickly. What can we imagine under this? Oil dilution does occur in DPF engines. However, the reports from the service do not tell us that the maximum level would be exceeded, nor do I know anything about the shift in the export of diesel engines to the USA for the very reason you mentioned.Adam DvořákGood day Mr. Kiriakovský,I would like to ask you if you know if Mazda is considering a Mazda 6 MPS project, or if this project is already in the development phase, so when could it theoretically go on sale? Thank you for the detailed information. Sincerely, Adam DvořákGood day, we are not considering this project. Petr JankovskyGood day, I have always been interested in one thing... You are Mazda's director for CR and SR, which is a high managerial and representative position. Are you not sorry, then, that Mazda does not produce the equivalent of the 7-metal BMW, MB S, or at least the VW Phaeton? Don't take my question as a provocation, I'm just wondering if you don't "envy" managers of the same importance from the competition a little (in a good sense of the word) .. Does your family only drive Mazda cars? Thank you and I wish you success on the Czech and Slovak markets. Mazda has taken a big step forward in the field of design. Hello, I will start from the beginning and thank you for the praise of the design. KODO desing definitely has a swing and is very popular. Now for the car and very openly and honestly - I have no regrets and I do not take any question here as a provocation. A week ago, after half a year, I got out of a new Mazda6, a sedan with a SKY 2.5 petrol engine and an automatic transmission. I have not driven in a better and more pleasant car. The size of the cars you introduce to me for our journeys and my use seem too much. And the Mazda6 was certainly representative enough, when two drivers from BMW also gave me the thumbs up :). And I already wrote, I have an MX-5 at home. Thanks for the wishes, we will strive for success with all our colleagues.Marian Pelýsek Good day, I was very interested in the reports from driving the Mazda 3 halfway around the world, it must have been a really great adventure, it was a nice read. Are there any cars that survived to be seen? And what about the one from Belarus or where it was sprayed, are the cars home yet? Thanks! MP Good day, the cars are today in Frankfurt, or rather in Oberursel, in the Mazda development center (at least some of them) and some of them in the headquarters in Leverkusen. The last time we discussed the cars seized in Belarus with our colleagues from the headquarters was at the beginning of October, and they were still seized. Zeneva, Good day, is it possible to activate the warranty against rusting of the body if the previous owner neglected it? Or am I out of luck? Thank you! Good day, the prerequisite for the validity of the warranty against rusting is an ongoing annual inspection of the car and possible immediate resolution of any signs of corrosion. Unfortunately, if previous inspections are missing, the warranty cannot be activated retroactively. But the extent of "neglect" must always be assessed, and the dealer proceeds accordingly in a specific case. Jirka Hello, I would like to ask why it is not possible to offer a cheaper version with a 2.0G 121kW engine? In Germany they have 3 trims and this engine goes in the middle and top. We have 5 of them, this engine is only in the top two. You are robbing customers who are satisfied with standard equipment, but want high-end hardware and, on the other hand, do not want or need additional head-up nonsense. For me, the Challange version with nice 17" or 18" wheels would be enough for me. With a price difference between the weaker and stronger version of the engine of 25,000, the price would be around 450,000. That would be a great offer. Thanks for the answer Jirka Good day, I have already answered similar questions. Michal 12 Good day, I would like to ask when will the new generation Mazda 2 and Mazda 5 come? Good day Michal, the new Mazda2 will probably be introduced next year. I have already written about the Mazda 5 - we do not have specific information on the successor of the current modelMichal Good day, is Mazda planning any greater equipment configuration options? E.g. with the Mazda 3, I would be comfortable with the Challenge trim, but I would like the heated seats that come with the Attraction trim. It seems pointless to me to pay an extra 40,000 CZK just for one item. Don't you think that even better vehicle configurability is part of the success of Volkswagen and its brands? Thank you for your reply. Hello, I have answered similar questions before. ericn Hello, I have a question about the Mazda 6. I am seriously considering buying the Combi version with the more powerful 175k turbodiesel. I went through both your website and stopped by the dealer to look at the car and got a good first offer (I praise his effort and attitude). The car is great and I like it very much. It just bothers me a little that if I want a more powerful version of the turbodiesel, I have to go for the Revolution equipment, where there are e.g. 19" wheels, a bit too big for Czech roads, regardless of the non-standard size of the tires (they are damn expensive), etc. The Attraction equipment would be enough for me, but there is only a weaker version of the engine, etc. When will Mazda finally come with the possibility of real car configuration, i.e. a wider possibility of individualization? In my opinion, it hurts Mazda a lot, because it forces the customer to make compromises and in the end he will go somewhere else, where he can choose the equipment he wants ... What do you think? Thank you for your reply and I wish Mazda a lot of success. Good afternoon, within our region we have a uniform model range, which is the best achievable compromise between the number of versions offered and the wishes of the clients. If you drive even with a "weaker" diesel engine , then you will surely prove me right,that in dynamic characteristics it does not lag behind the "table" more powerful concern cars. It offers 150 hp, 30 Nm more torque. In addition, it is more than 100 kg lighter compared to the concern standard of the class, so all dynamic characteristics (max. speed, flexibility, acceleration) are practically the same, but with significantly lower consumption.maca02 Hello, why won't Mazda produce the 3 MPS version anymore? Thank youWho said it wouldn't be :-) ?Roman Good day, Mr. Director, why doesn't the Mazda 6 have an opening for skis or, even better, rear seats split in a ratio of 40:20:40? The CX-5 has them and although I would have liked the six otherwise, I won't bite this one. Thank you. Hello Roman, the reason is security. The absolute priority of the Mazda brand is passenger safety, which is why it is equipped with the unique i-ACTIVSENSE safety technology system, i.e. a set of elements protecting the crew that no one else in the segment offers. For this reason, the Mazda6 model does not have an opening for skis, which in the event of an accident can cause serious injuries to passengers with their sharp edges. In some European countries - for example in Austria - the legislation there goes even further, there it is even not possible to carry any potentially dangerous object in the cabin (i.e. skis for example) if it is not firmly attached to the body. In the CX-5 model, the seats are designed in this way for reasons of better variability, we certainly do not recommend carrying any potentially dangerous objects in the cabin here either. We always recommend a roof rack as the ideal option for transporting skis.DiktikWhich Haldex does the new Mazda CX 5 use? Does it have any electric locks? In the Mazda CX-5, a viscous clutch is used to connect the rear wheels, the car does not have locks due to its nature. Diskobolos Your responses to neutral to negative posts/suggestions/experiences contain words like "disagree", "does not show", "we don't see" etc... You negate everything and everything is actually fine. This is a very unsympathetic expression typical of a blinded top manager. I am personally considering buying an M3, but your dismissive attitude discourages me. I wish you to "cure yourself" of this condition. Hello, if you feel that I do not agree with something or that something does not manifest itself, then it is possible because I am based on information that I know and can assess. I have to "negate" myself again according to you... I am not one of the blind managers, but on the other hand, I admit that it can sound like this from these short speeches. I solve what is in my competence, what is in the competence of technicians or production, I have to accept in a certain way and possibly find the best solution. Not everything is perfect, not even me :). If you are considering buying a Mazda3 and if you decide, I hope I can convince you that I don't need to be treated for anything :).Vladimir Good day. I drive a new Mazda 6 - 2.2D 175k. It's a beautiful car that drives even more beautifully. However, I am bothered by the very frequent regeneration of the DPF, on average every 200 km (about every 1000 km with the previous car), I only fill up with premium diesel - MaxxMotion or Verva. On the one hand, in this mode the car eats terribly and the oil is also diluted with diesel. Why is regeneration so common? Is Mazda going to upgrade the control unit or some other solution? Thank you. Good day Vladimir, I think this question was already answered a while ago. Ľubo P. Will there be a Mazda 6 hatchback? Good day, we are not considering this body variant. Jakub Good day, I would like to ask if we can also expect a new Mazda MX-5. Thank you Hello, yes, it is in the product plan. We will tell you the date.MichalGood day, I would like to stand up for Mazda in terms of anti-corrosion protection.. There were problems with it in the first Mazda 6 until the facelift, that's true, but I don't understand that it still lives in some people as if it were the only car that had problems with corrosion.. Even some people still think that it has problems with corrosion, while other car companies, for example the VW concern, i.e. even Skoda, have quite big problems with corrosion, which is also evidenced by the fact that a well-known even 5-year-old Škoda Octavies, Superbs or even TUAREGs that are RUSTY regularly appear in paint shops! So you need to be a little interested ;-) Hello, thank you for your support. In the case of competing brands, I will refrain from commenting. oldboy Good day I would be interested in the differences in the design of the new Mazda 3 HB between the 1.5 and 2.0. E.g. The 2.0 has two exhausts and the 1.5 only one. Are there other differences between these versions? E.g. type of discs, rear brakes, etc. Thank you. Good day, the only visual difference is the exhaust - and as for the brakes - the 1.5 has smaller brake discs. Majk Good day, Mr. Kiriakovský. Will you support the success of the sale of the new wage 3 with some interesting way of financing? I'm thinking about Škoda and Mazda cars, but Škoda still leads in this category. Thank you Majk Good day, we are launching the new Mazda right now and the truth is we are not offering a special finance offer right now. I assume that we will work on this with our new financial partner from November. Zdenek Good day. In the USA, the Mazda 6 2.5 G sedan SPORT is offered in a version with a mechanical 6-speed transmission on 17" wheels.I would like her very much. How to get to it? Hello, try to choose from our range. The USA is far away... jarpazout@centrum.cz Hello, why does Mazda have such a nondescript website? It is not easy to find a station wagon there in the warehouse. Hello, I will certainly please you , today we are launching completely new pages that will be even clearer and more attractive than the current ones. As for "combi in stock" - you probably mean our range of cars in stock at www.mazda.ihned.cz - it reflects the current stock at dealers and given how well the Mazda6 model - i.e. also the combi version - is selling, so there really isn't much in stock.Radek Are you preparing another model with a wankel engine? Today we don't have it in the current range, however the development centers are still working on it.HonzaGood day Mr. Kiriakovský. According to the official technical parameters, the new Mazda 3 2.0 with automatic transmission has 1.5 seconds faster acceleration from 0 to 100 and half a liter higher average fuel consumption than the manual version. These are not exactly pleasant or negligible values. Wouldn't it be better if Mazda gave up on developing their own automatic and started using ZF or Aisin transmissions instead? Or does Skyactive-Drive have some advantage that is not visible in the technical data and becomes apparent only when driving? Thank you for the answer. Good day Honzo, I don't know what leads you to claim that the half-liter difference between manual and automatic transmission is neither pleasant nor negligible. SKYACTIV DRIVE transmissions are truly Mazda's own development. This gearbox is conceptually a gearbox with a hydrodynamic converter, with the fact that it eliminates losses by "locking" the converter up to almost 90% of the operating time. It combines the advantages of both this concept and dual-clutch transmissions (shifts quickly) and CVT (smooth operation). Automatic transmissions now account for a large proportion of our sales. I recommend trying it at one of the dealers. Jaroslav_ND Good day. I wanted to ask if the new M3 also has a new engine, I mean a two-liter gasoline engine. I would also like to know what the real consumption of such an engine would be during quiet driving. In one test they wrote 6.1 liters, but that seems a bit low to me. And the last thing I would be interested in is how accurate is the consumption measurement on the on-board PC and in reality. Currently, with my car (other than Mazda) I see a difference of about 0.5 - 0.7 liters per 100 km. Thank you. JaroslavGood day, yes – the new Mazda3 has a new SKYACTIV engine. We don't have any driving experience with this car yet to be able to comment on real consumption, but it probably won't be far from the mentioned value. The consumption data on the on-board computer is based on the data of the control unit and the amount of fuel injected, they are considered very accurate, but the manufacturer does not specify the tolerance here. I would not like to comment on your experience with another brand.Patrik NovákGood day, Mr. Director, Why do you not offer a full-fledged family MPV for the transport of 7 people?Thank you in advance for your reply.Sincerely,Patrik NovákGood day, Mazda offers such a car in other markets. However, the European market does not offer usable potential to consider the return of the model to this market. Jan Bojko Good day, Will the new Mazda 3 be offered with all-wheel drive? Thank you in advance for your reply. Best regards, Bojko Jan, Třinec. Good day, we are not considering this variant for Europe. Orech Is it true that more than 6 months will pass from the date of the order for the M3 to the delivery of the car to the customer? Good day, I probably already wrote about it here. We actually ordered a lot of new triples in order to avoid such long waiting times. Jan Good day, I would like to ask if you could answer the question submitted about a week ago by my colleague Luboš regarding playback from USB in Mazdas and the problems associated with it? Thank you. Good day, I answered this question to Mr. Luboš at the beginning of the chat. Céxák Good day, I don't have a question, I just want to write that I have a CX-5 petrol and that it is a great car, thank you for not fooling around with the turbo, that car makes me very happy fun Good luck! Good demo, thanks and I'm glad to meet another fan of gasoline engines and SKY too:) Good luck. Wojti29 Hello, Is Mazda EU going to introduce its 2.5 l engine offering CX-5, as it is already in Russia ? If so, when will it be available? The second question - to appear in the media about the Mazda 3 will the MPS series have a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter engine with 200 hp? Does an engine of this capacity probably also appear on the CX-5? Regards, Hello, I have already answered the question about the 2.5 SKY-G for the Mazda CX-5 - we do not plan such a car in Europe. The Mazda3 MPS is not a real thing at all, so I really can't confirm to you what engine it would have - if it were to come on the market. David Ondráček Hello, I am a long-time user of Mazda cars and, apart from the corrosion, I am basically satisfied. I'm considering replacing the M6 ​​GG with a new M6, but during a longer test drive I was very unpleasantly surprised by the consumption (M6 WGN Revolution 2.2 A/T), with cruise control at 140 km/h, 7.4 l/100 km seemed quite a lot, for how you brag about the super savings of Skyaktive. I would also like to knowif the future CX-3 will also be 4x4 and God forbid in some lower equipment, so that it does not turn out like the Juke, when you can buy a 4x4, but only with the most powerful turbo petrol and in the highest equipment, so the resulting price is over 600,000 and surprisingly it is not sold that way . Thank you Good day, Mr. Ondráček, I do not yet have any specific information about the Mazda CX-3 model, i.e. not even about the composition of the model range. The question of corrosion should no longer be a problem for current cars, I think that the consumption of the car you tested is lower on a long-term average, which is also confirmed by cars of the same specification operating in our area. I recommend a longer test. This is why you should buy a Mazda 3 with a 2.0 engine when the Kia ceed 1.6 GDI/Hyundai i 30 1.6 GDI is 90 thousand more. CZK or 80 thousand CZK cheaper and has a more powerful engine, an equally pleasing body, a nicer instrument panel (for the Mazda 3, journalists write that the one with the tachometer is better, but both are not very good), and both the technical solutions used and the equipment are very similar. So why the Mazda 3, if the sale will not be supported by some special discount? Thank you for answer. Eto Good day, I cordially invite you to take a test drive to convince you. The two competitors you mention have slightly different equipment than the Mazda3, and if we compare the Mazda3 Challenge 1.2 G120 model with both competitors, then after taking into account the differences in equipment, the new Mazda3 really comes out 10-15% higher. However, this price difference is amply compensated by excellent driving characteristics, significantly lower consumption and an audio system with full connectivity. An audio system with full connectivity will allow you to stay in touch with your surroundings via SMS, Facebook, Twitter, email or, for example, listen to Internet radio from around the world. Both the models you named are certainly very high-quality cars, and are capable competitors of the cheapest cars in the segment. The ambition of the Mazda brand is to compete with the best in the segment, including premium brands.JimmGood day, you can already download the price list for the new Mazda 3 on the mazda.cz website. When will the brochure (catalog) also appear? Hello Jim, the Madza3 model catalog will be available for download on our website in November. LakilakiALZ s.r.o. PO, SK01256475 Thanks, according to the VIN I did not find all the information about the order. Anyway, a while ago I asked my colleagues from Prešov to contact you immediately and we could successfully close the matter. pavel Good day! I have been looking everywhere and would really like to know about the mazda cx3? I'm mainly interested in the year or month of production or sales, I'm interested in a troika, but I want to wait for the cx3 as well. Thank you Pavel Good day, Pavel, we do not yet have any detailed information about the Mazda CX-3 model, so it will definitely not go on sale in the next 2 years. If you are interested in the Mazda3 model, I highly recommend visiting your nearest dealer next week (from 23/10), where the car will be available, including the possibility of a test drive. :), but our dealers also give me a lot of them. But I have to admit that I am happy about such interest in our zančka. Honza, Good day, thank you for answering our questions. I would also like to ask if it is possible to assume that when the new Mazda CX-5 is introduced at the end of 2014, when it might go on sale? If it could move to the middle of 2015 or even earlier or later. I understand that this is only an estimate, but I appreciate that as well. Thank you Good day, Honzo, this is really only an estimate, unfortunately we do not have detailed information yet, but I assume that it will be possible to order a new phase already after the holidays. If it should be earlier, you will certainly learn about it from our communication.Wojtek Hello, Mazda to introduce or lock the doors from the inside, as is the case in cars for the USA. at the door handle. miro Greetings from Slovakia, Mr. Director, since December, thanks to you, I will own my third Mazda, I have 3 models from 2004 to 2010, and since December 2013, it is clear from this what the premna means Mazda, I just don't know what it means for Mazda, and my problem is the error at 0610 immediately an hour after 3 years of warranty until today in 2004, no one can fix it, only replace the control unit for 3000 and the car is not for sale, you have to admit that it is not a good rekiama for mazda advise Good day, so first of all I apologize for "knocking" without text. Unfortunately, I don't exactly understand the problem you describe. Can you please describe it, I'm sorry and thank you Jarda V. Good day. Mazda is coming back with its models in the limelight, both in terms of design and, above all, technology. I want to ask what kind of success you predict for the new Mazda 3 on the Czech market. Thank you. Good day, thank you for the recognition. Regarding the future of the new Mazda3 - our plan is mainly to significantly strengthen the segment of the lower middle class. Honza, Thank you for the answer regarding the date of the new CX-5, unfortunately it is not clear to me from your answer whether you mean the holidays of 2014 or 2015. Please clarify and thank you for your willingness. Good day Honzo,the new phase will be available to order already after the 2014 holidays.MPS or RSAfter the multiple successes of the Mazda 6 SKYACTIV-D in Grand AM series races (category GX), after all the positive test results of the series Mazda 6 SKYACTIV-D 150 & 175 in print all over the world (in the USA, they say they can't get enough of SKYACTIV-D engines anymore), after all the information that no new SKYACTIV-G Turbo-Motor is on the way, after endless silence about the potential new Mazda 6 MPS, not only I would be very pleased if the new Mazda 6 MPS came to the market within the next 2 years -> and it could quite easily be the SKYACTIV-D 220-250 version (with the powerful SKYACTIV-D engine, the person behind the wheel feels really sporty)... and hopefully also with the SKYACTIV-Drive automatic transmission... so it wouldn't have to be at all "expensive" SKYACTIV-G Turbo-Motor ….simply any feasible Mazda 6 MPS will be better than no Mazda 6 MPS….How do you personally see the chances of introducing Mazda 6 MPS in the next 2 years (with a facelift of the current version)? Thank you for your opinion. Good day, based on the information I have at my disposal, I can say that I do not see the launch of the Mazda6 MPS as likely. Good day, Mr. Director. I own a Mazda 323 that is more than 10 years old. It's time to replace it and the new Mazda 3 is simply fantastic. Is Mazda planning an "old for new" promotion or, possibly, any special introductory prices for this model, as is the case with the competition? Hello, thank you for your loyalty. We do not have an event of the type you mention centrally, but you can certainly contact one of our dealers. Cheetos Good demo, first of all I have to tell you that Mazda is my very favorite brand. Because the quality of the cars is really not at a high level. I have a question if Mazda is preparing a minicar in the near future. Hello, the smallest model that we will be importing to Europe in the foreseeable future is the Mazda2 model. for the USA, he replied that it is no longer possible: Hello, the function of closing the doors from the inside is part of the standard equipment of all our cars - with a button on the door handle. I was more about whether Mazda will introduce a separate button on the control panel from the driver, just like that does in a car for the American market Hello, the versions for Europe will remain in the existing variant, the button on the control panel will remain reserved for customers behind the big puddle.-epz- Hello, Mazda is going to make the new models 3 and 6 into such interesting cars again that for example, were there Mazda 3 MPS or Mazda 6 MPS in the past? Thank you. Hello, I have already answered similar questions, we hope for the Mazda3, nothing like this is going to happen with the Mazda6. I'll just add to yours that I myself (but according to the feedback from the public and journalists I'm not the only one) find both models interesting anyway :-)p_t_rdobry day, why is the base model Mazda CX-5 offered in the Czech Republic at a much lower price than in Slovakia. The difference is abysmal ... Good day, I understand the eternal comparison of prices in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but today each market behaves differently and independently. Prices are set taking into account the situation in the segments in the respective country, and the exchange rate of the crown and Euro also affects us. Daniel Matušek Good day, I am considering buying a new family. cars up to 450t I am handicapped, so the requirements are 2 - an automatic and at least a 400l trunk - 2 children. Does Mazda have anything to offer? Hello, the closest to your requirements is the new Mazda3, in the Sedan version, with a luggage compartment of 419 dm3, with an engine 2 ,0 SKYACTIV G120, with a six-speed automatic transmission, at a price of NOK 469,900. The second option from our offer, which is closer to your requirements, is the Mazda5 spacious car, with a huge luggage compartment, side sliding doors, 1.8 engine, automatic transmission, all with an extraordinary discount of 100,000 CZK. Such a large and well-equipped car will then cost 518,900 NOK. Any Mazda dealer will gladly prepare a specific offer for you. MartinPan miro from Slovakia seems to be solving a problem with the not very reliable beta version of the Bosch EDC-16 unit, which was installed in the first Mazda 3 1.6 MZ-CD equipped with DSC. This unit was replaced with a newer type sometime in late 2004, early 2005. According to what he writes, it became apparent after the 3rd warranty check and nobody has solved it to this day. Hi Erik, I wanted to ask why Mazda has only one branch in Olomouc? Don't you think about another store? It's quite a big city, a lot of acquaintances have Mazdas and they said that could another branch be opened here that would not be as integrated as the current one.. and I am not looking for someone to join the team? write a mechanic.. :) thank you for your reply. Good day Erik, hiring new dealers has certain rules, such as location, availability, potential of the region etc. We are not considering two dealers in Olomouc. Whether they are looking for a mechanic at AMH is more of a question for our dealer, Mr. Sedláček. arcalimon Hello, I'm a big fan of Mazda cars, but I want to ask, do you check authorized service centers?do they fulfill what they have? I am personally satisfied with one of the three authorized services. I think they have a lot to improve on their approach to the customer. During the warranty check, in one service they will give you oil that matches the specifications in the car manual, and in the second service they fill the car with oil of a different viscosity. Thank you. Good day, thank you for your favor Mazda. The services have prescribed standards and procedures issued by the manufacturer, the fulfillment of which is continuously checked, for example in the form of mystery shopping. A customer-oriented approach is a basic prerequisite....I agree. Dealers and repairers undergo a number of trainings in this area, I believe that most of the knowledge is applied. Support a service that you are satisfied with by visiting. SumiWhat Mazda and sport? Somehow I don't register her..Isn't that a shame? Rivals from Japan are always very involved..Practically everyone..Honda, Toyota, Subaru, Nissan and Mitsubishi..Hello, Mazda deals with sponsorship issues locally. In Italy, for example, Mazda sponsors Fiorentina, in Ireland it supports a rugby club - in Britain it participates in circuit races with a Mazda MX-5 GT or sponsors aerobatics. In the Czech Republic this year we organized a small championship with a Mazda MX-5, but we have long-term cooperation with SOS children's villages. However, we are not preparing any large sponsorship projects. Hello Zalmando, can you issue a certificate of conformity for an individually imported Mazda 6 from three countries? (Emirates) Thank you. Good afternoon, the certificate of conformity is a European matter, i.e. that it is not available for non-European cars. So we can't put it on display. mazda-fan I read on auto.cz that Mazda doesn't have time to meet demand. How long do you estimate the delivery times for the new Mazda 3? Thank you. Good afternoon, I have already written about availability. The delivery time for the Mazda3 should be up to 4 months, thanks to planned deliveries, from delivery already in November.RudolfVazeny, Mr. Director. First of all, I have to emphasize that I personally am a fan of Mazda and I personally drive a three from 2011, but the new one is simply excellent. I have only one question. I read that, thanks to the fact that Mazda produces everything "in-house" and the bet on SkyActiv is out, it does not have time to cover the demand for its models. So what are the expected delivery times for the new three in the case that the customer wants to individualize, for example, the color? Thank you very much in advance and I wish you a lot of sales success! Good day, I just answered such a question. The delivery time for the Mazda3 should be up to 4 months, thanks to the planned deliveries, starting in November. The previous version of the 2.2 D engine was I think in 3 power versions, 97 kw, 110 kw and 136 kw...As you write, the Mazda 6 with 4x4 drive is being considered. In combination with e.g. 160-170 kw with 2.2 SKYACTIV D, it would be an interesting drive... Thank you. Good day, we do not yet have any detailed information about the more powerful engine variants for the Mazda6 model. Our current 2.2 SKYACTIV D variant with 129 kW and 420 Nm is already one of the most powerful you can buy in the segment. Thanks to twin turbocharging, this engine has a linear onset of power and torque and already meets the Euro6 emission standard. I cordially invite you to take a test drive to your nearest Mazda dealer, where you will be able to try out this car. I sincerely hope that the test drive will completely convince you of the great dynamic characteristics of this car.WinDieselGood day. Is Mazda really working on a 1.6 diesel engine? And if so, when will it be ready, I would assume by next September... There are also rumors that Mazda is working on a diesel engine with a compression of approx. 9:1, where there would be no need to use a DPF or a DeNOx filter... Thank you for the answer. Hello, the answer to your question is secret :-) but it is positive. As for other questions, I really don't have that information available at this time. However, the latest SKYACTIV technology will be presented at this year's Tokyo Motor Show - so we will know more at the beginning of December.ebm007 I have a new Mazda 6 sedan, I find it unbelievable that for playing mp3 songs after turning off the engine, the playback keeps going back to the beginning. According to the response, I'm not alone. Mazda will solve it and when will it solve it. the second question is whether there will be a garden on the sedan or attached to the coffin and when. thank you Hello, unfortunately the matter with the USB cannot be resolved at the moment. I have a positive answer to the second question, we have already solved this matter, just stop by any authorized Mazda dealer. Zdeněk Hello, I like the Mazda brand and almost all other Japanese brands. I see the ND price as a serious competitive disadvantage for all Japanese cars and therefore also for Mazda cars. Are you working on this matter or do you think the ND prices are favorable for Mazda car owners? Thank you for your reply. Good day Zdenek, thank you for supporting Mazda. I agree with you - operating costs are important for purchasing decisions. We evaluate prices and try to be competitive.The manufacturer works with the prices of parts taking into account the "aging" of the respective models. For owners of older cars, we have a Mazda Fair Service program with discounts on parts according to the age of the car. Marek Good day, Mr. Director. I would like to ask when sales of the new Mazda 3 will officially start in Slovakia, and when Mazda plans to launch the smaller diesel 1.6 Sky ActiveD. Good day, Marek, sales of the new Mazda3 in Slovakia have already started, we presented the car a few days ago at the auto show in Inside, where he had great success. The official price list can already be downloaded from our website www.mazda.sk, and it is possible to order the car at all Mazda dealers. The first cars will arrive at the dealers next week, from 23/10, from when it will be possible to test drive the car - to which I cordially invite you. As for the 1.6 SKYACTIV D engine, we do not yet have detailed information. PetrI would like to know why it is not possible to order an independent heater from the factory? I really don't like to have things done and I always buy cars with the highest equipment. Is it not possible to allow a choice between leather seats and velour/fabric even in the highest trims? But keep the electricity and the memory? Thank you. Good day, unfortunately we will not affect this, the independent heating is simply only available as an accessory. We are not even able to influence the choice between leather and fabric seats.Johnny5 Good day, are you considering any action at the beginning of the sale of the Mazda 3? I mean, what about financing, thirds or quarters without an increase? Thank you. Good day, I have already answered the financing. With the new partner, we will try to prepare the event as soon as possible. Viki Good day, will the new MAZDA 3 MPS be produced? What engine will be used? Hello Viki, unfortunately we do not yet have any detailed information about the Mazda3 MPS model.TailorHello, can a spare wheel be placed in a Mazda 6 or Mazda 3 in case of emergency? Thank you.Hello, yes, dealers do offer kits to upgrade this equipment.pm33Congratulations on a new range of super designed vehicles - I succumbed and got a new M6. There are minor flaws, such as USB playback, which always returns to the beginning after restarting the engine, etc. Is Mazda planning any SW modifications in this sense? I would also like other little things, such as a heated windshield, the possibility of folding the mirrors with the key fob, etc. Thank you for your answer. Good day, we are not able to solve USB and playback always from the beginning at the moment. We also do not expect changes in the equipment in the sense you write about.PetrHello, are there also plans for a 4x4 diesel version of the Mazda 6 that would be sold in Europe? Will the CX-7 hole be filled with a model? Thank you. Hello, I have already answered similar questions - 4x4 yes, I would assume that it will also be with a diesel engine. The replacement for the Mazda CX-7 is the Mazda CX-5, which is almost identical in terms of dimensions. Jan Trusina Hello, Mr. Kiriakovský. I can hope that the new Mazda 3, in the sedan version, will also be offered here with a more powerful 2.0 liter Skyactiv-G165 engine. Good day, Mr. Trusin, the most powerful gasoline variant is reserved for the Hatchback version, if you want a really powerful engine on the Sedan version, then I recommend our top engine 2.2 SKYACTIV D, with a power of 150 hp, with a torque of 380 Nm. KB Bratislava I own a Mazda for 12 years, bought from a dealer in Bratislava. Since the change of owner AP BRATISLAVA, as a loyal customer, I do not send offers for the presentation of MAZDA vehicles, nor do I have any other information. mobile address email contact. I use the vehicle for Taxi, I recommended it to clients and two customers bought Mazda vehicles from AP. I buy spare parts elsewhere because the price was always the highest at AP. Why don't I care about current owners of Mazda vehicles, for example favorable prices for spare parts parts. Dad, I can't imagine after-sales service from Mazda. Why didn't they invite me to a single event on Mazda Day. When I went to see the dealer a couple of years ago, I was horrified. The lady who introduced herself as a MAZDA dealer in AP Bratislava- Petržalka was wearing ripped jeans from top to bottom, you can go to discos and then sell Mazda vehicles. Well, something terrible. I didn't see her after that. Who is responsible for decency and who controls contact with clients. Good day, I have to thank you for your loyalty. Both dealers and we send customers from the databases, usually up to 6 years old or active customers. If you no longer go to AP, then you are probably not eligible for this selection. If I may advise, try to register on our website www.mazda.sk to receive news. As for your comment about the sellers in AP, I will pay attention to it and thank you for the warning. Frantisek Hello, will a garden ever be installed on the model 6 combi with Emotion equipment? Thank you František Good day, unfortunately not for a car equipped with Emotion. Wojtek Is Mazda planning to introduce in its models, i.e. CX 5, new points 3 and 6 cameras to monitor the area around the car, called AVM (all view monitor)? Good day, we do not plan this, we consider the rear parking camera is completely sufficient. FrantišekGood day,under what conditions will a possible claim be recognized if I go to unauthorized service centers for warranty inspections (block exception)? Thank you Good day František, if all operations are carried out in the scope and in accordance with the service procedures given by the manufacturer, parts of the given specification and quality are used, the warranty is not affected. However, take into account that during the inspection you also need to check the SW update, set the service interval, etc. The authorized service has all the prerequisites for this and the latest SW is available. miroproblem occurred for an hour after the warranty period when the engine light came on, a friend assured me that it would go out, what sa nothing happened all summer, and then only in the autumn the speedometer stopped showing, so I drive to this day. It is clear that I was also in the service, but I will not comment there. They claim that there are only three such Mazdas in Slovakia, the only thing is to change the control unit and the problem occurs when the car is stationary. Good afternoon , we probably won't solve this via chat. If you are interested - write to us on the Mazda infoline, we will take care of this case. Martin What is it that comparably powerful cars BMW 3er and Audi A4 (I am talking about 130 kW TDI or x20d) achieve better parameters (acceleration, maximum speed) than Mazda 6, which should be lighter? Hello, there are certainly more reasons, acceleration will be greatly affected by the choice of drive - cars with rear drive or even 4x4 will always have better acceleration than any car with front drive, the maximum speed is determined mainly by the choice of gears . Consumption values, maximum speed or acceleration are always a matter of compromise, the goal of the Mazda6 model is to be the best among mid-range cars and approach premium models. I personally invite you for a test drive, I'm sure you'll agree that the difference between Mazdau6 and premium models is certainly much smaller than between Mazda6 and the rest of the segment.Observer Good day. I've been reading questions and answers about the new Mazda 3 here since morning, but please: when will I read more about this model on your website and not just here on Auto.cz? Thank you for your reply. GOOD DAY, SO THIS QUESTION WAS A LITTLE BIT FOR ME. WE LAUNCHED THE NEW CZECH WEBSITE JUST TODAY (THE LINK TO THE NEW MAZDA3 IS NOW ON HP) AND THE SLOVAK WEBSITE WILL FOLLOW AFTER THE LANGUAGE MUTATION IS COMPLETED. Kiriexej Aliakovský Good day. I have been a fan of the automotive industry since I was a child, and I devour information about news on a daily basis. Mazda 6 of the last generation was my hot favorite to buy, the demonstrator with 2.5 petrol captivated me. However, since the six had been on the market for some years and the new one was about to drop, I waited for more information and finally decided to wait with the purchase. However, as often happens, the wait did not end as expected, the baby arrived (which I am very much looking forward to), but the mortgage on the apartment and the ongoing construction of the house messed up my plans, and the necessary 30,000. euros for the new red ball, and I can't find it :). I didn't want to give up and I was looking for a job where a car other than VW would be a benefit, but it's a shame, but in vain. Why is it the case in Czechoslovakia that official badges are somehow not worn? Hello, but you have an interesting nickname... where did you come up with it? :) It's very nice how you think about our brand and model. But the child is a miracle and I congratulate you on it and wish you good health :). Coming back to the brand, you are right that Mazdas are less common in fleets. This is generally true of all Japanese brands. But I believe that with the entry of the new troika we will still fight for this part of the market. :)ttoommOur family has been buying exclusively Mazdas for over 20 years, they are really high-quality cars, but since they don't sell larger MPVs, I bought an S-Max. My sister the same. I'm not asking anything, I'm just stating that the segment of large MPVs suits me. Good day, we are very happy for every long-term fan of Mazda. You're right, we don't have a larger MPV on offer and we don't plan to have one. PavelT. Hello, I'm thinking of buying a Mazda 3 and I'd like to ask if you've tried using 100 octane fuel with the Skyactive petrol engines (due to the 14:1 compression ratio they should be able to use it), what was the effect? Alternatively, is the control unit able to operatively adjust the advance, injection time, etc. to a sufficient extent so that the fuel is used as efficiently as possible? Thank you for the answer. Good day Pavel, the documentation states a minimum OČ of 95, stoktan fuel can be used, but without a fundamental effect on the operating characteristics , engine operation is optimized for OČ 95 fuel.Jaroslav What shares are you planning for the end of the year? Are you not planning a promotion for gasoline at the price of diesel, etc.? Good day, clearly the launch of the new Mazda3. Gasoline for the price of diesel no...we would have to make it more expensive :)...but you probably meant it the other way around. Not yet, but in the future? who knows?:)Observer Thanks for the reply. But I recommend you turn off Capslock, otherwise we will read everything in capital letters from now on. Thanks for the warning....so one more time.....NEW MAZDA WEBSITE.CZ IS RUNNING and I turn off CapsLock :) Martin Novák Wouldn't there be a job at Mazda CR somewhere in Zlín? I really like the brand's new philosophy and products and it would be nice to "be there" :) Thank you. Good day, try only our authorized dealers in Zlín - you can find the addresses on our website. David T. Good day, some car manufacturers are tempting clients to do so that their brands are Czech. Hyundai even claims this in their advertising (!) I have a feeling that they are lying to people a bit, because the Škoda brand is also 100% owned by the German VW. Here they only have a factory where they assemble disguised VW cars with with the Škoda logo. What do you think of this unfair advertising strategy? Thank you. So today I can only speak for MAZDA ... and we are a Japanese company. It is not my place to comment on the shootout between Škoda and Hyundai, but there are a lot of third parties who are having a good time :) Wojtek Hello, Mazda believes that the introduction of a more advanced CX-5, all-wheel drive, similar to the S-AWC offered in the Mitsubishi Outlander? Good. day, the all-wheel drive used in the Mazda CX-5 is also proven from previous models with 4x4 and is optimal for this category in the opinion of the manufacturer. vasatkoj It seems to me that Mazda is not at all trying to set up competition against the very popular lower-middle-class station wagon category in Europe ( Golf, Octavia, i30, Ceed). Isn't that a shame? If they put such a model with a price tag of around 400,000, then Mazda's sales numbers would be somewhere else entirely, I think Mazda has a good name... Hello, there are no plans for a new Mazda3 in a station wagon version. One of the reasons is that Mazda is not a fleet brand. And it is in fleet sales that the station wagon achieves by far the highest figures in Europe. Peter Vazeny Mr. Director I really like the new design direction that Mazda has taken. Especially the Mazda 6, which I think is a very good car. I want to ask if the Mazda 6 sales so far have met your expectations. And my second question. If you personally had to say what Mazda 6 predecessors will run benchmarks in their class like the passat, the upcoming mondeo and let's say new models from Korea like the i40 and kia optima. Thank you Good day Peter, thank you for the recognition, the new Mazda6 makes us very happy. Sales amply met our expectations, especially the most powerful and best equipped versions are sold. As for your second question, it is better than hearing it 100 times to try it once, a test drive will give you an unequivocal answer, when you will definitely find out very quickly how the new Mazda6 is different from the rest of the segment and how close it has come to the premium segment. The main difference is in the driving characteristics, they managed to combine low weight, great engines, fast and precise shifting. Add to that the excellent ratio between the price and the equipment, and we have the answer to how it was possible to increase sales in this heavily occupied segment.PetrGood day, when will the CX-9 model be officially on sale in the Czech Republic? Is it already known what the most powerful diesel engines will be? Thank you. Good day, the exact date is unknown. As for the motorization, I can't give exact information yet. jozephko I have a first generation six and I'm thinking about buying a new one. However, it irritates me immensely that better Bose audio is only available in the top-of-the-line Revolution - in every Mazda. And I won't put classic DIN audio systems in the Mazda. Why is it not possible to choose at least an audio system even in lower equipment? Moreover, in a Japanese car made in Japan?! In Japan, which produces high-end consumer electronics? If I were to choose something else instead of Mazda, it would be because of the audio system. Forcing a customer to buy a lot of unnecessary or unnecessary extras (leather, 19-inch wheels) for the sake of quality audio seems very disrespectful to customers. Car radios and speakers could easily be changed in Europe at the central warehouse or directly at the dealers. Good day, thank you for your interest in the new Mazda6, I sincerely hope that you will choose the one from our model range that best meets your expectations. As for possible changes in the model range, I will unfortunately disappoint you there, our possibilities to change the model range are very limited within our region. Certmike_SVKOd by several people discussing here quotes from AutoPalace Bratislava, the service and approach to customers is not very good. I have to join them, and after bad experiences with AP Bratislava (I dealt with only one Mazda6 GH warranty repair there), despite the fact that I go to Autopard Breclav to service my car from BA. I'm curious to see how AutoGrand, the new Mazda dealer in BA, will turn out. Mr. Director, I recommend that you read the Mazda Club forum and you will learn a lot of interesting information about Mazda as such, about how satisfied customers are with Mazda, etc. Good day, I read it or someone points it out to me. However, these are often general comments and I would like to make it more specific. They come somewhere and say, you're doing this wrong, etc. They come back to me with the fact that everyone asks which case we're talking about. That's why I don't object to this information at all. Unfortunately, when it comes to breaking bread, I don't like it that much. please if you wantsend me your experience and I will look into it. I would like our dealers to be talked about better. Slamlu Good day Mr. Director, first of all I would like to praise the Mazda car company very much.. I am a big fan of it and I don't intend to change that. I own an older model of the three, i.e. 323F BJ (year 2000) and I can't praise it enough...it drives like a stunner :). I really like the Mazda 3 MPS II, I would really like one one day...however, I saw some preliminary photos of the 2014 Mazda 3 MPS, could the future Mazda 3 MPS look like this?..well, the TAKERI concept :). Thank you and I wish you much success with the car company. And SKYACTIV atmospheric engines are the right choice in my opinion, sometimes it wants to go the opposite way to the competition.. and exactly as you said "you can't replace volume with anything".. have a nice day ;-) Good day, thank you very much for your praise and understanding of our strategy. I wish you many kilometers with our engines :)Certmike_SVK Good day, you are proud of the new website mazda.cz, but I am missing any information about the Mazda 3, and for the Mazda 6 you have setting options in the configurator as they were in the GH version, that is not very commendable. http://www.mazda.cz/modely/nova-mazda6-estate/specifikace-a-ceny/?bodyType=wagon&grade=gta_plus&engine=2.5%20MZR|6stup%C5%88ov%C3%A1 %20manu%C3%A1ln%C3%ADHello, complete information about the Mazda3 model will be on our website on the day of the launch of the given model - i.e. on 23/10. The configurator will still go through a few modifications, I strongly hope that you will be completely satisfied with the def version. Hello Ivan, how is the CX-7? Will it be and when so when? I'm ahead of the game. generation 6 in the GTA version, i.e. with 18 inch discs. What's stopping you from offering the option of equipping the car with 17s? I've had a flat tire 4 times on empty roads and it's frustrating to wait for a tow truck because it's in the BOSE trunk instead of a spare. Greetings Ivan, the successor to the CX-7 is the CX-5, try to compare car dimensions are very similar. For the spare - as far as I remember, the previous generation M6 GH has the option of equipping 17" discs from the accessories menu. The spare wheel can be placed in the car, try visiting the dealer, he should be able to offer you suitable equipment, or further help in this matter. cudzinec11 Good day ,I don't agree with your answer regarding the safety equipment. For example, such a VW Golf offers adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assistant already in the middle equipment as an optional item for a very acceptable extra charge. Unfortunately, it does not offer a naturally aspirated engine. I do not like Mazda's attitude that systems that prevent knocks , are in the lower trims, but the systems that can save life are only for the wealthy. It has nothing to do with safety... Hello, of course we would like to be able to fit all the safety equipment - including those the most expensive ones - straight into the basic version. Unfortunately, the enormous pressure on prices, combined with the import duty on cars imported from Japan, forces us to compromise. That is, we have the most expensive equipment elements as part of the standard equipment of the more expensive versions, then we put the maximum possible into the lower versions .Ondřej Klauser Dear Mr. Kiriakovský, Thank you for your answers today. But I was very surprised by your statement about the absence of a "tunnel for skis" or a system for folding the backrests in a ratio of 40:20:40 in the model 6. The Mazda 6 does not have such a system for passenger safety, while it does not matter in the CX-5?? So why does the Model 6 even have 60:40 folding backrests when there is also a "danger" of carrying skis there? It is perhaps the responsibility of every driver to properly secure the load before the trip. Here, on the other hand, Mazda is letting points slip away compared to the competition. You can't fit four pairs of skis into normal ski passages, such as those used by the Volkswagen Group. If you are traveling in threes, the passage is no longer necessary, as it is enough to fold down one part of the rear backrest. If the Mazda 6 had backrests that could be folded in a ratio of 40:20:40, it would be its only advantage compared to most cars. It's already standard at Volvo or BMW, it's a shame... Hello, if I remember correctly, I wrote that in the CX-5 the rear seat is split 40:20:40 for reasons of variability, not that there is a tunnel. I agree that this may turn us off for some clients and I understand that it is a "useful" issue, but the manufacturers simply do not like the possibility of flying skis in the cabin and I confess that I understand them too.Martin I agree with Mr. Peter on this , that the Mazda 6 4x4 version deserves higher performance. Just look at the Peugeot/Citroën/Ford/Jaguar competition, which is capable of 147 kW/150 kW even in the single turbo version. Or if we're talking about twin turbos, there's the BMW x25d and Mercedes x250, which can do even more from two liters. I still own a 136kW Mazda 6 GH myself and I don't deny that the new 129kW SKYACTIV-D is more torquey, however it is tuned very very ecologically. Hello, the Mazda6 4x4 is not here yet - I think we will have to wait for the evaluation of the combination of engines and this drive :-) Jany Good day, I want to praise Mazda's direction and also,that you are building an honest atmospheric gasoline engine and not a "small-volume turbo wave". The CX-5 is one of the most beautiful SUVs on the market, and the Mazda 3 will most likely be my next car.. Question about the Mazda 3, are there plans for a smaller SUV, a CX-3 or something similar in the future? If someone has already asked, I apologize in advance. I wish Mazda much success. Good day, thank you for the praise. Unfortunately, I cannot comment on the smaller SUV at the moment. Thank youPetrGood day, both with the Mazda 6 of the previous generation and with the current one (I have a 2.2 Skyctiv-D AT), I have a problem with the current fuel consumption indicator. After, for example, a sharp start, a higher reading is displayed (up to 2.5 l/100 km), even if the gas pedal is not pressed, when the value should be 0.0. At my dealer, they told me that "it's just the way it is". Could you please advise me who to contact regarding this matter? Thank you very much. Good day Petra, this is rather a question for our training technician, if you leave me an e-mail contact through our website www.mazda.cz, we will give you information about the calculation logic for this parameter. alda Good day, would it be possible through the dealer how to get a control sw for the M3 1.5 Skyactive with 88kW like it has in the Asian market? Thank you. Good day, Aldo, I definitely do not recommend any interventions in the control unit, and we definitely do not recommend it to Mazda dealers either. If you are interested in a more powerful engine, the 2.0 G120 version with 88 kW and 210 Nm of torque is available. The price difference is definitely not such that, even theoretically, it would be worth replacing the control unit and the loss of the engine warranty that is inevitably associated with it. Lubos I have information that the aerodynamic noise of the new Mazda 6 is already being dealt with by technicians at Mazda's European headquarters in Leverkusen. You claim that you do not know about this problem. So where is the truth? Hello, we do not claim to be ignorant of anything. We have indeed noted these complaints and informed the European head office in accordance with the standard procedure. What we are saying is that this is a subjective feeling, which is paradoxically reinforced by the fact that the new engines are quieter. Aerodynamic noises can then be perceived more intensively. I drove the car for 6 months and personally did not notice anything. On the contrary, I had the gasoline version and I was positively surprised not only by myself, but also by my passengers. Kubata Good day, I am a very satisfied owner of my 2nd Mazda car (now M6/2010). I like the new models 6 and 3 very much, I just don't understand why the interior storage spaces are limited compared to the old models - specifically in the doors (I mean the opposite trend to many European cars). If you don't count the space for the bottle, you probably can't even store a window scraper! And that really bothers me. Hello K. Good day, we are not able to do anything with the internal arrangement of the car at our level. Inputs from all markets are of course regularly sent to headquarters - but the final product is up to the Japanese engineers.RobertGood day. I've been waiting for my CX-5 since April, during that time a lot of questions come to mind. I would like to ask - where and how do cars travel to the Czech Republic? Directly by boat through Panama? Where to Europe? Trains or trucks to the Czech Republic? Thank you. Good day Robert, the cars travel from the production plant in Japan via the Suez Canal to the port in Antwerp, and are then transported to the Czech Republic by trucks. Please check with your Mazda dealer for the delivery date of the car. I only wish you happy kilometers with the CX-5.Radek Good day, when I bought a new Mazda 6, I was promised that there would be an option to order independent heating for this model. But to this day, this item is still not in the list of approved accessories. Can you please let me know when this necessary accessory will be approved? Thank you. Hello Radek, you are right, this accessory is currently in the final stages of testing with the car manufacturer and we still expect it to appear on the menu for this "heating" season. Thank you for your understanding. Roman Pánek Good day, I have been the owner of a new Mazda 6 with two-liter gasoline since the summer. he steered me towards the gasoline variant. Thanks Mazda for such a car. And I wish you much success in the future. Good day, Mr. Pánek, thank you for your positive reaction and for your wishes. The 2.0 petrol engine is really great and accounts for over 40% of Mazda6 sales. Your achieved average consumption completely confirms the experience of our dealers with the given engine. I wish you many happy kilometers and may the new Mazda6 serve you well. KrisOhladom Your calls: "Often these are general comments and I would like to make them more specific." It concerned AutoPalace Bratislava. First warranty inspection of Mazda 3 in 2008 - time estimate 6 hours, price 8000 crowns. I completed a "waiting" at another dealer for a price of about 45%. Buying a car: The salesman warned me in the very first sentence that the prices were higher than in the price list he gave me.He hid the pre-home promotion (quite a significant discount) - I learned about it the next day from another dealer. During my attempts at "bargaining" when talking about accessories, he was downright disgusting - he even wanted to sell me the mandatory equipment at a crazy price. When I asked about financing, he gave me a table - that was all. The knowledge about the cars being sold was pathetic. And multiply that by three, because I was there with two other people who wanted to buy a Mazda and in the end they were glad to leave the Showroom. One of them bought a Mazda in Presov, the other went to another brand. Good day, thanks for the info you provide. I certainly don't like what you write and therefore I would ask you, if you are interested, for the VIN of the car, the date of the visit to the dealer (I need to check which action should have been valid) and the name of the person who serviced you. Again, preferably via the infoline with by referring to this chat. If I understood correctly, you are talking about service experience and the financing request was related to sales. Is that so? BrontosaurusHyundai in the Czech Republic has aggressive advertising against Skoda. In addition, Škoda Auto has a hot problem with managers and their removal. What about you, like Mazda, will now also want to kick the "dying animal" from Boleslav? Hello, I have answered more than 280 questions. Did you get the impression that I am the one who needs to realize myself like this on someone, or act like this on behalf of the Mazda company?MerryIsn't the launch of the Mazda3 on the market an ideal opportunity to show customers that it is a really good car? Perhaps by placing it in front of a Škoda showroom? What do you think, did you think of this possibility? Hello, we certainly do not go for any comparison drives, but I will not comment on this game any more. Jan Vazeny Mr. Director The current trend of most customers is to buy a diesel engine. My question is, do you think the diesel engine is really more useful? if you could compare your most powerful engines 2.2D and 2.5G. Which one would you choose as more valuable when you compare the long-term costs of both models for service, fuel, spare parts, etc... Hello, I have already written this several times. My clear favorite is the 2.5G, which I drove for half a year with a consumption of 7.4-7.5 liters/100Km. The advantage of this solution is that it is 50,000 crowns cheaper than the diesel version. But if you drive more than 100,000 km in three years, then the situation turns a little in favor of the diesel version. As my friends say directly with enthusiasm, "the diesel pulls", but I'm already a few years old and so I prefer the refinement of the gasoline version. JustVladik There are plans for a successor to the RX-7 or RX-8? Hello, unfortunately we have no information on this. Karel Doležal, Mr. Director, when will the new Mazda5 or another Mazda car with 7 seats be on the market in the Czech Republic? Hello, I have already answered this question several times. We have no information about the new Mazda5 and we have no plans to bring a larger SUV to Europe. Cuba Dear Mr. Director, Given that Mazda cars are generally very reliable vehicles and in my opinion, they are on the right track when it comes to weight reduction and advanced development of naturally aspirated engines. In addition, the design is also excellent (which is not always the rule for Japanese cars). So, shouldn't a brand with such undeniable qualities work on marketing and thus become more aware of people, so that, say, within a few years it gets into the top ten sales by brands? As a director, what is your goal in terms of future sales? Where would you like to move the brand further and what needs to be worked on? Thanks for the reply. Good day, thanks for the compliment. Of course, we try to place all our strong elements of SKYACTIV technology both in communication and to make maximum use of them in PR. According to the inquiries today, it can be seen that the design of KODO and SKYACTIV is already quite well known and popular. It's nice that you'd like to see us finish 10th overall, but let's be realistic, we don't have models in every segment. We are more interested in the results in the segments where we are represented. At Mazda6, we were fifth in August and seventh cumulatively since January. The CX-5 model has been in eighth place since January. So maybe it's not so bad with us, what do you say? Petr P. Good day, I would like to ask you to explain the business policy of the Mazda car company. I see this brand as interesting in the price/performance ratio, but what I cannot understand is why Mazda is almost the only one to bet on a combination of manual transmission/diesel and automatic/gasoline, although the general trend is exactly the opposite. I understand that it is good to be original, but why exactly in this direction? Thank you in advance for your answer and I wish you much success in your work. Good day, Peter, I do not understand your question a little about the new generation - that is, we have the CX-5, M6 and the new M3 in offer of the SKYACTIV transmission in both manual and automatic versions, both with gasoline and diesel engines. So, we are able to offer both petrol and diesel with both variants of gearboxes. Jan Hello, was the Mazda 3 tested in the Czech Republic as well? Hello,not yet - even though Czech journalists have already driven the Mazda3. The Czech premiere of the car is planned for the beginning of November - then the Czech media will also get the cars for testing. Jan Nice afternoon, is it possible that the new Mazda CX-5 will get a new audio, just like the Mazda 6 and a HUD display like the new Mazda 3? Thank you. Good day, Hon, we don't have any definitive information yet, but it is highly likely that the new audio system will be part of the facelift scheduled for the end of last year. čenek vlach Hello, Mr. Director, how do you win most of the comparison tests and so much is written about Mazdas? Probably a good PR section (STS Chvojkovice-Brod), right? Thanks and it's going well, cv Good day, I think we have a good PR department, even if it's not from Chvojkovice or Brod :). And about that question, try asking the car journalists. Have you seen my photos here? It certainly won't be because of my blue eyes. We simply have good cars and journalists know it, they are still convinced of it and evaluate them in this way. I must thank them for their objectivity. fuel. I am interested in the CX-7, i.e. an SUV with a combination of diesel vs. probably the best-selling machine of all brands. Thank you and greetingsPetr P. So in this case I would probably recommend diesel. The petrol version was amazing, but a bit immodest:)Iggy Good day, I own a 2007 M5 where the control unit update came in the very first year, which shortened the time between filter regenerations from approx. 300 km to 150 km. How is the latest generation of DPF filters? I am interested in the interval and time of regeneration, the ability to perform this process with alternating current (operation in the city). I'm also interested in whether Mazda still uses the unfortunate "bufik" (eberspacher) to warm up the engine or has a more elegant solution. It happened to me more than once that passers-by called firemen to me with the intention of saving me from a smoking car. Hello, DPF regeneration takes place according to an algorithm that compares the pressures before and after the DPF and at the same time meeting the required driving mode. The interval is not determined by kilometers, the effort is of course to extend it as optimally as possible. Additional preheating is not used in today's cars, preheating is done electrically in some models. milan Good day, I want to ask about Mazda 6 and 4x4, I read that it is a question of time, but what exactly does that mean? until the end of 2013, 1st quarter of 2014? Good day, unfortunately I can't be more specific about this - but we really won't make it by the end of 2013...Veronika, Mr. General, is there going to be a demonstration event in Zlín in the near future... Good day, what concerns the local actions of our dealers, I recommend contacting them directly. You can find the contacts on our website.marcusGood day. I am the owner of a Mazda 2, with which, unfortunately, I have nothing but good experience, I had a problem (to this day unresolved) with the noise of the rear shock absorbers, but at first the service refused to deal with this problem at all! Later, there was a problem with a damaged radio, which the service refused to acknowledge (they said they couldn't simulate the malfunction), but when the warranty expired, they immediately found the malfunction, but I already had to pay for it! After these experiences, I said to myself that I was done with Mazda... It was a very unfair approach in both cases. Good day, I am sorry for your experience, if you write to me via www.mazda.sk for more information, we will look into the matter. Thank you. Micky If you could choose, what would you do other than director of the Czech Mazda? And please honestly and truthfully. Thank you. Good day, thank you for a very nice question. You know, I was probably lucky in my life that I really enjoyed what I did and still enjoy it. If you are well evaluated and not only financially, you don't often think about it. And now is the time when I enjoy my work, I take care of an amazing brand, the European head office considers MMCZ and MMMSK to be very successful branches within Europe, and the team around me is the best I've ever had. I'd probably just make it up and I don't want that right now.irisDo you have any animals at home? Thanks. Yes, daughter, dog and cat. The order fits:)Hulic Lada I read that you shoot? Whom? :) I'm shooting at nobody, I'm shooting at asphalt pigeons and it's good that you didn't ask if I was hitting :). I didn't shoot at anything alive and I don't want to either. Laďas Good day, I own a 2002 Mazda 6 2.0, I had the opportunity to drive both successors of this car and I can say that neither model drives as easily as my vehicle. In addition, I know that if I drive very decently, I am able to get to the level of 6.5 l per 100, I normally have 7.9. Will you ever produce a similarly good car, with the same driving characteristics and the same engine? Hello, Laďas, it is already being produced and can be tested at our dealers - the new Mazda6 is really amazing. Mr. Jozef, I will ask you a question that does not specifically concern Mazda. I want to ask you what you drive in real life? And what is your opinion on the fact that some of your colleagues (general managers of other brands) drive something other than what they sell.I will give an example that someone stresses the sale of a Skoda but a VW and at the same time drives a Mercedes S or BMW 7 as much as he can afford. Good day, I already wrote, I only drive Mazdas. What others do, I'll leave it to them, but I also wrote that I profess loyalty and this also applies to it a little. The Stefič M3 and M6 is perhaps the only car that is "unspoiled" in terms of design among the latest Japanese models. However, don't you consider it a bit unfortunate that you don't give customers the option, or that there is only a minimal possibility of customization? You don't think that this deficiency can be behind the low sales of, for example, the M6 ​​in the Czech Republic. Hello, the smaller possibility of individualizing the car when ordering is simply typical for Japanese cars. But I think that we have the equipment levels very well set - and this is certainly not such a big obstacle. Pepa, Mr. Director. Have you driven the most powerful car in your life and do you have any dream piece of car that you would like to own? Hello, you know I don't even know. I'm not a fan of the most powerful versions. If I want something, it would be a veteran or youngtimer with good design.Josef Good day, I have to praise your new website. It just amazes me that the new M6 will be the cheapest at 584,000. When it started to be sold, it was for 539 thousand. Why is it more expensive now and, for example, you can't order a petrol engine in the TE equipment? Good day Josef, thank you for the compliment. An error crept in, thank you for the warning, we will fix it. The first price is 539,900 CZK, and we will fix the other prices as well. Peter, Mr. Director, I want to ask you. If you were to compare the Slovak and Czech markets. In what proportion do I participate in your sales and financial results? by how much does the CZ market surpass the Slovakian market in terms of turnover? Thank you. Good day, generally the old "federal" division of 2:1 applies, both in terms of volumes and revolutions. Станислав (Greetings from Vychod) Good day, I am thinking about buying an M3 2.0 88 kW, the design is really good, the engine is great, the interior is also up to par . But what really repels me is the 7" display protruding from the instrument panel. In my opinion, it is a lure for criminals and at the same time limits the view from the car, or distracts the driver's attention. Is there by any chance some minor modification of the interior planned so that the display does not protrude so much? Thanks .Hello, I have already answered this question - so I am sending the same answer: The location of the connectivity module, as Mazda calls this element, is in line with today's trend, I believe that there will be no problem with it in our market as well. The module is unusable without the other components, which is also a message for potential non-leavers.... For all cases, we also offer a basic design with a regular radio display without a large screen. Dear Mr. Director, somehow Mazda deals with problems with playback from USB in Mazda, when after starting it plays from the first song and many users very irritating to the point that they are writing petitions in the world? Thank you Good day, I have already answered this question many times - unfortunately we are not able to solve this matter at the moment, but believe me we are trying to do so at all levels. jindrap director how is your daily life working day? In your opinion, do you have enough time for your family, hobbies, etc.? Hello, I'll start a little from the end. I usually only have time for my family and hobbies on the weekend, and there isn't much of it. I'm at work all day, but I'm not one of those people who always say I have too much to do, I don't have time, etc. I'm in charge of CZ and SK, so I also spend a lot of time traveling. I have already written that I enjoy my work and that I am well evaluated and evaluated for it. I'm happy for my work and I wish as many people as possible could say that. Family life suffers because of it, you hit the mark Jindro.Lubos Good day, maybe a bit delicate question: how much freedom does the importer have when creating equipment levels and combinations with engines? When I look at Poland, there is a much larger selection of equipment/motorization combinations (Mazda6 in particular). If I were to decide on an M6 in the future, it is quite likely that I will buy a car in PL for the above reason... Hello, Europe is divided into several regions in this respect, so we have a certain possibility to comment on the composition of the model range within our region. From this point of view, my colleagues in Poland belong to a different region, so the composition of the model range is different. Veronika, I read that you not only react by shooting, but also enjoy golf. You are as successful in golf as you are in shooting..... Good day Veronika, I wouldn't talk about success at all, it's more about the relaxation :)MichalHello, will the new Mazda 3 2.0 165k be offered with an automatic or is the offer final? Thank you, MichalGood day, it won't happen, the offer is final. a TV campaign is planned. Of course, we will not be able to reach the endless advertising series of the mentioned brands in terms of volume, but I believe that you will like the campaign:)Lubos Good day,do you have any statistics, how many % of users complained about the corroding bodywork in individual generations of M6 and how successfully (from the customer's point of view) and how concretely Mazda solved this technologically (I don't know how generation-wide and how "piecemeal") problem? Why does Mazda use a different painting technology than other car manufacturers (a higher type of paint or a lower hardness of the paint than other car manufacturers)? (A question about prevention, not about the 12-year warranty on rusting of the bodywork) Thank you, Good day Luboš, of course, the manufacturer evaluates this issue on an ongoing basis and takes the appropriate steps in the production and construction of other cars.JosefGood day, what do you say about the merger of showrooms and service centers? E.g. Mazda and Hyundai are now together in Karlovy Vary. A customer comes to look at a Mazda and ends up with a competitor. Good day Josef, we operate in an environment that does not prohibit so-called multi-branding, although we may not like it. We believe that even in showrooms with multiple brands we will find our place.Director of Mazda CR and SR Alexey Kiriakovský answered to your questions