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What all needs to be done before and after the baby is born?<

Before the birth:

– apply for maternity allowance

Whether a woman is employed or self-employed, she is legally entitled to cash assistance during maternity leave for the entire period of maternity leave (Labor Code § 195). The condition is proper payment of health insurance for 270 days for the past two years for employed women and 180 days for the last year for self-employed persons. In the first case, the employer pays the insurance, in the second, the payment is on the female entrepreneur.

If the conditions are met, a woman starts maternity leave 6-8 weeks before giving birth. The document of entry, which is the Application for financial assistance in maternity, is issued by the attending physician and the woman hands it over to her employer. He sends that document to the social administration branch under which he falls as an employer.

Even women studying will not be left without financial help during maternity. The period of study, however successfully completed, is also included in the mandatory 270 days of health insurance payment.

The duration of maternity leave is 28 weeks. If a woman gives birth to more than one child, the period is extended to 37 weeks. If the child's father will draw cash assistance in maternity, the duration is 22 weeks, for multiple children 31 weeks. This is because the father can draw cash assistance in maternity until 7 weeks after the birth.

After birth:

– apply for parental allowance

Parental allowance is applied for at the labor office (department of state social support) after the end of maternity leave, which is followed by parental leave. Its statutory amount is a total of CZK 220,000 and is conditional on the permanent care of the child up to a maximum of 4 years of age. The parent decides for himself how long the parental allowance will be drawn, whether for two, three or four years. However, the duration of the drawdown can be changed during parental leave after three months.

Parental allowance can also be applied for on the day of the child's birth, if the right to receive maternity allowance has not arisen. However, parental allowance is automatically allocated for a period of four years. The same applies to self-employed persons who did not pay for sickness insurance and were also not entitled to cash assistance during maternity leave.

What to do before and after the birth of a baby?

The child's birth certificate, the parents' identity card and proof of the duration of the payment of maternity allowance are required to process the parental allowance. In case of rejection of cash benefit in maternity, statement about this fact. In addition, it is necessary to document a confirmation of the amount of income from the employer.

– apply for maternity allowance

An application for maternity allowance is also submitted to the labor office (department of state social support). As of January 1, 2015, the amount is CZK 13,000 for the first child, and the birth allowance is CZK 10,000 for the second. The amount is determined by law and is paid in one lump sum within 30 days from the date of declaration.

– request a birth certificate

The birth certificate is issued by the relevant registry office according to the child's place of birth, and parents should arrange for it to be issued as soon as possible after leaving the maternity ward.

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– register your child for statutory health insurance

Parents must also not forget to register their child for statutory health insurance with the health insurance company. He must do so within 8 days after the birth of the child, exclusively with the health insurance company with which his mother has contracted statutory health insurance. Registering a baby in the health insurance system is done by filling out an application with a specific health insurance company and can be done very easily online via computer. With one of our health insurance companies, registration is possible here: www.zdravijakovasen.cz.

Registration of the child is free of charge, but in case of failure to register for the statutory health insurance, the parents risk a fine of up to CZK 10,000.

If the mother-to-be decides to change her health insurance company during her pregnancy, but the baby is born before the transfer date, she must register it for statutory health insurance with her existing health insurance company. At the same time, he can submit an application to his new health insurance company, and from the earliest possible date of transfer, both will be insured with the same health insurance company.

– register the child to pay for municipal waste collection

Another important duty of parents that they should not neglect. You must register your newborn baby for payment for municipal waste collection at the relevant municipal office in your place of residence.

– apply for child benefit

You can apply for child benefit if the family has little financial resources. Decisive for awarding this benefit are the incomes of the father, mother, but also the children, who have, for example, income from a part-time job. Child benefit is only provided for a dependent child, which is a child who attends school and is not gainfully employed. Regular daily study is a condition.