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Jak se vypořádat s nevěrou

We all long for a perfect relationship without a mistake in which there is no room for flirting with another person, let alone for infidelity.Yet many women face unpleasant finding that their partner enjoyed or even enjoyed a long -term with someone third.Not surprisingly, at such a moment, the whole world will collapse and suddenly find itself on the emotional roller coaster.

While one day is forfeited to endless sadness, the next day he wants to forgive the partner and the third day feels hatred.

”Relationships that damaged infidelity do not heal in one night.Even in a week, ”says clinical sexologist Robert Weiss.

That's why it's good if you take the time just for yourself and you will decide if you really want to give your partner relationship a second chance.At the same time, the following five steps will help you solve the consequences of infidelity to make it easier to treat a broken heart.

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1.Don't push your emotions

Did you see in the movie that the cheated woman didn't cry?Do not perceive it as a pattern in any way.On the contrary, it is quite common for you to experience diverse emotional states after revealing infidelity.”In general, overcoming infidelity takes place in the usual phases of sadness: shock/denial;rage/defiance;depression, remorse and acceptance, ”explains Weiss.

So try not to suppress your emotions, and work with them.It is important to deal with small steps with what happened.An experienced psychologist or psychotherapist can also offer you a helping hand.

2.Don't blame yourself

Jak se vypořádat s nevěrou - Novinky.cz

Whether we want it or not, a little worm in our head whispers that we can for infidelity ourselves.Maybe we were pushing too much about a new housing?Maybe we talked to him?Although some self -reflection may be beneficial for your personal growth, the spiral of hard self -criticism and excessive accusation will slow down the healing process.Remember that you are not responsible for your partner's behavior and action.

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3.Do not live the past

As soon as we find that the partner was unfaithful to us, we will start to ask ourselves what others lied to us.We play past conversations, think about his business trips and pursue if he started sports just because he was dating another woman.Nevertheless, you should not deal with the past unnecessarily.

”After the rugged infidelity we feel that everything the partner did and said was a lie.But believe that the obsession of the past is not healthy and certainly will not help your mental mood, ”warns sexologist Weiss for BRIDES.

4.You have the future in your hands

While your partner has butter on your head, you hold ace in your hands.It is up to you whether you want to continue your relationship or decide to leave your partner.According to Robert Weiss, it pays off when you consider all options.”Do you really be sure that infidelity has ended?No longer lying to you?Can we say that in your relationship generally positive emotions over negative?Does the cheating partner want to correct the relationship?Is he willing to work on rediscovery of trust? ”Lists important questions Weiss.

Likewise, think that the decision should be based purely from your beliefs.Don't let friends or your family interfere with it.

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5.Don't be afraid to ask for help

To deal with infidelity is not a walk through the rose garden.On the contrary, this is a long -term process that can exhaust you in both mental and physical terms.That is why it is good if you are not alone in the problem and ask friends or family for help.It doesn't matter if they will help them "mere" presence or will be willows.The important thing is that you will not be left alone to manage infidelity.

"There's nothing worse than sitting alone and drowning in negative thoughts," says Weiss, adding that professional help can offer you a psychotherapist.

”Find a therapist who will listen to you empathically and help you bridge not only your partner's infidelity but at the same time answer your long -term relationship questions.”