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Doesn't the deodorant really work for you?We know what you do wrong!<


As can be seen and unfortunately also feel in mass vehicles or at the end of the shift in a crowded office, Czechs still have a reserve in hygienic habits.To get the sticker Spindle, also read the most common mistakes that you may do!

You fight sweat, but it does not smell

Sweating is a natural physical function whose task is to protect the body from overheating with increased physical activity, stress or in hot weather.The sweat is up to 98 percent of water, the rest are minerals, amino acids or urea - nothing to smell in itself.

An unpleasant odor does not arise by sweating but the presence of microorganisms on the skin.“The bacterium breeding grounds are proteins and fats contained in the sweat produced by the apocrine glands found in the armpits, groin and around the nipples.They are activated only during puberty, which is why sweaty children do not smell.However, from an early age, the ecrine glands are excluded only by watery sweat, ”explains the dermatologist Lucie Růžičková Jarešová from the Dermamedest ambulance.

With adolescence begins not only smell but also leave traces of clothes.Not only wet spots, but also white or yellow spots.When the sweaty clothing dries, salt, proteins and fats in the sweat contained on the fabrics can remain visible.White maps can easily cope with normal washing powder.Oily and harderly removable yellow spots are due to mixing salt and fat from sweat with aluminum contained in anti -sweating products.If the stains bother you, replace the products with those without aluminum and above all to wash the problematic laundry more often, calmly after a single wear.The dried yellow spots are completely no longer unjustified.

And what else can be wrong?

Tohle jsou nemoci, za které může pocení! Jak s nimi bojovat?

Nafouklé břicho, celulitida a nadměrné pocení? Vaše tělo zadržuje vodu!

You knit an antiperspirant and deodorant

Nezabírá vám pořádně deodorant? Víme, co děláte špatně!

If you sweat a little, you need a deodorant - it should neutralize or overlap the odor with perfumed ingredients.Unlike it antiperspirants help alleviate sweating itself.They care most often aluminum salts that turn into gel -shaped in contact with skin and block sweat glands.If you are afraid of aluminum for its alleged connection with breast cancer, you can try the crystals of alum or natural deodorants."The application of Botox to the armpits, after which the sweat glands in this area, can also be a consistent solution, and therefore non -functional," recommends Petra Řehořková from Petr Clinic.

You are not shaving

Shave or not to crash is a dilemma that today solves not only women but also many men.If you want to alleviate odor, the solution is just shaved armpits.In the hairs, bacteria thrives very well, decomposes sweat and odor is here.Even the shaved skin will of course sweat, but the sweat evaporates from it after a while.

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Place of washing layers

When you find that you are targeting, do you apply another layer of deodorant to your armpit?As already mentioned, it does not smell sweat but bacteria that break it down.It is therefore much better to wash the critical place (in need to wipe at least with a damp napkin) before applying against sweating.This will remove most of the bacteria and turn off with odor.

You are wrong to target

People are mostly sweating in the horses, but the critical places are also on the palms and feet, and in women in groin and under the breasts.At rest, a person produces up to one liter of sweat a day, so if you apply an antiperspirant to the armpits, you may prevent spots, but sweat finds out of the body elsewhere else.So do not hesitate to use a deodorant or antiperspirant in other parts.

There are different forms of anti -sweating products, try them.Choose according to what suits you best and works most, but also according to the place where you intend to apply.On the feet is the ideal spray or backfill, the palms are painted with a creamy product that is better absorbed and does not leave a sticky feeling or visible coating on the skin.Under the breasts fits antiperspirant spray, some brands even have in the portfolio that do not leave white stains on clothes.

Better to avoid sensitive head areas and intimate places with common products - try to fight with sweating differently.For example, choose the face instead of a dense day cream with a lighter, gel texture, you will not sweat so much.Also, throw away the synthetic underwear and replace it with cotton, the problem of sweating in sensitive parts will quickly solve - or get the products designed just here.

You don't know who you have the honor of

Do you think that no complex leaflet does not need against sweating?Just spray or paint in the armpits in the morning and is it going?Most products really work like this but not all.Some need to be applied in the evening after taking a shower before you go to sleep, others apply, let it work for a while and then wash.Look rather what product you have just you.

You mistakenly identify odor source

The human body reacts not only to heat and body load, but also to stress, hormonal changes, obesity and strong emotions.Alcohol, smoking, and beware of spicy foods and raw materials (garlic, onions) - they do not have a role - although they do not deteriorate, but they feel significantly in sweat.If you are plagued by this, it is appropriate to remove the odor source (by changing the diet) or in crisis situations to increase the emphasis on hygiene.

You may feel even if you take medication, you are troubled by hypoglycaemia, thyroid diseases, viral or bacterial infections or cancer.Watch if your sweating is out of normal, both in quantities and in situations and places where you sweat.“If, for example, night sweating or heat flush.For excessive sweating, it is necessary to consult with a general practitioner or a skin specialist, ”says Lucie Růžičková Jarešová.

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