• 24/12/2022
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Obstacle Movement are from Mladá Boleslav, but they teach parkour all over the Czech Republic<

Obstacle Movement is a parkour or free running group that was founded in Mladá Boleslav. But now it is expanding throughout the Czech Republic and organizes workshops and lessons where you can learn this interesting sport. It is a modern phenomenon that originated in France. From point A you have to get to point B in the shortest possible time. Acrobatic stunts are regularly used during jumps. This group from Mladá Boleslav took part in the Autumn Bonfire, which was organized for the sixth time by the Milovice Low Prague club and the Low Prague D-club.

Daniel Kohout, founder of the Obstacle Movement

“I am here with Obstacle Movement, which was founded in 2012. I am the founder of this group, we are top athletes from the Czech Republic, who are made up of different corners of the Czech Republic, when we train together. Our place of business is in Mladá Boleslav, where we have regular trainings, now we already have them in several cities in the Czech Republic, be it Turnov, Mnichovo Hradiště, Liberec or we also organize workshops here in Milovice. We go around the entire republic and educate children and teach them parkour, how to start properly, how to train properly so that they don't get hurt."

What is needed for parkour?

"It's not about money, you don't need to have money or be financially secure somehow. What I really like about it is that it's not a sport that you can subsidize or sponsor at the top, it's up to each person. You can of course attend regular lessons or you can just go to town and start jumping. No one limits you, no one tells you what to do and you don't pay anything. That's what I really like about parkour."

Obstacle Movement are from Mladá Boleslav, but teach parkour all over the Czech Republic

Libor Vlach, member of the Obstacle Movement

What can I do if I want to join you?

“You can apply to our academies, where we will divide you according to your skills and we will approach you individually in all the academies according to what you are inclined towards in that parkour. There are so many things in parkour that you can excel at. It's not like basketball where you learn to dribble and shoot and you pretty much just hone and get better at those two skills. But you can really find anything in parkour that you excel at. It goes from salt or pure parkour - climbing over the rocks, climbing over walls and everything like that. This way you can really find your thing in which you will be the best and we will approach you individually, you will improve in it and the best part is that you will enjoy it, because it is a thing that will really work for you and you will not break anything over the knee.'

Do I need to be a gymnast?

"You don't have to, the great thing about parkour is that a really fifty-year-old person who has never had any experience of movement can pick himself up, go out to the park and climb the stairs on all fours, and call it parkour, because it's an activity, which improves you as a person and you prove to yourself the physical activity that you have in you. If you enjoy it and you improve yourself by moving somewhere inside yourself, you also improve yourself."

Local children demonstrated that parkour is already in their blood. Is it standard when you go around similar events that children can do parkour?

"I've been jumping for four years, and at the time, when I started, parkour wasn't like that. I came to parkour when I saw someone do a somersault, so I wondered how it was possible that someone could do something like that. Now, parkour has expanded tremendously over the past four years. What I'm jumping for has developed so much - a much wider community of people are involved in it."

Obstacle Movement even has its own brand of parkour clothing

On the e-shop of this parkour group, you can buy clothing that is directly designed by top athletes. These are t-shirts, designer sweatshirts, sweatpants or interesting accessories.

For those interested in this sport, the Academy is available, where you will learn to control your own body and gain the necessary physical and mental resistance.

Lessons take place in the gym, where interested parties use professional training equipment.

The training is intended for children from the age of six. Learn more HERE.

Parkour is also gaining popularity thanks to YouTubers. Probably the best-known Czech promoter of this sport is Tary. Safety must not be forgotten in this sport. Before you start this sport, you should visit professionals who will recommend tricks to avoid unpleasant injuries. Michal Kvapil, Tývka.cz.

Source: Tývka.cz