• 20/02/2022
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The perfect trick for women who live alone. How do you make sure someone doesn't take advantage of your loneliness?<

The woman, who lives alone, shared her routine on the social network, so that she does not have to worry about someone abusing her life situation.

Silken Chu, who lives in Vancouver, Canada, revealed on the Internet how to behave when you are a woman, you live alone and you need to invite someone home. You can use these tips when you want to fix a sink, paint, hang pictures or something like that.

Silken needed a helping hand to move a heavy piece of furniture into her apartment, but she didn't want the movers to know she lived alone in the apartment.

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Fortunately, she was enlightened by an ingenious idea of ​​how to reliably avert a potential danger. She placed a men's sweatshirt, shoes, and even boxing gloves around the apartment to make it look like she was living with a friend.

So if anyone thought that it might be an easy target, they would probably change their minds very quickly after seeing a pair of boxing gloves from "her boyfriend."

There are no limits to creativity. Of course, you don't have to use exactly the same three things as Silken. Instead of a sweatshirt, a coat, a T-shirt strewn on the shoebox, a shirt or whatever you have on hand will suffice.

If you do not own any men's clothing, it is definitely worth going to a store that sells second-hand clothes and buy some men's pieces there cheaply. It will definitely pay off for you.

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But that's not all

The woman who shared the video on TikTok, which immediately became a complete hit, thought of every detail.

She even found a video of a man's voice, and before the movers arrived, she launched it and placed it in the next room.

So everyone who walks into her apartment is convinced that her boxing friend is right in the next room. This trick seems to be more effective than any security system.

Source: Daily Star

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