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The ten-year-old nude model posed with her mom's approval. The family received $450 for the photos. The ten-year-old nude model posed with her mom's permission. The family received $450 for the photos<

Photographer Garry Gross became most famous for a series of controversial pictures in which a naked ten-year-old model and later actress Brooke Shields (The Blue Lagoon - known in Czech as Modrá laguna, Pretty Baby, Sudden Susan series) posed for him. He got permission for the revealing footage of the little girl directly from her mother, Teri Shields. The family received $450 for them. A few years later, however, Shields sued photographer Gross.

She complained that the circulation of photos of 10-year-old Brooke standing naked in a bathtub was causing harm to her daughter. However, she lost the case, and a series of nude photos circulates to this day. Can we consider such shots as art? Isn't it essentially free child pornography, that is, an attraction for pedophiles?

The article is the story of Garry Gross and his infamous photo series. It does not in any way reflect the views of the Refresher editors.

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She stood in the bathtub in front of the photographer without any clothes

In 1975, the photographer Garry Gross took care of an extremely controversial series of photos in which a ten-year-old model and later a famous actress posed for him Brooke Shields. Make-up artists adjusted her face with make-up to make her look like an adult woman. However, standing in the bathtub was a young girl who was still a long way from adulthood.

Ten-year-old nude model posed with mom's approval. Family gets $450 for photos Ten-year-old nude model poses with mom's approval Family gets $450 for photos

She stood in front of the photographer in a bathtub dressed as Evina, and Garry Gross immortalized the ten-year-old model with the consent of her mom and manager Teri Shields from the front and back. According to The Guardian, the family received a financial reward of $450.

Teri has been trying to make it with her daughter since she was 11 months old when Brooke started modeling. So working with Garry Gross was supposed to be part of her journey to fame. She probably had no idea at the time that a series of controversial photos would make her daughter popular, but not quite in the way she would have liked.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that publishing photos of nude models under the age of 18 would currently be considered a legal crime in the US. But apparently they didn't have such a problem with it in the past.

Photos of naked Brooke appeared in Playboy's Sugar and Spice publication and, as expected, caused a wave of criticism. Can we consider this series as art, or is it crossing a line? Adam Suchánek, a photographer with 15 years of experience who has photographed a number of well-known Slovak personalities and collaborated with Break magazine, believes that art should be perceived in the context of the time.

"In the seventies, photography was still looking for its limits. Moreover, the way in which art is presented is always important. Gross's original intent may have been artistic, as he was working on a comprehensive publication, but the use of the photographs in Playboy Press publications is certainly reprehensible," he told Refresher.

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Underage Brooke also undressed in movies

In the early 1980s, Teri Shields decided to take the photographer to court. At the same time, it was she who gave him permission to shoot his naked daughter. According to the model's mother, the controversial shots of Brooke are causing "irreparable harm" to the girl, and she is also upset that Garry Gross continues to profit from the photos.

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